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Rolling Loud Portugal FAQ's

2020.02.19 12:32 TugaKidd Rolling Loud Portugal FAQ's

Hey all,
I am guessing this will be the dedicated sub reddit to Rolling Loud Portugal. Below is the post I published on rollingloudfestival but it just stays here. I have corrected a few spelling errors and added/removed a few questions (See Question 7 and Question 13) I see appropriate. If you got any questions, feel free to message me or comment below!
Q1.- When will I receive my tickets?
A: You will start receiving your e-ticket at least 2 weeks before the festival begins by email.
Q2. Will we have to pick the tickets up in Portugal or will they be sent to my house?
A: Neither! You will receive the e-ticket at least 2 weeks before the festival to the email address you gave. When you get to Praia da Rocha, at the entrance, they will scan your e ticket and give you a wristband. That will be your wristband for the 3 days.
Q3. - I turn 18 in 2020 can I still go?
A: No, you need to be 18 before or on the 8th of July 2020 to go. And no, they won’t change the age range to 17 or 16. It's fair they make it 18+, imo. If you're not old enough, tough.
Q4.- I’m 17 but my brothesister, friend, dad/mum is over 18, can I go accompanied?
A: No. It's an event for 18+ only. Not 18? No entry.
Q5.- I got a VIP ticket, what does it give me?
A: Basing it off what I had last year at Afronation, (which was also at Praia de Rocha). The VIP area will have its own bars, food stalls, seating areas, better toilets and overall facilities a GA ticket holder wouldn't have. Note: just because you have a VIP ticket =/= backstage pass. A lot of people tend to think because you have one, you will be able to go backstage but this isn't the case.
Q6.- Can we take a picture of our passports/ID?
A: No. I would advise you to take a physical form of ID (Driving license, citizen card, passport). Security will just send you away if you don’t have physical ID on you and think you photoshopped your way in.
Q7.- Can I leave the festival and come back during the day?
A: Yes you can. Keep your wristband on you at all times, but you can leave and come back during the day to Praia da Rocha.
Q8.- What can I expect from Praia da Rocha?
A: Lots of sun, high temperatures. There a lot of bars in the Praia da Rocha strip, lots of restaurants and supermarkets too!
Q9.- I can no longer go! How do I sell my ticket?
A: Well, the process may be complex but let me explain. You sell your ticket, once you have done that, you will need to write and sign (and date) a cover letter to the person whom you sold it to and they will need to present that at the entrance. That cover letter must include the billing address of your booking. As well as this, a scan of the card you used to purchase the tickets and a scan of the seller's ID/Passport.
Q10. But that's just too long, can I just not get a refund for my tickets?
A: Nope. Rolling Loud and Festicket offer no refunds for RL Europe.
Q11. Hotels are too pricey! Can I just camp in the beach?
A: NO! Please respect the locals and the host country and city. Remember it's a beach! Do not pollute, take your rubbish with you and dispose it appropriately.
Q12. Flights to Faro are far too expensive, any alternatives?
A: Fly to Lisbon and get the train down south. You could also get the coach (Eva, Rede Expresso). Same for Porto too.
Q13. Will there be afterparties or pool / boat parties during the festival?
A: Although there has not been any information regarding boat parties, there is the chance of there being (as there was at Afronation). They are required to buy a ticket, you can’t just attend them just because you are at the festival. Afterparties, there seems to be a club nearby called “Ocean Club” that seems to be having an afterparty, but nothing confirmed yet. I have seen some people also talk about an afterparty by an IG user u/hunny.mims. I understand you have to bring 2 girls (if you’re a guy) but please be safe out there. Not to discredit her or her efforts to make this possible, but be safe. I personally wouldn’t attend such events not endorsed either by Rolling Loud themselves or Praia da Rocha.
Unless it’s official, I’d stay out of it. Please be safe out there. Any worries, feel free to message me. Thanks!
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2020.02.09 14:01 TugaKidd Common FAQ's I have seen for Rolling Loud Europe: Portugal

To save time, I have seen a lot of questions pop up from festival goers and I'll clear it up. Got any more questions? Message me. I’m not an insider, I read the rules, t&c's and base myself off other festivals.
Q1.- When will I receive my tickets?
A: You will start receiving your e-ticket at least 2 weeks before the festival begins by email.
Q2. Will we have to pick the tickets up in Portugal or will they be sent to my house?
A: Neither! You will receive the e-ticket at least 2 weeks before the festival to the email address you gave. When you get to Praia da Rocha, at the entrance, they will scan your e ticket and give you a wristband. That will be your wristband for the 3 days.
Q3. - I turn 18 in 2020 can I still go?
A: No, you need to be 18 before or on the 8th of July 2020 to go. And no, they won’t change the age range to 17 or 16. It's fair they make it 18+, imo. If you're not old enough, tough.
Q4.- I’m 17 but my brothesister, friend, dad/mum is over 18, can I go accompanied?
A: No. It's an event for 18+ only. Not 18? No entry.
Q5.- I got a VIP ticket, what does it give me?
A: Basing it off what I had last year at Afronation, (which was also at Praia de Rocha). The VIP area will have its own bars, food stalls, seating areas, better toilets and overall facilities a GA ticket holder wouldn't have. Note: just because you have a VIP ticket =/= backstage pass. A lot of people tend to think because you have one, you will be able to go backstage but this isn't the case.
Q6.- Can we take a picture of our passports/ID?
A: No. I would advise you to take a physical form of ID (Driving license, citizen card, passport). Security will just send you away if you don’t have physical ID on you and think you photoshopped your way in.
Q7.- When will more acts be announced?
A: Not for a while. I'd go on a limb and say April/May time.
Q8.- What can I expect from Praia da Rocha?
A: Lots of sun, high temperatures. There a lot of bars in the Praia da Rocha strip, lots of restaurants and supermarkets too!
Q9.- I can no longer go! How do I sell my ticket?
A: Well, the process may be complex but let me explain. You sell your ticket, once you have done that, you will need to write and sign (and date) a cover letter to the person whom you sold it to and they will need to present that at the entrance. That cover letter must include the billing address of your booking. As well as this, a scan of the card you used to purchase the tickets and a scan of the seller's ID/Passport.
Q10. But that's just too long, can I just not get a refund for my tickets?
A: Nope. Rolling Loud and Festicket offer no refunds for RL Europe.
Q11. Hotels are too pricey! Can I just camp in the beach?
A: NO! Please respect the locals and the host country and city. Remember it's a beach! Do not pollute, take your rubbish with you and dispose it appropriately.
Q12. Flights to Faro are far too expensive, any alternatives?
A: Fly to Lisbon and get the train down south. You could also get the coach (Eva, Rede Expresso). Same for Porto too. You could also do the biggest of them all!
Other Miscellaneous: Artists like youngboyNBA, 21 Savage aren't going because they can't even leave the USA. So many people ask, yet aren't aware of their criminal records affecting their travel outside the US. Chief Keef's record, as far as I am aware is on course of being cleared to permit him to travel outside of the USA.
If you got anymore questions, feel free to reply or message and I'll do my best to answer them! Thanks
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2019.06.12 21:46 OceansCarraway Eny, Meeny, Miny, Moro!

Suggested Listening Music:
The Tlanta’tlan have only recently been allowed entrance to the Moro, others even less recently. However, the world is coming through, endless cracks in a dike of anti-human racism finally showing. Even then, they were only brought at the Tao’oi’s offer, and they nearly made a hash of their first deal. It took many years, and many more tears, to win over their trust. Still, there is much work to be done--but already, the reef is exploding with contacts, works, and other signs of the modern world. Executed with the unique flair of the Moroi, the changes here would be only the first of many.
→ Advanced Research Centers: the life within the Moro is some of the most diverse and fascinating of the world, a true living treasure worthy of the greatest efforts to study and understand it.
  1. Chemistry Lab: for assorted experiments in chemistry, a basic labortatory setup has been gradually expanded out into three long rows of houses. Systematic enlargements, retilings, and waste-removal systems have enabled Moroi with a series of experiments to run to take their place alongside the Luulians who founded the building.
  2. Biology Lab: for assorted experiments in biology and in proofing out various techniques, a lab-longhouse similar to the chem labs has been set up. Multiple secure stations, equipped with clean equipment and large magnifying lenses, enable the examination of every organism from algae to sandskates larger than a Moroi man, and keep undergrads out of trouble.
  3. Chemistry Teaching Lab: chemistry skills are an increasingly important element of today’s scientific world, even if some tired stick in the muds believe otherwise. Moroi sized and almost built to overcapacity, this lab is divisible into eight sections to instruct students in everything from basic metal-burning to the finer points of organic chemistry.
  4. Biology Teaching Lab: biology is a complex subject, and it’s techniques are complex still. In a place that is so completely burgeoning with life as the Moro, the finest details make the difference between success and failure. Designed for work both in and out of the water, this lab can teach students how to isolate algae, flay an eel, extract venoms, and dissect a muscle all in one month.
  5. Plant Analysis Lab: the jungle, the reef, and the smaller islands are all home to numerous plants, from the most common weed to the oddest symbiont orchid. Understanding these plants takes a shaman armed with a scale and backed up by an understudy who is trained in modern chemistry.
  6. Chemical Analysis Lab: the extracts and side products of many of the minerals, corals, and plants require a dedicated laboratory space and dedicated experts; while they can only make small headway most of the time, some progress beats out no progress. The chemists of the wider world can be satisfied to some degree.
  7. Dissection Theater: for the strange and magnificent animals, fish, and insects within the Moro, there are endless mysteries and riddles. These riddles can be uncovered and examined through dissection courses, typically with audiences of experts watching, taking notes, and making suggestions. Drinking, while optional, is common.
  8. Moro Microscopy Core: the beauty of life is often obscured by how small it is, and the finest machines are often so fine as to require the employment of lenses to properly manufacture them. The microscopy core enables the production, spread, and most importantly, use of advanced microscopes within the Moro by all parties who wish to see beyond their eyes.
  9. Moro Imaging Core: cameras are primitive, balky, and otherwise don’t do well with the humidity. However, sometimes you just need to have a picture, which is where the core comes in. Aside from producing gorgeous illustrated pictures, they can provide picture-perfect proof of a prognostication--at a prodigious price. Sometimes they need to petition for council funding.
  10. Metallurgical Experimentation Center: the saltwater of the Moroi is challenging to many of the metals of the land-dwellers. In order to improve this situation, a large research station has been opened to investigate what formulas might work in the very different saltwater. The Center also helps to keep the Luulians updated on the developments of orcish science, and Moroi updated on Luulian work.
→ Applied Biotechnology: exceptionally crude, and almost nonapplicable, the biotechnology involved here barely hits the definition. Focused on co-culturing, grafting, and the accidental transmission of plasmids, this eclectic setup of operations and support systems handles an exceptionally wide variety of oddities.
  1. ContainPlot: whenever a plant or fungus is introduced to the Moro, it has to be examined in a safe environment to determine if it will not become invasive or pose some other kind of threat to the reef’s greater environment. These secure plots prevent plant, root, shoot, spore, and seedling from leaking until it can be fully quantified. If things get out of hand, hard alcohol or even live-fire can handle the issue.
  2. Quarantine House: similarly to plants, any new species of animal being introduced to the reef needs to be fully examined in order to determine if it is carrying a disease or harm the reef ecosystem. Specimens are kept in large cages on outlying islands and examined by Luulian veterinarians daily; a shaman is also permanently on premises.
  3. Test Plot: even after a plant has passed the stringent restrictions that will let it be grown in the Moro, the process for efficiently and safely cultivating it should be worked out. Located on some isolated islands with modest soil and decent temperatures, these plots are monitored daily and reports on progress and setbacks usually make their way up to the local Go’kahua.
  4. Pestle House: in this day and age, extracting many of the medicinal compounds from an organism often involves killing it. After being killed, the compounds present in skins, glands, organs, and musculature need to be extracted very quickly and in very specific ways in order for it to not be lost. Prompt treatment of the extracted components is also needed to preserve them.
  5. Secure Caskhouse: certain organisms, such as bright frogs and cone snails, can be kept alive and repeatedly sampled for the nerve-blocking poisons and venoms that they secrete. When prepared, a small sample can provide highly effective nerve-blockers for complex surgeries, weird experiments, and evil blow-darts.
  6. The Garden of the Hideous: sometimes, the more exotic and odd a plant is, the better it can produce a yield, or be grafted or crossed with another plant to improve some quantity. A special garden, patient gardeners, special facilities, vast stores of knowledge, and unsurpassing amounts of luck are all required to produce a line of viable cultivars--but the reward is worth the sacrifice.
  7. Coral Starting Center: this center for coral growth and fertilisation takes the techniques that the Moroi have honed over millennia and attempts to scale them up; it also produces very large amounts of coral and attempts to discover new means of growing more coral faster.
  8. Institute of Coral Grafting: coral grafting is a fine art, and the Tlanta’tlan are not very good at it. In order to hammer some basic knowledge into their skulls and improve existing grafting techniques, the Moroi have established a large garden center style operation, with grafting carried out in almost industrial auspices. However, one stresses, you can’t rush art.
  9. Algal pools: many algae have a use, even if it’s just for fish food. Intense concentrations of algae can be grown here and then broken down using basic chemistry and drying to extract the valuable materials within. The danger of accidentally cultivating neurotoxic varieties, of course, is ever present.
  10. Extraction Troughs: the Moro has many, many interesting organisms that can exist nowhere else, including within microenvironments inside the Moro around wrecked ships and metal castoffs. Exceptionally careful harvesting and care allows for metal-accumulating plants to be cultivated in special troughs to digest otherwise unrecoverable metal scrap. Care should be taken to not remove vital trace elements from the environment, however!
→ Basic Industrial Spaces: more than the assembly of the most modern factories and machines, industrial operations rely upon spaces that can accommodate large amounts of people and goods.
  1. WorkFloor: the need to get things done extends to the seafloor, where this fundamentally Luulian idea about basic industrial organisation continues to inform current practices. Future efforts, and wiser Moroi will later change the workfloor into a work-cube, developing assembly techniques and site protocols for working in three dimensions.
  2. WorkYard: a classic Luulian means of achieving basic industrial concentrations of workers and workspaces, the workyard offers a combination of logistics center and a place to engage in material accumulation, modification, and assembly.
  3. Worker’s Housing, topside: Seperate housing for both Tlanta’tlan and Moroi. Generally being made of local stone and wood, though with painful experience--and now Moroi brow-beating and good sense-most things made by the coast are carefully crafted to withstand yearly storms and any trees felled are replaced with new saplings.
  4. Worker’s Housing, below water. Carved into the caves below islands or carefully grown from fast growing corals over a Sitari-style bamboo frame with Moroi techniques. Often made a fair distance away from the shore but close enough for Moroi to swim to land easily. Work is being done to outfit a small, continually moving elevator for boxes, cargoes, and naughty children.
  5. Workshops, underwater: mostly in the realm of what can be made underwater- Sitari paper, parts for new homes, and so on. Stations also exist for the recording of items brought up from wrecks and from trade with Sitaar, recorded upon Moro beads.
  6. Workshops, topside: mostly spaces for the Luulians, and the large crane-lifts that they use to ferry goods around, these workshops are the sites of three or four craftsmen working per room, banging out small batch-work projects using semi-interchangeable parts and specialty knowledge.
  7. Bipartite Warehouse: with wholly new amounts of goods leaving and entering the reef, the need now exists to store goods both in and out of water. Warehouses situated throughout the reef provide this storage space, including some specialty storage areas.
  8. Moving Docks: instead of having ships enter the Moro to dock, bring the docks to the ships. Flexible, scalable, and connected to internal logistics systems, this entire operation is powered by horny, muscular Moroi men.
  9. Windmill Network: throughout the Moro are lots of small islands that don’t have the square footage of the larger industrial areas, but still have a firm base for building. Windmills can be built here, harvesting the sea breeze to produce rotational power.
→ Specialty Industrial Establishments: some specialized industrial endeavours are less easily defined and quantified. They are essential, however, and worthy of their own listing and descriptions.
  1. Boom Manufacturing Initiative (BMI): in order to protect the reef from everything from invasive species blooms, livefire, and lubricant slicks, the Moroi have taken Tlanta’tlan engineering and applied it to creating large booms that can be spread on the surface of the water. This manufactory produces hundreds of meters of completed boom for myriad applications per month, and is one of the more modern in terms of layout.
  2. Pump Manufacturers: a pump can be exceptionally useful, and in the challenging environment of the Moro, it is vital to keep certain pumps running--and in good repair. Having a native manufacturer not only imparts valuable technical skills, but keeps the pump fleet working throughout the reef.
  3. Craneworks: the Moroi are strong, but there are more complicated things for a powerful sharkperson to do that to pick things up and put things down. Cranes are exceptionally helpful for loading and unloading, as well as carrying heavy loads up several stories.
  4. Printhouse - Skilled craftsmen from Sitaar, as part of a skills exchange program negotiated with the tentacled nation, came into effect with with more that enough hands and tendrils eager to get to work. The Print house, where underwater paper would be made and put to good use, was a critical addition to the reef. With Sitari academics and crafts people coming to the islands, schools opening for the first time, and the processes of moderate modernization in full swing, paper, and the means to produce it locally is a necessity. Gardens of carefully screened and approved noninvasive plants has been planted in protected gardens around the shop to make this new paper.
  5. Moro’s Woodworks: wood is this era’s plastic, and nowhere else has nicer wood and stronger persons to get it than the Moro and it’s jungles. Here, wood can be shaped into any form to meet any need, using modern tools, ancient techniques, and the inbuilt knives of a powerful Moroi.
  6. Moro’s Kilnline: known for other things than for the quality of it’s pottery, the Moroi nevertheless need fired clay vessels for their work above the water--and similar products for storage below. This cooperatives of clayworkers allows the planning of purchases, the combining of knowledge, and the successful operation of many larger structures, such as brickworks and tileworks.
  7. The Open Bay: some islands are less exciting than others, being less populated and having much less life and resources located nearby. The lack of nutrients for corals is compounded by the difficulty of navigating the shallows, which only show a mass of rock and slowly eroding shales. The Tlanta’tlan have cleaned this area up, dredged, and avoided a mass of silt and sand flowing into the reef only by pure luck. While they have not come out with a use for this bay yet, a tidal mill is being designed.
  8. Perfabricate Housing Center: The Moroi have a great need for housing, and the Tlanta’tlan reckon that they can ease some of that need. By assembling components on shore and then dropping them down to the seafloor where they can then be used to make foundations, walls, or coral bases, the Tlanta’tlan can seed the foundations for new works and things to make aquatic lives easier.
  9. Mild Refinery: The Tlanta’tlan are very skilled with chemistry for the time period, and can suss out the minimum necessary volumes for chemicals to be made effectively in batch runs. This refinery is home to a good deal of that guesswork, and is fairly modular in design, allowing for equipment to be taken apart, reworked, and put back together. Small runs, coupled with good shoreline protections, prevent much of the pollution of larger setups.
  10. Electrical Gear Center: there is a small amount of electrical equipment in the reef, principally monitoring gear for experiments and for the telegraphy systems in use by the military and the one station out. While this center is currently focused on serving their needs and supplying spare parts, it can ramp up production of many different components in the future.
→ Support Facilities: the degree of effort, closeness, and sheer density in the reef has driven the Tlanta’tlan to construct additional systems that will help the many persons who live and work in the newly-appearing islandside industries, or support complex and highly technical operations.
  1. Freshwater Reservoirs: while much of the Moro is saltwater, and the inhabitants are fine with that, the Tlanta’tlan need fresh water at a fairly high rate, and so do many of their machines. Small reservoirs, feeding by gravity and partially filled by rain, are involved in nearly every base, and often supply larger cistern networks.
  2. Icehouse: despite the warm summers and welcoming waters, the Tlanta’tlan have managed to keep a small stock of ice here to keep certain specimens cool and preserve food. With the arrival of tonic water and the popularity of cold drinks, a small network of icehouses is expanding into the reef.
  3. Handwash stations: a hardworking Moroi will often find themselves handling something that they wouldn’t want to bring home to their flatmates and family--or even to the lunch room. Convenient handwash stations prevent cross-contamination of these chemicals, and provide necessary water to flush eyes and other sensitive organs in an emergency.
  4. Illumination Center: the Tlanta’tlan and the Moroi both rely on light to understand the world around them. Drawing on lessons and wares from the Black Isles, multitudes of modes of illumination are devised, relying on everything from combustion to bioluminescence.
  5. Ultra Kennel: the Tlanta’tlan love their pets in the extreme and have devoted much time and energy to learning how to tame and handle many new animals. Now with even more variety present in the reef below, a vertiable six-story-superstructure has been erected to provide everything from boarding to veterinary care to training to advanced equipment for the animals themselves.
  6. Metrology Office: with the introduction of a new system of measurement in Aoka, and the importance of working with very precise measurements for most modern technologies, it is crucial to have a department that can survey, test, and measure nearly anything at the drop of five pounds of paperwork to request their services.
  7. Meteorology Office: the weather in the Moroi can be extremely unpredictable--and extremely dangerous. Buildings fall, houses collapse, and property is destroyed, ships blown off course and Moroi endlessly employed in going to the bottom and retrieving lost objects. This office is in charge of attempting to predict the weather, a difficult and often pointless task.
→ Limited Heavy Industry: the Moroi have specifically requested that industry within the reef be very limited, in order to prevent damage to the sensitive ecosystem of the reef. However, the Tlanta’tlan are experienced with this kind of work, and are willing to try innovative designs to increase safety without compromising too much on output.
  1. Recycler Network: the most common sources of metal in the Moro are in the waters below, shipwrecks and forgotten weapons providing most of the raw materials that would eventually be smelted down and remade into all that the reef needs. This network processes metal, glass, and pottery in various machines to achieve a suitable output, wet puddling furnaces sending smoke high into the sky.
  2. Master Colliery: the increasing demand of the Moro for bent metal depends on wood, charcoal, and above all, coal. As nearly all coal has to be imported from outside the reef, establishing a central, fireproofed stockpile and distribution center for the valuable substance was a quickly taken decision.
  3. ‘The Bloomery: Although no blooms remains except for the one ceremonial bloom left over from when the Moroi first made their own iron, this center of smithies and puddling furnace is active day and night with the ringing of hammers, the blast of hot air, and the efforts of industry to feed the Moro’s ever-hungry need for iron.
  4. Central Steelworks: with the increasing demand for arms and their steel components comes the need to construct steel-forging equipment. Two large Bessemer converters and a classical wavesteel setup feed the reef’s needs, while stretching environmental protection techniques to their limit.
  5. Secondary Smelter: for every other metal, for many unique heats, there are several dozen smaller specialty smelters, which are operated much less frequently but still make their footprint worthwhile. Many of these are helpful in producing copper based alloys, such as special bronzes and protective zinc coatings.
  6. Central Machine Tool Facility: while small, the need for machine tools to create specialty structures and equipment in the Moro is growing. Expertise and gear are concentrated in one shop, which can smoothly change production lines and organize resources flow in order to meet an entire reefs’ needs--albeit above the water line.
  7. General Engine Works: the Tlanta’tlan produce mighty engines, and while the Moroi do not use them as much, there still is persistent need for the maintenance of existing systems, and the steady production of one or two engines for specific applications per month. This facility, equipped with two hydraulic presses, works hard to fill all of those needs.
  8. Core Glassworks: although the Moroi are not the biggest fans of glass compared to their orcic neighbors, an efficient glassworks has been established here to ensure that glass panes, used in everything from windows and portholes to fishtanks and barrier walls will be available. And of course, there is the possibility for even more.
  9. Advanced Optics Facility: within the advanced optics facility, glass can be carefully ground into lenses, and mirrors backed. Aside from the obvious need to produce optical instruments for ocean-going vessels and for the airborne elements of the reef, the Tlanta’tlan also produce long-range telescopes, and support the microscopes and cameras of the research staff here.
  10. DiamondWorks: gems do not interest the Moroi, but they enthrall the Tlanta’tlan. The two could hardly be more different. So interested were the small pandamen that they ground the gems to dust, and coated their tools with it, and now may scrape and shape with the hardest material in the world.
→ Strategic Arms Industry: there is no greater demand in the Moro than for guns, and the Tlanta’tlan are eager to see their new allies outfitted in every possible way.
  1. Master Swordworks: a collection of masters and journeymen, this group was incorporated as a collective, jointly sourcing materials, maintaining their space, and dealing with clients. Interested in making masterwork swords, shields, and gear for a new species--or just giant hunks of iron that are slammed into enemies--the staff within here are producing some of the best weapons that the Moro has seen so far. Of course, there are some who are willing to produce weapons that are more than just custom...
  2. Nine Gun Foundries: if you want a gun, these are the places to go. Made for Moroi by Moroi, these places churn out massive weapons of all shapes and works, ranging from rifles and pistols to extreme-range sharpshooting gear--or even a grenade pack for some ‘fun’. Intensely competitive and sometimes secretive, these foundaries are considering branching out into ‘lighter’ weapons, such as field guns or two-man mortars.
  3. Luigi’s Mansion: Named after an exceptionally wonderful companion animal, the Mansion locates the raw materials for gunpowder and organizes their extraction, handling, storage, and processing. Gunpowder is one of the most essential elements for weaponry, and ensuring the supply of materials is vital--and takes precedence over other activities.
  4. Powder Island: on this isolated island on the outskirts of the Moro, blackpowder is ceaselessly produced, checked for quality, and stored in myriad safe outposts. Exacting quality control and output processing is carried out to prevent explosions and preserve quality, just the Tlanta’tlan do in their much larger Utnapishti center. The island works day and night, and if not for the use of glow-algae lighting, there would probably have been a major explosion or two by now.
  5. Central Packhouse: once gunpowder has been produced, it needs to be fit into cartridges, missile tubes, warheads, shells, and individual packages. This packhouse has two goals: to produce these packages to a high standard, and to ensure that the gunpowder is properly inserted into said packages.
  6. Cartridge Factory: with the Moroi having access to much more modern arms, new types of ammunition need to be produced in great quantity. A Packhouse, already concerned with specialty ammunition, would be overwhelmed by the demand for cartridges, so a dedicated factory was set up to handle the demand. Machines and Moroi work side by side, and the works is nearly constantly expanding to attempt to meet the demand.
  7. Dual Arsenals: one of the Tlanta’tlans greatest achitectural works to date--albeit in a technical sense--has resulted in the creation of two arsenals, divided only by the water line and featuring weaponry for both above and belowground. Melee weapons, guns, spares, ammunition, oils, nets, protection--all of it is handed, issued, and serviced in this massive clamshell.
→ Luulian Military Presence: with the permission of the Moroi, the Tlanta’tlan can maintain a limited military presence within the reef, typically used for training, logistics, and support of their new allies.
  1. Afron Naval Base: the main body of the Luulian military presence here, this base houses up to 3,000 Tlanta’tlan in an emergency, and the supplies and munitions for the ships that would have probably brought them there. In addition to Moro HQ and the support outbuildings, multiple ships are always in port, leaving or arriving, continuing the parade of furry soldiers thither and yon--and providing the heavy lifting for support operations, such as a massive military hospital.
  2. Batteries One through Five: in order to defend Afron Naval Base, five batteries have been amassed, small round forts bristling with weaponry and deep magazines to survive protracted assaults. While mostly still mounting the conventional ball and shot cooker guns, significant indirect fire capabilities have been added, and conventional beehive anti-air defenses have been added. Several shell guns were added in 32 CE to each.
  3. Livefire Storage Vault: in case of a terrible emergency, an all-out invasion, or a desperate fight, the Moroi have been given a vault full of livefire. Projectors, safe storage, and knowledge of how to use this incredibly dangerous weapon are all kept hidden within under diligent guard.
  4. Swimming Pool: the Tlanta’tlan are not that good at swimming. The Moroi are very good at swimming. With the presence of diligent lifeguards and competent instructors, sailors and marines are able to finally learn how to swim, greatly improving their ability to handle operating or near water.
  5. Hidden Tailor: Long-ago discussions with the Moroi about how to beat upon the benighted bastardsons called the Sotchi has resulted in the development of new uniforms, clothing, and even individual painting techniques to keep soldiers hidden in many kinds of terrain. This collection of tailors and paintmasters can hide almost anyone with enough preparation time.
  6. Shipbreaking Facility: there is no one better at punching a hole in a ship, and then getting inside the ship and destroying everything then the Moroi. The Sunken may claim to be the best, but they aren’t giant sharkmen. Here, old ships are towed and then sunk by the Moroi, partially for salvage, partially for training of new shipbreakers, and partially to see what parts of it hold up the best. Destruction for the sake of science!
  7. Toxic Waste Disposal Center: the Tlanta’tlan generate some very noxious waste, waste that simply can’t be dumped in the Moro. This center is responsible for collecting this waste and disposing of it safely, all while preventing it’s release and it’s damaging effects.
  8. Airbase: the Tlanta’tlan’s greatest boast often concerns their air forces. In order to cement their ability to project power, a large airbase has been established in the Moro, allowing for long-range scouting, limited interception of naval assets, and gallant combat against enemy fliers. In peacetime, it acts as a major messaging center, and assists with surveys and monitoring overflights--some of which go over Soti lands.
  9. The Halfyards: half an anchorage, half a shipyard, all a place for Moroi to constantly swim down and fetch dropped tools, this floating center provides light and moderate maintenance, as well as the ability to retrofit and repair with the help of the locals. While not the best provision for supporting ships, it’s position at the edge of the reef complies with treaty regulations and the local Go’Kahua’s requirements.
→ Of Note For the Resident: the reef is a vibrant and deep place, with endless secrets and finds. Continual work in a myriad of areas has opened up new possibilities and diversity, and there is something exciting wherever you look.
  1. Schools: with the opening of the Moro to the outside world, the influx of new knowledge from the outside has become one of the chief focuses of the Moroi. A multitude of schools have begun to open to spread this knowledge. All schools see the most success when Moroi teach other Moroi, and so many of these institutions have been accommodating.
    1. Iakona Vocational School: A vocational training center has been made for Sitari and Moroi to teach and learn skills and crafts that the two nations have nor shared in generations. A number of underwater workshops have been built for students to practice in, and the graduating classes typically sell their finished wares at the end of the period.
    2. Seating Schools: have also been built for Tlanta’tlan to learn more about their Moroi partners and vice versa, for their cultural and the various fields of science being studied on Iakona. Focused on total equality, students spend at least two hours a day seated across from each other, learning the language and telling each other of their homes. These schools often meet up for larger events.
    3. Iakona Academic: The HCEPAGLASSDUW has also been allowed to build one school, whose focus has been more academic than the other institutions. Lectures are presented at the end of every week, one on cutting edge science, one on some educational basics. Rules against proselytization are less explicit than implicit.
    4. Nu Tao Extension School: In addition to this, a school sponsored by the Nu Tao University has been built as a cultural learning center to teach others about Moroi culture and history. The academics may be allowed a visit to Nawali, the ancient coral city containing the Moroi’s oldest recorded history, but the Go’kahua Council are still debating on it.
  2. Mages’ Tea Gardens: In gentle babbling inland brooks that swirl in and out of small pools along the rocky hills of Iakona, magical berries and teas are cultivated and exotic familiars grow. This is where the mages of Iakona island meet, get high, and discuss things of a magical nature. They are a strange, eclectic group of hermits, but the various strange concoctions, from turtle shell water to hypnotic frog sweat, make them very enjoyable company. Mages that come here often discuss philosophy, magical theories, and their best tea recipes.
  3. The Tavern -known to nearly ever Luulian in the Moro, this tavern was soon outfitted with beer pumps and a license to purchase Bugman’s Rums, exceptionally strong brews. The tavern is a spacious place, built twice from the strongest wood the island had to offer and twice survived the hurricane that destroyed the first tavern. There are high and low seats for both pandas and sharks alike, and countless people of all shapes and sized can be seen crowding into the raucous establishment. The Moroi seemed to prefer stools rather than chairs - their back fins tended scratch up chairs- and so most seats available are simple stools.
  4. House of the Go’Kahua: Being the leader of the first island to be open to the world, Go’kahua Ma’uhane has had to modify her humble home into a place befitting the new representative of her people and voice of the Moro Go’kahua. Its base is a relatively large coral and bamboo house grown into the reef itself and filled with water in the first floor. The second floor and recent addition, begins where the corals latch onto stone. A modest one story stone and wood house pokes out of the open water and has a door down at rowboat-level for dignitaries, ambassadors, and important pandas to meet her when she doesn’t feel like being in her office and wants to make her foreign fellows feel more welcome.
  5. Seismic Monitoring Center: Professor Stonewine has created a seismic monitoring organisation with international reach--including a detection center in the Moro. The Tlanta’tlan mostly handle this method--the HCEPAGLASSDWU only was able to get this device installed by leaving all Belijnor off the project for this area.
  6. Telegraph Station: messages still need to be sent to and from the reef, even if the Moroi don’t have much patience for the peoples outside of it. The station, mostly crewed by Tlanta’tlan, handles all communication and messaging from a central location, enjoying an excellent quality transmission line. Fees are high, but the messages arrive and depart quickly; even if the recipient is not in the immediate vicinity, the runners from the Station will find them and deliver the message.
  7. Moro’s Beachside Gyms: The famous beachside gyms of the Moro sprouted from the legendary open-air exercise pit outside of Afron base, where the ‘Manbreaker Workout’ was first codified. From there, the first drop-hammer in the Moro was involved in making exceptionally strong weights, and the culture of bodybuilding from the Nuckalevee was quickly imported and made use of. In some cases, Sik’chi fuelled workouts lead to legendary gains.
  8. How to Surf the Moroi Way: As part of the cultural exchange program, some Moroi, noticing the foreigners fascination with their “wave riding sport” have begun offering lessons both to learn the basics and learn the traditional rituals associated with making a board and riding the waves, which is a grueling but enlightening experience that can take over a week. Moroi are the oldest recorded surfers in Aokoa. It is a significant part of their culture, their coming of age rites, and one of the many ways they worship their deities. It is a sacred sport that they are happy to share with the world, if the world shares their respect for the sport as well.
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2016.06.03 13:37 okrammus May 2016 Korean Releases Compilation

Extremely Busy this week so got lazy with genre-ing - If anyone wants to help me with the lists head over to the google doc and request access:
prev months Jan Feb Mar Apr
Mainstream (you can click on the headers to sort - just by date atm)
Artist Song Album Genre Date
Kim Wan Sun X Pinky Cheeks Use me (ft. VIXX Ravi) Dance 160501
Nine Muses: Hyuna & Hyemi Confession Confession Ballad 160501
SHINyan (SHINee) 君のせいで for cat Cat Pop 160501
BTS Fire The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever Trap Hiphop 160502
Jeong Yeongdo Say I Love U (ft. Dalshabet: Woohee) Pop Love Song 160502
Kei G Right Here Soul Ballad 160502
Lucia INNER Power of softness (Live Vol. 1) Rock Soul Ballad 160502
Lucia My color Power of softness (Live Vol. 1) Ballad 160502
Red Velvet Yossism Telemonster OST Pop 160502
SOL-T Curveball Curveball Trap Pop 160502
SURAN To Your Dream Tantara (딴따라) OST Part.2 Acoustic Pop 160502
TK Local Market (Feat. 로꼬 & 수란) Tourist Hiphop 160502
Chancellor Rodeo (Feat. Paloalto) RnB 160503
MIXX Oh Ma Mind Oh Ma Mind (*Debut) RnB 160503
ZE:A: Dongjun Healing Healing RnB Acoustic 160503
Akdong Musician Re-Bye Spring Vol. 1 Jazz Funk 160504
Akdong Musician How People Move Spring Vol. 1 Pop 160504
CHAE_A HAN 100M Before I Meet Him A Week of Romance Season 3 OST Pop 160504
Crucial Star 힘 (Feat. 한해, 브라더수) 160504
Geeks: Louie Mama (ft. ENAN) Hiphop 160504
Han Seo Yoon A stray child Tantara (딴따라) OST Part.3 Ballad 160504
I.O.I Dream Girls Chrysalis Bright Pop 160504
Park Myung Ho BED ROOM (feat. GARY, DIGIRI, Sung-tae of Postmen) Hiphop 160504
PARK SI YEON Thought of You A Week of Romance Season 3 OST Ballad 160504
PARK SI YEON & CHAE_A HAN Festival (Life Is Beautiful) A Week of Romance Season 3 OST Pop 160504
REDSUN Hot Baby Hot Baby Electronic 160504
SUNGEUN KIM Perfect Man A Week of Romance Season 3 OST Pop 160504
이안 (김석구) By My Side 160504
BEENZINO Bee Strong (ft. BYG & Cathy) Hiphop 160505
CNBLUE: Kang Min Hyuk I see you Tantara (딴따라) OST Part.4 Rock Pop Ballad 160505
Crush 9 to 5 (ft. Gaeko) 160505
Crush woo ah 160505
WINNER JTBC 반달친구 '지난 날' Hiphop Pop 160505
f(x): Amber & Luna, R3hab, Xavi & Gi Wave SM Station EDM 160506
Kim Jeong-hoon Marry Me, Marry You (ft. Rainbow: Hyunyoung) Pop Love Song 160506
Stephanie (The Grace) Tommorow 160506
As One Hey Ya (Korean version) Non official kor mv link 160508
I.C.E 내가 아까워 Electronic Dance 160508
ASUEL LOVELESS New Pop Electronic Alternative 160509
Icia Time Bomb Electronic Dance 160509
Woohyun (INFINITE) Nodding [끄덕끄덕] Write 160509
Hello Venus Glow Glow Pop Ballad 160510
Kwak JIN EON Go With Me Soft Rock Ballad 160510
리애 (우진희) 망가진 얼굴 Ballad 160510
Tiffany (Girls' Generation) I Just Wanna Dance I Just Wanna Dance Retro Funk Pop 160511
ZIA FAREWELL RIDDEN Color Series Part.2 BLUE Ballad 160511
Dal Shabet: Subin Flower Ballad 160512
G.Soul Far, far away Far, far away Reggae 160512
G.Soul Where do We Go From Here Far, far away RnB Alternative 160512
Gaeko Send me your pictures Tantara(딴따라) OST Part.5 Hiphop pop 160512
BgA Dong Saya Dae Trap Pop 160513
EXO: Baekhyun & K.Will The Day SM Station Ballad 160513
Live High Happy Song Bright Electronic Pop 160512
AOA Good Luck Good Luck 160516
BTS Save Me The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever 160516
San E Like An Airplane (ft. GARY) 160516
Jessica Jung Fly Fly with Jessica 160517
f(x): Amber On My Own (ft. Gen Neo) (KOR Ver.) 160518
f(x): Amber On My Own (ft. Gen Neo) (ENG Ver.) 160518
Jessica Jung LOVE ME THE SAME Fly with Jessica 160518
Monsta X All In The Clan Part 1: Lost Dance 160518
Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls), JuRa, Lee Sang Gon, Noel & No.11 Climax 160518
New-A SOLDIER 160518
Agirls UHOO UHOO 160519
Apink: Eunji A Love Before Tantara(딴따라) OST Part.6 160519
HEYNE Love Cells 160519
Parc Jae Jung Two Men (with Kyuhyun) 160519
She'z: Jiyoung O stop Time 160519
AFOS Turn It Up 160520
DANA Touch You SM Station Pop Soul Ballad 160520
RoadBoyz Shake It, Shake It 160520
M.I.B: SIMS 24/7. 160523
ROMEO Nightmare 160523
Baek A Yeon so so 160524
MAP6 Swagger Time 160524
SHINee: JongHyun She Is She Is 160524
TAHITI 타히티 티저 2차 공개 160524
f(x): Amber Need to Feel Needed 160525
Park Kyung Inferiority Complex (ft. GFRIEND: Eunha) 160525
BOYFRIEND To my bestfriend 160526
OH MY GIRL WINDY DAY Windy day (Pink Ocean Repackage) 160526
Beenzino Life In Color Hiphop 160527
EXO: Lay Monodrama SM Station 160527
Sik-K ALCOHOL (ft. Jay Park) 160527
SKULL Get RIch Reggae 160527
Yong Jong Shin & VIXX: Ken Oversleep 160527
CLC No Oh Oh NU.CLEAR 160530
f(x): Luna FREE SOMEBODY FREE SOMEBODY Retro Electropop Dance 160531
FIESTAR Apple Pie 160531
CROSS GENE: Seyoung Without You 마녀의 성 OST Part.19 Ballad 160513
Jessica Jung Fly (English Version) With Love, J 160528
The Quiett Night Flight 160531
GIRIBOY I'M IN TROUBLE (ft. Loco) 160531
The Quiett Your World Hiphop 160531
Block B Toy (Japanese Version) Hiphop 160531
Artist Song Album Genre Date
Lee Woo No Incoming Number Liason Instrumental Alternative 160501
Mellowrian My Universe Acoustic Pop 160502
YJD Highway Related Search Pop Hiphop 160502
add2 Mother Ballad 160503
Afron 동기화 (Feat. 송희란) RnB 160503
Dust Out Dust Out Rock 160503
J Rabbit Just Fon't Fall Down Growing Everyday Acoustic Folk 160503
J Rabbit Growing Everyday Growing Everyday Acoustic Folk 160503
J Rabbit The Spring Song Growing Everyday Acoustic Folk 160503
Kim Changhoon Mother Mother Rock 160503
LUNE JUST U Just Smile RnB 160503
Monday Kiz 그대 품에 Reboot Ballad 160503
Monday Kiz 그대가 불어와 Reboot Ballad 160503
TAMYOCK HeuRul Ryu (Feat. 안태연) Hiphop Acoustic 160503
싱글 Way Back Home RnB 160503
Bling [ Now ]( ) 이젠 Dance 160504
DAYHOUR [ Dayhour (ft. Choe Yoo Jin) ]( ) DAYH:OUR Hophop 160504
Detempo 밥은 잘 먹고다녀요 밥은 잘 먹고다녀요 Hiphop Ballad 160504
DK Soul 모두가 손을 모아 기다려 모두가 손을 모아 기다려 Ballad 160504
Hanalog Tempo Midnight Blues Midnight Blues Ballad 160504
Hi.Ni The Bed is The Furniture (ft. Man Soo) The Bed is The Furniture Hiphop 160504
JAMA CREW Again With Jhiffy (ft. Taerrier) Again (With Jhiffy) Hiphop 160504
Je.Mic [ Don't Be Happy (ft. 미랑) ]( ) 행복하지마 Hiphop 160504
Jung Song-i 이토록 난 The Ballader Vol.1 Ballad 160504
Kim Ban Jang Boat Journey Boat Journey RnB 160504
Lee Hyeong Eun 바람이 좀 덜 차갑네 RnB 160504
Melloano Regret Piano (Instrumental) 160504
Moonshine 외로워서그래 (Feat. 넉살) RnB 160504
Namchon Essay Lullaby(ft. Ppommeu) 남촌수필 Ballad 160504
Nudyman Tell Me Tell Me RnB 160504
Pascol Wish You'd Benefit From Me Wish You'd Benefit From Me RnB 160504
Premen [ 24 ]( ) 24 RnB 160504
Sapo910 Wind And Sonata 바람, 그리고 연가 Ballad Folk 160504
seo sae hee I Wish Acoustic Ballad 160504
THE ELECTRICEELS Farewell Moment Fluke Rock 160504
Tshirts band All of my days (ft. 임채운) Acoustic Soul Ballad 160504
TwoJ Hard Feelings 응어리 Hiphop 160504
Yoni Father 아버지 Ballad 160504
Zick Jasper PRIMETIME (Feat. 지구인) Hiphop 160504
Zimmy & Ji Ho [ Beautiful Hour ]( ) Beautiful Hour Hiphop 160504
디케이소울 모두가 손을 모아 기다려 Ballad 160504
로코베리 I.O.U Ballad 160504
진지소년과 홍대요정 성공확률 0% Rock 160504
JONEY I don't know why Pop Funk Hiphop 160506
LUNE 웃어봐요 (feat. Unlimit, Vinegar) Just Smile RnB Hiphop 160506
Merry Sweet Cafe Merry Sweet Cafe Merry Sweet Cafe Acoustic Pop 160506
Phonebooth MAI 2016 MAI 2016 Rock 160506
Princess Disease Strawberry Macaron Strawberry Macaron Acoustic Pop 160506
Self Acoustic Sushi Song Pop Folk 160506
SunKyum Mom Mom Folk 160506
UNUSED Mine RnB 160506
김윤중 헛헛하다 - 봄 어색한 소년 이야기 Ballad 160506
조한성 Moon Ballad 160506
주윤하 에필로그 Kind Ballad 160506
Backward Ridin' (ft. Blasti) Hiphop 160509
Oh Heejung Freckles Freckles Alternative 160509
u-sia and sister and brother Whatever Jazz Folk 160509
살두와 마흥이 쿵하고 짝 Acoustic 160509
조유마 뽕찌뽕짝 느리게 걷다 Rock Funk 160509
조유마 뽕찌뽕짝 느리게 걷다 Funk 160509
Uhnee Twinkling Gaze Folk 160510
XEHO Love Love Love RnB Ballad 160510
송하예 내일이 찾아오면 (feat.김남훈) 좋은 사람 OST Part.2 Bright Pop 160510
406 Project Love Squabble Acoustic Pop 160511
Jeon Ji-young 2.AM Ballad 160511
Jeon Sung Mee Dream of dream Bright Pop 160511
Mystery House Daily Party Electro Rock 160511
Theatre8 The First Day of Love Rock 160511
반광옥 My All Soul Ballad 160511
유하민 시간 속의 나 레코닝 OST (네이버 웹툰) Soft Rock Ballad 160511
정환호 안녕, 하루 Piano (Instrumental) 160511
Aurorasting, MET Rose Petal Folk Ballad 160512
Hui Young Jeong First Spring Folk Ballad 160512
Jaek Ass 설거지 송 (feat.김지혜 of 헤이즈블루) JAEK ASS 테마송 라이브러리 VOL. 1 Folk 160512
Kim Chang Ki We have to go together Rock 160512
Piano Logic Whisper of Wind Piano (Instrumental) 160512
배짱이들 Not too late (feat.송형준,강백수,이인세,최휘찬) 배짱이들 OST Acoustic 160512
A'Zbus I Know I Know Rock Jazz 160513
Beck Junghyun Tarabi Jeju, Music Of The Forest Piano (Instrumental) 160513
Beck Junghyun Wind Jeju, Music Of The Forest Piano (Instrumental) 160513
Bless You Live A Day Soul Ballad 160513
Kwon KiHo build-up of love Acoustic Rock 160513
LIWON UZOO Chill Funk Pop 160513
MINYOKEY [ Sleepyhead ]( ) MINYOKEY S/S season 1 160513
MINYOKEY Sleepyhead MINYOKEY S/S season 1 Pop 160513
Self Acoustic Southern red pepper on a blind date Acoustic Folk 160513
WEEP Dreams Lonely Communication Ambient Melanchony (Instrumental) 160513
마로니에 프렌즈 파라솔에서 아침을 마로니에 프렌즈 시즌 4 Funk Acoustic 160513
NoLzA Jump Hiphop 160515
Litmus Come back to me Ballad 160516
OUI about YOU Acoustic Bright 160516
The Nuts Good Love Bright Pop 좋은 사람 OST Part.3 160516
Today's Piano Our cat Piano (Instrumental) 160516
X-Project 사랑을 믿지 말아요 (feat.정수화) 사랑을 믿지 말아요 RnB Acoustic 160516
민세영 어쩌죠 사랑하나봐 다시 시작해 OST Part.1 Bright Upbeat Pop 160516
안슬희 잠이 오질 않아 잠이 오질 않아 Acoustic 160516
Achtung Hypnosis Acoustic Folk 160517
Flower Kim The Song That I Want To Give You Soul Ballad 160517
Flower Kim Missing U The Flower of May Pop 160517
TNI 거절 거절 Soul Ballad 160517
김정은 너 없는 하루 너 없는 하루 Pop RnB Ballad 160517
태리,킥솔,Dino.T 곤두세워 (prod. by SU5KID) 곤두세워 Hiphop Trap 160517
PS영준 Burn Burn Hiphop 160518
SALTNPAPER 오 달아라 (feat. 김이지 of 꽃잠프로젝트) Soft Rock 160518
soggupnori A swan song Folk 160518
Yun Soll Sometimes I miss you (ft. CROQ) Jazz RnB Hiphop 160518
Boas Kim Depths of my spirit Synthpop Ballad 160519
HarryBigButtion, Garion Make My Day Snowball Project vol.1 Garage Rock Hiphop 160519
The Daisy 바라보지마 마녀의 성 OST Part.20 Ballad 160519
Yup Kim Dance In The Air Shimmering in The Moonlight Jazz Funk 160519
문빛 토요일 토요일 Acoustic 160519
Maktub 어떤 고백 (With 전상근) 어떤 고백 Ballad 160520
Song Eyn Seok Same Electropop Synth 160520
박서우 기적 기적 Funk 160520
Ahn Jun hyun Why did i Soul Acoustic Ballad 160523
Chi Won Peter & Prince Acoustic Rock 160523
Fog of January Today, Yesterday Today, Yesterday Sad Ballad 160523
G.Killed Spring Electronic Rock 160523
SoLaTi What More Can I Say Solatic RnB 160523
타린 그 이유가 내겐 아픔이었네 좋은 사람 OST Part.4 Ballad 160523
Advanced Marionette (feat.예하나) Marionette EDM Jazz Funk 160524
DJ Hanmin Pull Up (ft. Goldtea) Pull Up Reggae Trap 160524
Joseph Kim Nocturne Lullaby Pieces Piano (Instrumental) 160524
O'Lee 봄날은간다 리마스터드 봄날은간다 리마스터드 Mysterious Ambient Orchestral (Instrumental) 160524
라나 바람 Hello Rana Alternative 160524
성훈 니가 좋아 니가 좋아 Pop Rock 160524
한올 널 위한 노래 작은 위로 Acoustic Pop 160524
Cloudele Kkot Kkot Rock 160525
Kim Younggoan Farewell Soft Rock Ballad 160525
Lawrence Yun Love Piano (Instrumental) 160525
강민지 뒷걸음질 뒷걸음질 Bright Pop 160525
윤빛나라 다시 올까요 마녀의 성 OST Part.21 Ballad 160525
정인빈 엄마 그 이름 엄마 그 이름 Funk Ballad 160525
Amazing Visual 그 남자의 사정 Folk 160526
GIRO, JAINU Weird (the weirdest ver.) Weird RnB 160526
정우열 나만의 시간 RELAXATION VOL.1 Piano (Instrumental) 160526
Brodin Ray Clementi: Sonatina Op.36, No.3 1st Mov 봄의 클래식, May 4집 Piano (Instrumental) 160527
Dust Out Take Off Rock/Metal 160527
Sugardonut Flower In The Night Piece of Night Alternative Rock 160527
Sunjaewon Limsangmok Everything is like you RnB 160527
리디아 사랑이니까 아픈거겠죠 마녀의 성 OST Part.22 Ballad 160527
에이먼 Remember Remember Alternative Rock 160527
Awesome Day Breathe Ballad 160528
1253* Glimmering (ft. Bass) Acoustic Ballad 160530
BAND11 Loversbucks Present Bright Folk 160530
Dalice in wonderland Have a girl friend? Bright Folk 160530
HOA TAKE OFF THE SHOES ON THE LINE NO.9 Alternative Rock 160530
씨팍 Dope Dope Hiphop 160530
정나현 어제처럼 마녀의 성 OST Part.23 Ballad 160530
최영민 당신이 궁금해요 보통의피아노 201605 Piano (Instrumental) 160530
헤이디 연애의 거리 연애의 거리 Pop Rock 160530
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