Soulmates, twin flames and kindred spirits are all phrases that have been used to describe relationships that touch our souls and change our lives forever. But what is the difference between all of these terms? I’ll share my interpretation below. Please note that I’m revealing my own experience (and yours might differ). In my life, I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing all three ... Line of hand-crocheted silk dresses and sets for mother-of-the-brides, weddings, resorts, parties, and other special occasions. Soulmates can also be friends and relatives; they don’t always have to be romantic partners. Regardless of this, you will always feel a strong, energetic connection or a past life history together. Many of us spend years obsessing about meeting a Soulmate, but fail to notice what we are really asking for. Soulmates have an easier time of accepting, even learning to love, each other's imperfections. Your relationship is more likely to be a soulmate match if you both love each other exactly as you each are, accepting both the great and awful tendencies we all have. Soulmates can read each other like an open book. 'They connect fervently on every level of being,' clinical psychologist and relationship expert Dr. Carmen Harra told The Huffington Post. 'One may finish the other's sentences, they may pick up the phone to call each other simultaneously, or feel like they simply can't be without their partner.' Soulmates . Trailer. Programme overview. Episodic Anthology Series *Worldwide Rights* Network AMC. Season 1 6x60 (2020) Season 2 6x60 (2021 TBC) Creators & Executive Producers Emmy®-Award winning Will Bridges (Black Mirror, Stranger Things), Brett Goldstein (Superbob, Adult Life Skills) With Malin Akerman, Gabriel Andreu, Patrick Bayele, Helen Behan. This takes place 15 years from now, when science makes a discovery that changes the lives of everyone on the planet - a way to find your soulmate through six provocative stories about the cost of finding true love. Soulmates was given the task of helping the Czech company stand out and reach a new audience in Poland. Notes. How to be relevant? Chunk your brand’s message. Complex tech solutions are often difficult to explain in a human and approachable way. In this article we share how to strategically simplify your content and sell your complex ideas. Soulmates Sneak Peek: Season 1, Episode 1 Nikki and her family arrive to her brother’s wedding as he gives a speech about how 'the test' led him to his new wife. Soulmates: A Look at the Series The cast and creators on how the show explores ideas around what could happen if science made it possible to find your true soulmate. Watch full episodes of Soulmates and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at

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2020.09.28 23:13 Adorable-Reward-5670 What is a soulmate ?

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2020.09.28 23:11 watchthewatchmen1985 My dad's sexist/racist jokes are hurting my relationship with my boyfriend's family

On mobile so forgive me if the spelling/punctuation is poor. To start I absolutely love my dad, he's my rock and he's always been there for me. I live in San Jose and he lives in Sacramento so I don't get to see him too often but we are still very close. My dad does have a very annoying habit; he tells racist/sexist jokes or stories to try to be funny. My dad always has to be the funniest person in the room and he doesn't shut up. His jokes are always "well-intentioned" or in good fun, but they are still very annoying. I am a white woman, and I have told him many times that his sexist jokes make me uncomfortable, but he always gets defensive and says I'm being sensitive and I should know that he is "just joking."
Fast forward to now, my boyfriend is Mexican and he is absolutely my soulmate, I know we are going to spend our lives together. His family are incredible people and they make me feel like they are part of their family. So yesterday, to celebrate me becoming a paramedic, our two families came together to meet and have a party. My dad did his normal stuff of meeting everyone and being friendly, but ultimately started telling his stupid jokes. He starts telling a joke about mexicans, and so I look at him and quietly say "dad please stop" but he shushed me and kept going. It wasn't funny and his family looked very uncomfortable. Later we started playing volleyball, battle of the sexes. My boyfriend's sister (21F) spiked the ball and her shirt came up a bit, showing her middrift. My dad shouts out "ohh battle of the SEXIES, you'll get more points for that." She feels so uncomfortable that she starts crying and leaves the party. I took my dad aside and he apologized to me, but was still saying things like "well I didn't mean to hurt her feelings so I'm sorry." No matter how many times I talk to him about this crap he just brushes it off and keeps on doing it.
I talked about it with my boyfriend, asking him if things are ruined and if things are going to work between us when our families don't mesh. He told me "I love you no matter what and things aren't ruined, it's just a bummer that your dad is racist and sexist. My sister just doesn't want to be around him again."
His sister has become like my best friend, and this whole thing has made me feel so terrible and embarrassed. I want our families to get along, but I know that my dad won't change no matter how much it means to me, he never even tries. Even when I tell him how much it hurts MY feelings and makes ME feel uncomfortable around him, his own daughter, he still does it. He's my dad, I love him very much and I know that he loves me so much, but it's getting to a point where I regret visiting each time because something like this happens. usually it's me who runs off crying, this time it was someone I really care about. Part of me wants to just cut him off and not let him come around anymore, but I know if I do that, the rest of my family won't want anything to do with me. So, WIBTA if I cut off my dad?
TL;DR: my dad constantly makes sexist/racist jokes and it's hurting me and my boyfriend's family.
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2020.09.28 22:44 odetoanathema Day 3 of searching for my homie Dreyfus. I miss you soulmate find me 😔

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2020.09.28 22:41 gruenetage My marriage or my journey?

u/ConnecticutSpringbok relationship_advice
I’ve (30m) been having some troubles with my girl (30, “gender doesn’t matter”), and my boys told me to post this here. Maybe you can help a guy out.
I’m from SA and moved to her country (US). We got married pretty fast (under 90 days) so I could stay even though she’s said I’m not her soulmate. She even went to Costa Rican Hogwarts during our 90 days and left me in a shed in her mom’s backyard. We’d planned to move to FL after the wedding but have been stuck in cold CT cause she had a car accident.
I’m a free spirit. Freezing my balls off in CT isn’t good for my vibe. She also won’t stop asking about my “5yr plan” and is pressuring me to have kids. I might wanna be a fireman or an opera singer or a handyman. I really just wanna own my own land and live off it. I’ve worked in the mines for “The Man” enough. And I wanna drink Jack in my morning coffee without being called an “alcoholic”.
She just doesn’t seem to get that I’m on my journey. My boys don’t see it lasting. I could take it or leave, but I’m trying to be more responsible. And we’ve got a sex room.
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2020.09.28 22:39 gruenetage My marriage or my journey?

u/ConnecticutSpringbok relationship_advice
I’ve (30m) been having some troubles with my girl (30, “gender doesn’t matter”), and my boys told me to post this here. Maybe you can help a guy out.
I’m from SA and moved to her country (US). We got married pretty fast (under 90 days) so I could stay even though she’s said I’m not her soulmate. She even went to Costa Rican Hogwarts during our 90 days and left me in a shed in her mom’s backyard. We’d planned to move to FL after the wedding but are stuck in cold f’n CT cause she had a car accident.
I’m a free spirit. Freezing my balls off in CT isn’t good for my vibe. She also won’t stop asking about my “5yr plan” and wants kids. I might wanna be a fireman or an opera singer or a handyman. I really just wanna own my own land and live off it. I’ve worked in the mines for “The Man” enough. And I wanna drink Jack in my morning coffee without being called an “alcoholic”.
She just doesn’t seem to get that I’m on my journey. So what do yous think? My boys don’t see it lasting. I could take it or leave, but I’m trying to be more responsible. And we’ve got a sex room.
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2020.09.28 22:32 Xentryst My Journey from surviving.

Lets start this off by saying that all the events happens over 2 yrs and 10 months ago and at the time I really thought about posting asking for help on what to to at the time but I managed to solve this myself in an amazing series of ways that I had no idea I was capable of.
So this all started the day I found out my ex-wife at the time cheated on me. Everyone who had that happen to them knows the feelings that occur when find out that kind of betrayal devastation, shock, sadness, depression, self loathing, hatred, wrath and then numbness. When I was in the state of numbness I chose NOT TO BE A VICTIM, I chose not to see her get the satisfaction that she gets to cheat and not feel any consequence so after numbness I became determined. Well after being curled into a ball of emotions the first thing I went to was to see a divorce lawyer. She was worth every cent now that I think back on it she told me 1st off I would need evidence of the affair, I could not confront her it would give her leverage and that I should hire a PI to find out information on who else she was cheating with along with the where and when. I proceed right away to look up PI's found a great one told him my situation got a great quote btw managed to save some money here. Once that was done I logged onto all my wife social media her password weren't hard to figure out honestly I found all the texts, images, videos, accounts of her money spent and I made full copies of EVERYTHING to a new laptop I brought and hid from her. I'm a very frugal person and I made sure to keep our bank accounts separate.
So all that was left was to play the image of oblivious husband and wait for all the evidence to be collected. Took about 2 months to get everything done and ready but it was finally time to put my long thought out plan into action. I encouraged her to treat herself and go for a spa weekend with her girlfriends which I knew given that freedom she would go away with her lover for the weekend which she did. When she left and was gone I had left to get a moving trunk and had the movers I hired move everything I brought and owned out of the house to storage when done I left a envelope on the kitchen table with a letter that I prepared with my lawyer basically reading "Dear Wife let me first say that I know you have been cheating on me for the last yr and that your betrayal has been a very painful and emotionally harming experience. Your callousness and cruelty had forever damaged our relationship all the love and trust I had for you is gone and so in a few days you will be receiving the divorce papers I hope you find happiness one day" I was told to keep it civil and even show some concern so I wrote that happiness part in. I also let all our friends and family hers and mine know what was going on so she couldn't twist the story and make me look like the villain when she found out. I gave out my new number to only those I trusted and were good friends with instruction to not let her have it and set my social media to private and blocked her on everything. I also got info from the PI about her lover who was married and I got his wife contact off of facebook and sent her everything as she has a right to know why my ex-wife is ruining her life.
Suffice it to say that when she did find out she became hysterical from what I heard and contacted all our friends and family looking for me. I started the 2nd part of my plan I am blessed to work as a remote employee for my job since it works with many different companies across the states, Canada and the UK so it always been a dream of mine to find a little small property of a few acres and live the frugal life grow my own crops and animals for food get into better shape which I wasn't really overweight or anything but I wanted to bulk up for health purposes and just enjoy nature. I traveled to Minnesota I wanted a fresh start and started looking at properties I might like and found a cheap fixer upper. While I was doing this I got updates from my lawyer we were headed to court she my ex-wife was refusing to be amicable which is what we wanted since I had collected all this evidence. Another month past as I was dealing with stuff on the property and got a text from my lawyer of the date for the 1st hearing I was nervous to be honest but it was something I had to get over with to truly start moving on. The 1st hearing was I can't even describe just the sheer clown show it was she accused me of abuse and threats to her life and that she was pregnant with my child which she was pregnant but that kid wasn't mine since we hadn't had intimacy for 2 months before I had left. My lawyer gave the judge all the evidence that had been prepared which was ALOT and the judge not surprisingly gave a verdict the evidence was just damning. I didn't have to pay her a single cent and she even owned me money.
With freedom in hand I didn't care about her yelling at me and left back to my new place i was fixing up which was very therapeutic for me and helped me deal with alot of the issues I was going through, sleeping was a nightmare for a long while waking up in sweats but everything else was coming along well fixed almost everything started my my vegetable garden and got a large hen house and brought alot of chicken. I had started a routine of going into town eating breakfast and getting to know the area, I think it was after 3 months of living now in the new place that I finally decided to try the dating thing again and it wasn't like I was looking for someone but I did meet this nice girl and we started to talk I was very cautious I still felt I wasn't ready and didn't want to move fast. Whelp I kinda starting gathering information offhand from the locals small town everyone talks about everything I was news for awhile. Anyway I heard she had a rough life bad things happened to her I'm not going to get into it but it made me who felt like damaged good want to get to know her. I worked up some courage asked her out and the rest is well history. For what she been through it amazing she kept her kindness and it one of the reason I fell in love with her we went slow too much damage from both sides to deal with but when we finally became intimate it was just mind blowing what love felt like again and it was so different everything felt right so right we got a little surprise which 9 months later I got to hold my baby girl and named her Isobel.
I posted her all over my social media honestly hoping my ex would see it showing her I was living a great life now better then I ever did with her also posting pictures of my wedding with my now current wife who along with my baby is my whole entire world and has me feeling that all the bad crap I went through led me to find my true soulmate. If anyone can take away anything from this as advise don't let your emotions rule you it gonna hurt it will feel like your in hell being poked with a hot stick every second the time it takes to recover from something like this it not easy your gonna have to do the work get therapy do things for you that make YOU happy. Also another piece of advise don't confront hehim it will give them all the power and make it easier to make you the victim make you feel like it all your fault so stay SILENT say NOTHING to hehim when you find out plan from there what you want to do then afterwards just tell them you know, arguing will only give him/her power. It will never let hehim accept that they are at fault for their actions and ruining the marriage. Staying silent means that they will have to suffer from her own thoughts on why everything went wrong they will suffer until he/she comes to terms that he/she was the wrong one.
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2020.09.28 22:31 QuietBee1019 Only in love with one of the two....

I met a man two years ago who is married, and we ended up falling in love. We’ve only been romantically involved for the last year, although we’ve been emotionally involved for the previous two. His wife has been aware of me from the beginning and we met in person last year. My “boyfriend“ shared with me that prior to getting married 10 years ago, he swore he would never get married and his lifestyle always involved at least dating two women and always intimately being involved with at least two or more women at a time. His childhood was chaotic and when he met his wife, she definitely has a personality that does not rock the boat and offers no chaos whatsoever, (he has specifically referred to her as being “subservient“ and also “very accommodating“) so after many years of no chaos and her being a ‘good teammate’, he got married and had been faithful to her and said he had no desire to stray outside of the marriage and thought that that part of his life before was in the past until he met me. He said that he realized that what he feels for me is a soulmate and gut- wrenching, romantic and intellectually stimulating relationship, that he did not know was possible, and that what he had has with his wife, is a good ‘business-ship’ or ‘Situation-ship’, and though he has feelings of love for her, they are unlike anything that he has for me. I have never been involved in a throuple and when he talked to his wife about it last year and she agreed, I jumped in full force in order to give this a shot. What ended up happening was that his wife was not completely truthful about wanting to be involved in the throuple, and actually was just participating because she felt she would lose him. It caused a lot of drama and a lot of damage emotionally among all of us. My feelings for him have not changed, and he tells me consistently that he cannot imagine his life without me and that if he could, the only thing he would change is that he would go back in time and meet me first. He has a lot of guilt about saying these things to me, because his wife is a “nice“ person, but he says he can’t deny that what he has is a working relationship as opposed to a romantic And passionate, soulmate connection, which also could be very successful. During the tumultuous last eight months, there were a few times when we were all together intimately, and even though I’ve never been with a woman, apparently what I did for her was enough to where she would like more and she is now more on board and interested in having a throuple. But now I don’t completely believe her am terrified she’ll pull the rug out again, and I still feel that she is doing this just to please him, which in a way, I guess is what I is what I am doing as well. I am entering into this because I am in love with him, and I would be happy having a friendship with her, but I’m not necessarily really into wanting to be with her intimately, although I’m not opposed to the occasional all of us rolling around together. She has imposed rules on us such as he is not allowed to spend the night with me. Throughout the last many months she has also taken to texting me, emailing me, and we have had a couple of face-to-face talks where she has told me things that I’ve been somewhat all hurtful, she has accuse me of basically ruining her marriage, and asking me if I knew that she was in love with him even though he didn’t have the same feelings for her, why did I continue with him. It has been very difficult to hear but I own it. My struggle is that I have allowed her to say whatever she wants to me, and she feels entitled to do so, but I do not really say anything back to her, I just take it. I don’t tell her any of the things that he tells me or put up an argument. I only get to see him maybe once every eight days, for a half a day, and then he drives home. (he works night shifts at a hospital) I cannot help but feel that I am on the outside as she definitely uses the couple privilege and the privilege of being his wife in order to enforce certain rules. I feel very torn because I hear what he says to me, which is basically that if he could have a choice he would prefer to be with me, but he does not want to hurt her and he has a sense of loyalty and obligation so he is trying to make this work as a throuple. I do not feel on equal footing with his wife, even though I do believe that the emotional connection here and I have is on a different level than what he has with her. I definitely think over time that she and I could be friends, but from everything that I’ve read, a successful triad involves all three people being in love with each other, and I do not see myself falling in love with her. I am a very monogamous person but it really Doesn’t bother me that he has sex with her, I am struggling with the fact that I cannot share a life with him, or that if I am part of this throuple, I am the secret and I am in the dark and I do not have the luxury of being able to let people know that he is with me or that we have feelings for each other. So any advice from anyone who’s been in a triad where they only have feelings for one of the other people? Is it possible for this to be successful if he is in love with me, he is in love with her (and I have accepted that), but I am only in love with him?
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2020.09.28 22:03 Mirindy Feeling like I no longer have a place to call home

Without him I feel as though my home is gone. I've been spending every night somewhere different. A friend's house, different family members, then back to our place. I feel like I don't have a place anymore and that I don't feel at home anywhere. When I tried to spend more than 2 nights in a row at our apartment I started having major anxiety, thus why I started hopping around. I'm back here after 2 days away and it feels horrible, but once I leave other people's company I feel just as bad. I just want him back here and to be comfortable and content again. I want to feel my heart full again. I want to walk through the doors and throw myself into bed with him again. I want my soulmate and home back.
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2020.09.28 21:38 sweetrhymes I just found out my boyfriend is transgender and I feel lost

I ended the relationship because I am not attracted to women. I almost wish that she did something terrible to me so I could have a reason to be mad at her and maybe feel better about my decision. But she didn’t.
I feel like she was my soulmate, I loved everything about her. She made me feel so beautiful and all of that is gone for now.
One day we can be friends, I want to support her in any way that I can. But not any time soon, I think.
I’ll miss her so much.
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2020.09.28 21:38 FEshippingBot colourblind

Read here
by astronomicallie
“You— you have to promise not to leave me. Not where I can’t go, too.”
The sour feeling fades into a soft bitterness. “There are some places you can’t follow me.”
Felix shakes his head, and Sylvain feels like there’s something off about the picture, but he can’t tell what. “I don’t care. Even if you _die,_you— you have to wait for me. We’ll do it together.”
That quirks Sylvain’s lips. “Or not at all?”
Promise me, Sylvain.”
Sylvain can't see blue, Felix can't see red, and over the years, they come to realise there's more to worry about than finding whatever soulmate is going to bring colour back into their lives. (Written for Blue Love: A Sylvix Zine.)
Words: 2729, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
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2020.09.28 21:33 Silver3014 Finding Connection During Covid

I (F29, INFJ, HSP) have always struggled with feeling connected to other people. I‘be been pretty socially isolated for the past few years already and now with Covid it’s even more difficult to find connection. My therapist told me I should try dating because it might help with my depression. I did try dating apps for a few months a while back and just didn’t really feel anything. I realized it takes me years to trust people and guys on dating apps want to move pretty fast. People might think it’s weird I’ve never had a romantic relationship but I just can’t seem to find people on my wavelength. I want to find a soulmate or just be single. But recently my therapist and people in my life have nudged me to find a relationship. I feel like they might be doing it because I’m a woman approaching 30 and society expects that I should be married by now with two kids. But my mom was in an abusive marriage for 18 years and I’d rather deal with my depression/PTSD by myself than be with someone who makes me feel like this is all there is to life. Is that weird? I used to be so afraid of rejection but now I’m afraid of my inability to feel connected with people my age.
What’s the best way for introverts to date or find friends? How does one go about finding connection in the world of quarantine? How do you parse apart what your own needs are versus societal expectations? I tend to live in my head so any practical advice is much appreciated.
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2020.09.28 21:26 Zebricord Sander Sides College Soulmate AU RP

I'm starting a RP Discord Server. I'm not sure what the soulmate aspect is yet, I'm waiting until we have people then we can discuss what people would like it to be. Currently we have Roman and Janus. There will be angst, so be warry. Comment or DM for the invite link!
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2020.09.28 21:10 IndieheadsAOTY Album of the Year 2014 #27: Kishi Bashi - Lighght

Album of the Year 2014 #27: Kishi Bashi - Lighght
Howdy y'all, and welcome back to Album of the Year 2014, our daily writing series on our users' favorite records from the year of our sub's founding! Today we've got BornAgainZombie discussing Kishi Bashi's Lighght.
May 13, 2014 - Joyful Noise Recordings
Apple Music
The story of Lighght starts in two places. The first, chronologically speaking, doesn’t even begin with Kishi Bashi. It begins with the poet Aram Saroyan, who infamously created controversy with his 1965 piece titled “lighght,” a poem solely consisting of that word exactly in the center of an otherwise blank page. When talking about the poem, Saroyan often discusses its unique visual impact as a poem that's "see[n] rather than read," making note of how "you can see it all at once. It’s instant.” The piece didn't cause much contention in the poetry scene of the time — understandable, considering its tameness compared to something like Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl,” which had quite literally gone through an obscenity trial the previous decade. But beyond the poetry world, the piece was met with criticism after George Plimpton chose to include "lighght" in The American Literary Anthology, thereby paying Saroyan $500 for his singular word. Soon thereafter, the poem became the target of a backlash led by Republican congressman William Scherle for what he considered a waste of the National Endowment for the Arts' funding. Much of the story can be read in full in Ian Daly's terrific piece about the history of "lighght" for Poetry Foundation, but suffice it to say that Saroyan casually scoffed at the whole uproar, and the poem's legacy — inadvertently — endured in part because of the critical attention put on it.
The second place starts with Kaoru Ishibashi, otherwise known by his stage name Kishi Bashi, a multi-instrumentalist who got his start with electronic rock band Jupiter One and a brief stint in of Montreal. Ishibashi began to make an impact on his own with the 2012 album 151a, his first release under his stage name. Perhaps the most succinct way of summarizing the sound of Kishi Bashi is that he incorporates violin arrangements into lush, expansive pop songs via loops, samples, synthesizers, and his distinctively compassionate voice. In describing his style and use of genre, Ishibashi refers to himself first and foremost as “a pop musician,” but is quick to note that part of his pop instincts come from the fact that he’s classically trained, considering himself “an experimentalist” in how he merges elements from these two artistic impulses.
Where these two artists intersect is, predictably, Kishi Bashi's second album, titled after Saroyan's poem and released through Joyful Noise Records on May 13, 2014. One of the album’s songs, “Q&A,” was developed from a 30-second chorus Ishibashi had written for a Kickstarter backer of 151a to her best friend. Lighght helped hone and refine Kishi Bashi's signature sound from 151a, and Ishibashi has since continued to expand that sound on two more studio albums since Lighght's release.
Review by BornAgainZombie
“Lighght.” What does that word mean, to you, when you see it? If you had no prior knowledge of this album or the poem it was based on, how would you interpret that linguistic invention when you first saw it? Now let’s say you’ve familiarized yourself with the context above, and now you know the history of the poem this album takes its name from. How would you draw your own connection between these two identically titled properties, one overtly inspired by its predecessor? If you were to look into the articles talking about this album, the extent that most of them discuss the title amounts to making a brief mention of the Saroyan poem before moving on to talk about the album as its own identity, as if the poem is just a segue and the music can be interpreted and critiqued in isolation from its inspiration. That’s certainly a valid reading, looking at the music as its own entity. But it’s strange, isn’t it? It’s right there in the title, yet so few reviews talk about it beyond making a cursory connection.
In the years since Kishi Bashi released Lighght, I've come across only one article briefly discussing the larger creative ties the album's title has with the music it's paired with. With such a striking choice for titular inspiration, and with only a single inscrutable neologism to go on, it's an album title that practically demands consideration and analysis. After all, Kishi Bashi's music is anything but perfunctory, weaving several layers of complex string arrangements over electronic loops and beats to wed classical influences with baroque pop leanings. In order to properly get to the root of what makes Lighght endure over time, I feel a need to explain how Ishibashi's choice of this title is a reflection of his aims: a means of drawing parallels to how we take meaning from art, even the most ambiguous and simplistic of art, years after it is made.
This is because, essentially, Lighght came about the same way any person making art creates in a realm already populated by art — it takes influence from others, builds upon existing pieces, cannibalizes, repurposes, and makes anew. No art is made in a completely inspirationless vacuum. Even art that births something entirely new is often spurred about by disparate pieces of origin, and enters into a global artistic space that will build upon its innovation. Just as Saroyan brought "lighght" to life by expanding upon a preexisting word, so is all art brought into being.
And so is all life, each new generation following those who came before. If there is to be any cohesive reading on Lighght as a whole, it’s that life and art are metonyms for each other, each birthed from prior beings in a recursive life cycle. This understanding of life and art’s mutual traits is most clearly drawn on "Bittersweet Genesis for Him AND Her," where Ishibashi recognizes the shared reflexivity of these concepts and synthesizes their overlapping qualities. Lyrically, the song draws from creationist myth and imagery to craft a narrative about literal artistic creation. It’s here that the most concrete unspoken bond between Saroyan’s poem and the album is at play, the scenario Ishibashi describes following from a narrative that begins with the words, “Let there be light.” Light as depicted in “Bittersweet Genesis” emanates from the moon (“a miracle of light”) and from a city risen well after the original creation of life. Both, Ishibashi implies, are their own signs of life thriving, reflective of the beauty and improbable artistic power of life as made by natural phenomena and human-made invention.
But not everything about this creationist reimagining is utopian. “Bittersweet Genesis” ends with its lovers-as-creators spitefully destroying all they have made after it has not properly appreciated their efforts, choosing to raze everything to start over again. Tellingly, the most painful moment of doing so is the destruction of the hills formed into the earth, “because [they] made them first.” In such devastation, something beloved is lost as collateral damage, as is often the case with those consumed by art to the degree it interferes with their own lives. Art, by nature, is made by synthesizing life, and the means by which it is manifested into physical form demands some kind of destruction of life. To make art is to devote some portion of your life that you can never return to. Even in Saroyan’s case, where the time spent making the art was miniscule, writing out “lighght” used up paper made from a natural entity that allows our lives to exist. This isn’t to condemn the making of art, as such methods of synthesis and meaning-making are vital to our continual understanding and enrichment of human life. But I bring this up to explicate how there is an inherent energy and matter exchange that one must take part in to make art.
It can be easy to get bogged down in the existential despair of devoting this amount of time and resources into making art, into fearing that you are putting your efforts into something that could be more practical or make more of a lasting impact on the longevity of the world. That tethered dilemma makes for the sort of internal agonizing that “the earth would dry of song if I sang you one,” as Ishibashi puts it on “Carry On Phenomenon.” But, without that sacrifice of time and resources, there cannot be a means by which a phenomenon can carry on, no way for any piece of art to endure throughout time given the materials needed to ensure art’s maintenance and reproduction.
Yet, there lies in the interplay of life and art a commentary about what art reveals about the people who make it. In Saroyan’s case, he learned to emphasize the visual elements of his poetry through photographers Richard Avedon and Hiro’s mentorship during his education, a fascination that he continued to pursue in his later work for the stage and in teleplays and documentaries.
Similarly, a possible throughline of Lighght as an album is reading each song as a separate narrative charting reincarnated figures of the romantic partners in creation from “Bittersweet Genesis,” who continually find new meaning in each other as they meet one another through human history time and time again. There's a recurring theme throughout the album of celebrating the intrinsic art in just living, of viewing the act of being and loving another on par with divinity or classical periods of artistic innovation. Traces of this thread emerge in a number of stray lyrical asides: the point-of-view character in “The Ballad of Mr. Steak” joking that fate mistook them and the title character for a “pair of star-crossed lovers”; the conceit of two lovers meeting, breaking up with one another, and then repeating the process in new evolutionary forms on “Hahaha”; the chorus of “Q&A” seems to hint at the song being a direct continuation of the narrative in “Bittersweet Genesis” with the line, “We were together in another life / In that dreaming, you probably were my wife.” To home in on that last song in particular, whereas “Bittersweet Genesis” finds wonderment in the crafting of all physical existence, “Q&A” — its direct follow-up on the album — aims for the polar opposite, appreciating the simple beauty in the relationship between its two characters more than their celestial origins. For a majority of Lighght, improbable or predestined love and connection is the main lyrical focus, envisioning romantic partners connecting across space and time (and, in “Hahaha,” even species). This perpetual recursion posits that humanity, as is art, is fated to link each life to another somewhere further in time. Just as no piece of art exists in a void, no single life exists without relation or impact to another.
But there’s something about the phrasing of those lines from “Q&A” about the “dreaming” of a previous life that hint at something larger Ishibashi is saying about life’s relationship to art, and vice-versa. Dreams, by nature, are a form of projection, of one’s subconscious imparting the deepest psychological elements of oneself onto others and the world surrounding them. Ishibashi’s use of dreams to imagine an idealized soulmate falls into the same realm as Carl Jung’s description of the psychology of interpersonal projection. In Jung’s words, “It frequently happens that the object offers a hook to the projection, and even lures it out. This is generally the case when the object [themself] is not conscious of the quality in question: in that way it works directly upon the unconscious of the projicient.”+is+not+conscious+of+the+quality+in+question:+in+that+way+it+works+directly+upon+the+unconscious+of+the+projicient.%E2%80%9D&source=bl&ots=z4ZD_Ruq1u&sig=ACfU3U3od1TqUFwV7gErSIlpGpQMKFXYuw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj198SEmobsAhUDd98KHaOoCTAQ6AEwAnoECAEQAQ#v=onepage&q=%E2%80%9CIt%20frequently%20happens%20that%20the%20object%20offers%20a%20hook%20to%20the%20projection%2C%20and%20even%20lures%20it%20out.%20This%20is%20generally%20the%20case%20when%20the%20object%20himself%20(or%20herself)%20is%20not%20conscious%20of%20the%20quality%20in%20question%3A%20in%20that%20way%20it%20works%20directly%20upon%20the%20unconscious%20of%20the%20projicient.%E2%80%9D&f=false) Under this lens, the point-of-view character in “Q&A” is projecting onto the other party the ideal qualities they see in her, the qualities that they believe make her a lover transcending space and time. The act of projection itself carries with it its own connotations, as Jung had also stated that “the general psychological reason for projection is always an activated unconscious that seeks expression.”
“Expression,” as you can imagine, is the operative word in that quote when tying it to art. The personhood behind any piece of art is worth consideration, as subjectivity is present in each aspect of a person’s choice to make something and how they choose to present that art. Therefore, it stands to reason that art is a projection of the person behind it. Where Kishi Bashi complicates this notion is in taking that same logic and applying it to personhood itself, or — at least — how we present ourselves as people to others. Ishibashi frames all the interpersonal narratives on Lighght as ones where the viewpoints he sings from express what they want to mean or represent to another. “Once Upon a Lucid Dream (In Afrikaans)” is loaded with declarative statements in this vein (“I want to know how it tastes when you throw it at the moon / I want my heart to be cold as ice”). All so the point-of-view character can embody what they imagine the object of the song is looking for, to atone for the fact that the protagonist of the song feels like their life is “a mess of a parody,” a failure of projection, as it were. What these metaphoric lyrics are masking are the bluntest expressions of want in the song: “I need to know this love is real” and “I really want to know, was it a dream?” In the context of this song, the protagonist wishes to make their subconscious projections of love into a conscious reality, in the same way artists want to bring their envisionments of their work to fruition. This analogue for self-expression emerges similarly in the first line of album closer “In Fantasia,” where Ishibashi’s character notes that “the mirrors lie to us, they plant a seed” of who these people should believe themselves to be. What goes unspoken is that this line implies a rebuking of what mirrors represent — how these people are perceived by others visually — for a sense of self that aligns truer with these characters’ internal understanding of themselves. Once again, the act of self-projection is the main source for the characters on Lighght’s expression.
But reading into Ishibashi’s adoption of the title of Saroyan’s poem cannot simply be kept to lyrical analysis; in trying to draw a direct line between “lighght” and Lighght, there comes a question of making sense of the differences in modality. After all, a bright, complex baroque pop album isn’t really within the same artistic space as an intentionally minimalist experimental poem, now, is it? As much as Lighght embodies how Saroyan’s poem emphasizes the ambiguous ethos of that singular word, it doesn’t seem to resemble Saroyan’s approach toward evoking that quality from a first glimpse. Though the two don’t overlap in style or genre or medium, where they do share similarities is in how both possess the same characteristics as an entirely different movement of art: neoclassicism. Drawing the connection between neoclassicism and Kishi Bashi’s music is relatively easy enough. Neoclassicism refers to art “produced later” than the classical periods of Greek and Roman art, “but inspired by antiquity” nevertheless; likewise, Kishi Bashi’s style takes direct inspiration from classical music’s instrumentation and sound, blending it with a postmodernist sensibility toward pop song structures and indietronica production techniques. On songs like “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!,” his compositions of violin parts often act as texturing for the pop-leaning guitar and bass sections of the songs, even taking the place of the guitar as the featured solo instrument following the song’s bridge. The quick violin plucks that form the melodic foundation on “Once Upon A Lucid Dream (In Afrikaans)” are more reminiscent of fast guitar strums than orchestral arrangements. Both “The Ballad of Mr. Steak” and “Carry On Phenomenon” primarily feature booming electronica arrangements, with the violin acting as the instrument adding an emphatic flourish to the mix. As if that weren’t enough, Ishibashi directly spells out his borrowing of neoclassical approach at the beginning of “Carry On Phenomenon,” with the lines, “What a beautiful life away / Naked from all the Apollonians / For their radiance shines on and on / And on and on and on....” This opening quartet works on two levels related to neoclassicism: firstly, it references by name a philosophical dichotomy proposed by Frederich Nietzsche’s The Birth of Tragedy, a concept inspired by the “antiquity” of the opposing characteristics of Greek gods Apollo and Dionysus, the former representing logic and the latter representing emotion; secondly, it establishes the key subject of the song — an active encouraging of the ways in which art and history endure throughout time, which allows for the “antiquity” that inspires neoclassicism to linger.
Tying neoclassicism to Saroyan, however, is trickier and might prove to be somewhat of a contentious claim. Saroyan takes inspiration from prior art for his poetry, but from other forms of media rooted in the visual rather than any classical ideal of poetic form. Saroyan’s muses in poetry, like Louis Zukovsky and Robert Creeley, worked within the same contemporary minimalism, meaning he wasn’t drawing from any classical period of his chosen medium as Kishi Bashi does with music. If we are to put strictly classical poetic forms in relation to Saroyan, the only thing we can say about his relation to it is that he skewed from it perhaps as much as possible while still creating poetry. But by looking deeper into the core features of “harmony, clarity, [and] restraint” emphasized in neoclassicism, we can recognize these as traits that Saroyan’s “lighght” possesses in its expressive brevity and simplicity. The former two elements, especially, are ones that Kishi Bashi’s music holds as well in its synthesis of classical and pop. Ishibashi prioritizes the harmony and clarity of his melodies even when his loops or violin parts grow multifarious and complex.
But, to return to the object of comparison that I am projecting onto this reading of Lighght, there comes into question the most literal connection between Ishibashi’s album and “lighght”: that of the subject both pieces are titled after. As mentioned above, “Bittersweet Genesis” is the song on Lighght that most directly links its concept to light’s many manifestations, but it’s far from the only song on the album to deal with light imagistically. On its basest imagistic level, Ishibashi always keeps the titular element of the album at play. On “Q&A,” the images Ishibashi continually returns to surrounding the song’s narrative are, tellingly, ones of light: “candles against the sun” and a post-chorus refrain in Japanese where the two characters compare themselves to fireflies. “Sunlight” and “radiance” appear multiple times on “Once Upon A Lucid Dream (In Afrikaans),” to the point that the song culminates in its protagonist staring at sunlight so long that they blind themselves to try to make their love feel real. Fittingly, that devastating quality of light on “Lucid Dream” emerges toward the end of an album-length escalation of light’s power and effect, a gradual unveiling of the unfathomable brilliance light can yield. This is ultimately not too dissimilar from Saroyan’s poem, which “otherstream” poetry critic Bob Grumman notes uses its idiosyncratic depiction of light to depict "intimations of his single syllable of light's expanding, silently and weightlessly, 'gh' by 'gh', into...Final Illumination."
The genre and style of the album, even beyond both Ishibashi and Saroyan’s incorporation of a neoclassical sense of reinvention, seems intentionally composed to evoke the hyper-emphatic qualities of light that Grumman mentions of Saroyan’s poem. The violin solos on tracks like “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” and “The Ballad of Mr. Steak” glide across their compositions with ethereal levity, holding a lightness in weight and tone. The tracks that perhaps most accurately transpose the visual qualities of seeing the poem “lighght” are the two “Impromptu” interlude tracks, each of which only provide the listener with that single word and the accompanying stray violin loops to elicit a brief yet lucid sonic palette for the listener to take in. These short musical snippets reflect Ishibashi’s explanation for adopting “lighght” as the title of his album: “The whole idea of playing with words and invoking larger emotions through just small changes is something that kind of resonated [with] me.” Like “lighght,” these “Impromptu” pieces say as much as they can in as little space possible, accomplishing the same concise yet potent effect while trading in Saroyan’s stark minimalism for a luminously bold maximalism. All the while, these interludes encompass the breathlessly dazzling qualities of light more succinctly than any other passage on the album, all harrying flurries of overlapping violin loops without any of the ebbs and flows of the more structured songs surrounding them.
But any discussion of light and its place in our world cannot be made without an acknowledgement of darkness, that which stands as its natural contrast and balancing force. Ishibashi knows this, and thus ends the album with an intentional final contrast to all the light that preceded it. The album's very last line on closer "In Fantasia," itself the most somber track on the record, is the most overt mention of darkness: "In Fantasia, the air is dense to me, it hurts to scream / At windless castles in the darkness, too faint to see…" In the span of two lines, Kishi Bashi sets a multifaceted portrait of the many forms this opposing element can take — darkness in place of light, dense air where previous songs captured a light breeziness, sight marred by an absence of light rather than being blinded by it. The incomplete trailing off of these lines is just as telling as what is said before they stop; this darkness exists in an inconclusive perpetuity, as light does as well. Light is everlasting but not ever-present, its existence implying the darkness that waits in its shadow. Just as there cannot be minimalism without maximalism, or there cannot be the Apollonian without the Dionysian, there cannot be light without darkness. And so, therein lies a question: is "lighght" an embellishment to combat the darkness? Saroyan never explicitly says, nor does Kishi Bashi. But something about the word "lighght" feels a little stronger than "light" alone can muster.
I stand at a curious crossroads as I near the conclusion of this piece. Because, as strange as it sounds, writing everything above wasn't my initial idea for how to most faithfully capture the effect of Kishi Bashi's titling scheme. Early in my writing process, a part of me debated, if only for a brief second, making my piece on Lighght an exact simulacra of the Aram Saroyan poem the album takes its name from. Just writing “lighght,” claiming it would be doing the most justice the album could possibly get, and walking away. I know it feels antithetical to propose that one could chuck all the previous paragraphs of writing out the window but, just for a moment, I want to entertain this hypothetical scenario. Let’s say that I were to just write the album title, just let that neologism linger as Saroyan did. In choosing that approach, I’d consider the visual effect of the term, how that internal repetition evokes a sort of emphasized lightness, bringing out the airiest and most delicate part of the word “light” to extend its floaty weightlessness. “Light” feels like a sigh; “lighght” feels like gliding. And then there’s the sound of the album itself: the same kind of exuberant grace and deft complication that uses minute tweaks to perfect its artistic roots. Even at the record’s more melancholic turns, there are slits of light spilling through, a kind of light stronger and more persistent than the word “light” insinuates. The lightness of Kishi Bashi’s music is not a negation of the darkness, not an ignorance of darkness’ existence, but a rebuffing of light to combat it. Light itself may not be strong enough to overtake the darkness, but lighght stands more of a chance.
In effect, that’s the only proper way to completely, succinctly describe what the album sounds like, what effect it creates. I can write endlessly about this album, and its progression of what Saroyan’s work and neoclassicism represent. But does that really get the point across any clearer than the word Kishi Bashi and Aram Saroyan used as a descriptor? After all, this isn’t a particularly heady album; even with lyrics dense with interconnected historical, mythological, and theological references, it’s often a purely ecstatic and jubilant listen whose indie pop influences make it infinitely compelling. At the end of the day, there’s really only one word I need to do justice to what this album is. Lighght is buoyant, it’s elegant, it’s tremendously moving. But most of all, it’s
Favorite Lyrics
Picture our wedding, it'd be summer sour and summer sweet
We'd paint the ceiling red, we'd go to the Greek and straight to the street
Concerned but never bleak, we'd find the day about you and me
And with our eyes we shall see
Between you and me
Who's crazier for the other one?
  • "Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!"
We blasted through the hills!
They were the first to go, and the most painful so
Because we made them first when we learned to bleed
With our fingers on the seeds that sowed in the dirt
And then cried when we came in the glorious masterwork of life ending
And beginning again
  • "Bittersweet Genesis for Him AND Her"
Darkened bridges sink away into the brackishness
Swirling sin into a rainbow of atrophy
When the winters help the golden autumns take it's leave
Spawning passages for vampires
To suck and feed
  • "In Fantasia"
When we were Manta Rays floating as carelessly
With every wave we felt what we were dreamed to say
And in our fantasy we'd sting each other see?
And try to sweep the leg but we have none hahaha
  • "Hahaha Pt. 1"
Talking Points
  • What do you take this album’s title to mean in relation to the music? Do you see it as tied to Saroyan’s invention of the word? Or do you see it as purely a descriptor of Kishi Bashi’s music?
  • What do you think might be other inspirations for Kishi Bashi’s music that I hadn’t brought up? What artistic movements or periods or schools of thought do you think he draws from most in his compositions?
  • How has this album held up for you since its release in 2014?
  • I didn’t have much space to tie it into this particular analysis, but isn’t “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” just one of the most perfect pop songs of the 2010s? (God, just the escalation it comes at you with after the bridge… I love it.) If you have another favorite song on this album, what is it and why?
  • Are you the answer to my question?
Thanks again to BornAgainZombie for their excellent work! Tomorrow we'll have one up on Mitski's Bury Me at Makeout Creek! As always, discuss the album in the comments below and we'll have the remaining schedule down there as well!
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2020.09.28 21:02 periwinkle_bitch [Help] I've been feeling so much anxiety about getting my puppy in a few weeks

Here's some background info: I have one dog already. She's an 8.5 year old terrier mix with pretty bad arthritis in a front leg and a persistent limp because of this. She's on pain management meds, but they don't affect her limp. She's really special and I love her so much. It scares me to death seeing her health fail and seeing her getting older because I don't know what I'd do without her. But she sleeps most of the time, so I can't do active things with her like I'd like. I'm a young adult (early-mid 20s) and a college student and am doing online classes for at least the next few semesters. I live alone in a small house with a yard.

Anyway, I'm getting a 10 week old puppy in a couple weeks. She's a border collie mix and so cute, but I'm so anxious about this. I feel like I'm replacing my current dog because I want a dog to do active things with, like going hiking and walking every day. But my current dog just can't do those things because of her arthritis. And I'm so worried she'll think I'm replacing her when I take the puppy out for walks or to puppy class and leave her home alone. But on the other hand, having a dog to motivate me to take everyday walks will be so good for my depression. Going outside and getting exercise always makes me feel better, but I don't often have the motivation to do it just for myself. But I'll always do those things for my dogs.

Another thing I'm worried about is not being able to love this puppy as much as I love my current dog. She's honestly special and is basically my dog soulmate. It wouldn't be fair to get a puppy if I can't love her as much as I love my other dog. And am I even getting a puppy for the right reason? I've been bored and lonely because of quarantine, so I've been wanting to get a puppy. But is being bored really a good reason to get a puppy? It is ideal timing to get a dog, because I don't currently have a job and am doing school online so I'm home all day. But is that a good enough reason? I also wanted to get the puppy to keep my dog company when I'm not home or busy because I hate leaving my dog all by herself. But my dog might be jealous of the puppy and they might not even get along.

Sorry for the wall of text here, I'm just writing my thoughts down. If any of you have any advice or have felt similarly, I'd love to hear about it.
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2020.09.28 20:57 deddyininsane1 I really lucked out when it came to finding him. I don't know what he actually sees in me that compels him to stay. I'm a mess. I'm a nightmare. I thought I'd never find my soulmate, and no, I wasn't looking. I thought I'd die alone and miserable. He wants to marry me. Couldn't be happier.

I really lucked out when it came to finding him. I don't know what he actually sees in me that compels him to stay. I'm a mess. I'm a nightmare. I thought I'd never find my soulmate, and no, I wasn't looking. I thought I'd die alone and miserable. He wants to marry me. Couldn't be happier. submitted by deddyininsane1 to bipolar [link] [comments]

2020.09.28 20:23 SadLadButNotAMadLad 26[M4F] California/Anywhere - Looking for my soulmate.

Hi everyone.
I like to think I’m friendly, empathetic, attractive, kind-hearted, and most importantly constantly want to improve. I want a relationship where you get mental health and strive to be a good person with me and encourage me to do the same. A relationship where when we go shopping we make it a goal every time to compliment one person and our reward is we get to make out in the car before the ride home for 3 minutes.
I deal with social anxiety disorder (SAD abbreviated, lmao) and depression. Walking in busy places like big crowded stores or busy city streets or going to the dmv or being called on in class were all big triggers causing me anxiety and making me feel uncomfortable. Even just talking to 3-4 people in a group I don’t feel 100% comfortable. I’ve learned how to deal with it better (gaining confidence whether through exercising and feeling good releasing endorphins or dressing nice to feel better about myself or drinking alcohol/smoking weed for altered-state of mind confidence, among other things) as well as I’ve had therapy for a month to get things off my chest and get advice and tried medication (doesn’t work really for me), and have fought it, pushed myself to do things like go to busy stores more often and talk to people and approach people even if it makes me uncomfortable. I’ve been fighting it.
However I’m at this stage in my life now where I want someone to fight it with that’s understanding/accepting of it. Maybe someone who also has mental health issues or SAD or something they want to work on too.
However one thing I must admit is that, although I have SAD/depression, I do NOT hate my life or treat myself poorly. I’m not suicidal and I take good care of my hygiene and fitness and diet and go out of my way to make sure I look and feel okay physically. I’ve met a lot of people with mental health issues that also just let themselves go physically and that’s not me nor something I find attractive. Take care of your bodies and hygiene people!
I am very spontaneous and love adventures and living a mix between an active life going out and exploring the world and nature and being a homebody the other half watching movies and cuddling in bed with someone that makes me happy to be with.
I’m a 5’10 skinny white boy with a thick beard and blue eyes and freckles and brown/ginger hair. I want lots of tattoos but currently have none and am waiting to find someone to go with to encourage me and be there for me when I get my first since I’m a bit scared for the time being lol.
I have a very high sex drive and I’m sexually dominant. I’m pretty kinky and always going to be in the mood to either bend you over my lap and spank your butt or fuck your face or both. (Oops). Sorry that’s a little TMI but I wanna give you a good idea what you’d be signing up for lol.
I want someone special to live with. I’ve been saving up from work and I’m tired of living with my parents even though I love my family. Ideally someone who would be willing to move to California and start a life here with me. It’s expensive but so worth it, beaches, mountains, deserts, amusement parks, aquariums, the biggest zoo ever (San Diego), dog parks, everything awesome is here. Even snow in the mountains.
Just looking for my soulmate I guess.
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2020.09.28 20:01 Narcissism23 Heart.Mind.Align.

I lost my heart, to find my head,
To see things clear and true.
It scattered like diamonds, heavy as lead,
Into the snow, they fell through.

Objectively, were we that care free?
Despite shared passions vast?
It felt sometimes we were lost at sea,
Our ship listing, lost its mast.

Try as we might to steer to shore,
We held each other as it went down,
Swept away I was, from the woman I adore,
Feeling like I should slowly drown.

It was not your fault, nor was it mine,
The distance between became far too great,
Missing each others touch, was it a sign?
We'd both done too little, too late.

So carry on we must, to stride on out
Heavy heart, baby steps we should take first,
Reminders of you, tears will come no doubt,
For all of this, it was unrehearsed.

I wish you well, soulmate, my love,
Maybe now just was not our time.
Hoping fortune will shine down from above,
To help find our reason and our rhyme.

I keep my door still ajar for you,
Believing some day, you'll come say hello.
Reconciliation to clear all those feelings blue,
With arms open, always on show.

1 2
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2020.09.28 19:42 HolyTony2 [DISCUSSION] Have your ever felt guilt or loss of love after trading in / part exchanging old guitars for new ones?

So, after a trip to Bath in UK, I developed a very quick and severe ‘desperation’ for a PRS Custom 24.
It was like I was a junkie six days past; ‘the last hit of my life, ever’ and I had to fall off the wagon, or I may as well have died anyway.
So I bought the best PRS I could see. Charcoal burst. And my god they rinse you. It’s so bloody expensive. So as I said, I was desperate, so I rounded up my 5 USA Strats and we all had a meeting in my kitchen. They fell Into their usual military parade stance and I walked between them like a 5* General.
‘I’ve called You all here to announce that due to coronavirus two of you have got to go. You must understand this is nothing to do with me but Boris Johnson has made a rule to say but only six people in a house can meet, and now he’s made a three guitar rule per house and I’m sorry two of you have to leave”.
I didn’t even have the nerve to tell them I was thinking about a prettier girl - but I think they knew they where getting traded.
The Olympic White HSS Shawbucker & The Sonic Blue with will specially upgraded 70’s head-stocked maple neck.
So, how do I feel now? I feel like I’ve sent two of my children to go and live in an orphanage.
The PRS is the filthiest bitch I’ve ever met. I think she’s my soulmate, she can read my mind, she sings like a Angel and screams like an expensive amazing whore who says ‘push me I’ll scream louder’
How you change her strings is the work of genius. I enjoyed changing fucking stings for the first time in my life.
She will cause me trouble and I’ll be like defending her with the last breath in my body to all those guys she never even looked at, but, Ill tell you one thing, I miss those two Stratocasters.
Feel like I’ve sold out two friends.
Anyone else ever feels this?
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2020.09.28 19:35 Patrick_Grainheart Here's my review/summary of OREGAIRU

So, it all started with Yukino being bullied in middle school. She was probably bullied and casted aside because she was "too good" at everything she did and not everyone liked feeling inferior to her in ways way more than one. Haruno,as Yukino's older sister was really worried about her and wanted to help her in any way possible. She asked Hayama Hayato to help Yukino in this regard (Since their families were well associated with each other) but he decided not to do anything about it, thereby earning the hate of the woman he liked (Haruno).
Eventually, as a response to the events occurring around her, Yukino developed a personality (of an ice cold queen) that would prevent her from being hurt or getting affected by the actions of the ones around her any longer, essentially by closing off any vulnerabilities that might have been exposed earlier. Realising this, Haruno was both happy (for Yukino won't be getting hurt any longer) and sad (as Yukino will probably never be able to experience the "genuine" warmth of other people, which as a matter of fact Haruno herself had yet to feel).
Years passed , and Yukino entered high school. However realising that the guidance counselor is none other than her teacher from highschool (Hiratsuka Shizuka) , Haruno probably made a selfish request to her to "look after her little sister and if possible maybe, just maybe guide her to "normalcy". Coming from her ex-student Shizuka decided to help her (Yukino) out by making her a member of a certain "service club". Her idea behind this was that maybe by solving others problems ( both social and personal, both public and private) maybe somewhere along those lines she would finally be able to take a good look at the mirror, at her true self, and realise her own faults and be able to face and solve the problems that had done nothing but changed her for the worse.

We now, come to the point which intertwined the fates of three lives (Hachiman, Yukino and Yuigahama) forever.
It was the first day of his highschool life, Hikigaya Hachiman, who had his fare share of somewhat traumatic experience in his middle school years, was ready to let go of his past and change for the better in hopes of attaining the "normalcy" that he always yearned for. However, on the way to his school, he sees a dog on the verge of getting ran over by a car, in order to save the life of the dog,he decides to jump to it's rescue and ends up getting his leg fractured. The car was none other than Yukino's family's, and the dog belonged to Yuigahama Yui who went to the same school as Hachiman, and thus the fate of these three lives were undoubtedly intertwined from this point on.
However, because of the fracture Hachiman missed almost half of his first year of highschool, and with it his hopes of bonding with "new friends" were also gone. By the time he started going to highschool, his yearning for making new bonds and determination for changing for good had long been gone. He instead changed to a self deceiving personality , full of doubts and suspicion about the people in his surroundings, who detested "youth" to its core (having his own youth shattered into pieces) .
At this point, Hiratsuka Shizuka (as a guidance counselor and Hachiman's homeroom teacher) came to know about Hachiman's existence.
Upon meeting him, Shizuka realised that he and his outlook towards life is far from "normal" especially as far as "youth" was concerned. After conversations with Hachiman and knowing about his laid back, bystander attributes as well as his outlook of youth being "evil, nothing but a hollow sham , a delusion". She realised that in many ways he was very similar to Yukino and in many other ways he's the exact opposite of her. A bright idea struck her…. she decided to force Hachiman in joining the 'service club" which at that point hadd only Yukino as it's member.
However, a key piece to solving this puzzle was missing, it was only clear after a series of dialogues, in the form of retorts were exchanged between Hachiman and Yukino. The two were mostly opposite in many regards to the extent that their mere existence seemed to cancel each other out , in essence they were like two " separate isolated islands" what they desperately needed to get the service club going was a "bridge" , a connection, a path, connecting the two isolated islands so that the islands could make proper use of the resources available in their neighbouring ecosystems they themselves were lacking.
Yuigahama Yui, in many ways was an ordinary and somewhat popular highschool girl, was that very "bridge" , the connecting path that these two needed. Her ordinary life took a strange turn of events when her dog was saved from the brink of death by none other than Hachiman. She has, infact, admired the kind hearted and selfless of a person Hachiman was ever since. Hachiman ofcourse knew about this admiration as it was mentioned by her sister (Hikigaya Komachi) of how profusely Yui had thanked and apologised at the same time for saving her dog with his life on the line.
Hachiman was approached by Yui from the very beginning with nothing but kindness. However, this "kindness" was misinterpreted by him as thought to himself that this kindness was nothing other than the response of guilt that she (Yui) felt for getting her dog saved by him. By that time he had already set his mind towards an ideology " if truth is cruel, a lie must be kind, that's why kindness is a lie". And it was precisely because of which he had always hated "kind hearted girls", as owing to his middle school experiences "it's not like a girl is being kind to you because she likes you or something, she most probably being kind either because she pities you or is being kind for the sake of it as she has an image to maintain". This very assumption was made by him by assuming himself as the lowest of the low , one who doesn't deserve to be happy, one who doesn't deserve to be treated kindly, thus when he was being treated in a rather unkind manner by Yukino, in his mind he appreciated her and somewhat admired her at the same time for being herself and not maintaining an imange unlike most people out there. As this was as he exactly expected to be treated from a total stranger.
OREGAIRU is a show that focuses almost entirely on the never-ending combination of texts and subtexts of the exchange of dialogues between it's charcters during their interaction. More often than not it focuses on each character subtlety reading between the lines during the exchange of their dialogues with some other character. This can be shown in the form of subtexts (the deeper meaning behind some of the simple texts or words , phrases and sentences) or in the form of soliloquy - as the character thinks to itself in regards to what their dialogues or actions are going to be with respect to a given external stimulus.
It's precisely because of having an ability like this that our main characters in focus (Hachiman, Yukino and Yui) were able to understand the series of problems that were requested to them by other students of their school in hopes of having them solved.
In accordance to what Shizuka had imagined, while formulating their (Hachiman's and Yukino's) method to approach and solve a problem a lot of flaws that was present in them were thoroughly exposed.
While Yukino preferred a work plan completely backed by logic and technicalities without taking into account the human psychology and other human interferences such as "emotions" ; Hachiman on the other hand relied mostly on human psychology and "emotions" leaving most of the technicalities behind. He had a very unhealthy way of sacrificing and baiting himself to solve most of the problems, this was once again owing to his past experiences that resulted in a ridiculously low self esteem and self depreciating nature. This was evident in two significant cases,
Firstly, during the school festival when the service club was requested to assist the student council in somehow managing the events of the festival. The leadership of this event was given to a laid back, underserving and unreliable person named Sagami, by popular choice. In the end she wasn't of any significant use and most of the things were in the end managed by Yukino , Hachiman and rest of the student council body. Hachiman took time to play the role of a despicable "bad guy" by indirectly blaming the lack of charisma and leadership qualities of Sagami and ended up being hated by everyone. However it was because of his actions that Sagami isolated herself from the event and the event went smoothly through the efforts of Yukino and the likes. Thus, the problem was solved at the cost of Hachiman's reputation.
Secondly, there was another time when a request came from Tobe, a character from Hayama's friend circle who wanted to confess to Ebina (another friend from the same circle). At that time a simultaneous request came from Ebina to somehow make it so that the confession never happens. Her reason behind this was, she was content with the relationship she shares with the people in her friend circle and especially at present she has no inclination whatsoever to lose it. She was clear to reject Tobe in the given circumstances which would undoubtedly make things way awkward in her friends circle. As therest of the members of the service club cracked the brains to sort out a situation or solution to this problem…. Hachiman came up with another perfect plan.
In the event of the fateful day as Tobe was going to confess to Ebina , Hachiman suddenly stepped in and confessed to her instead. Thus , Ebina went along with her plan of rejection making her intentions clear , this made it to Tobe that it was probably not okay to confess to Ebina at the moment and thus the problem was solved as everything went in accordance with Hachiman's plan. However, this came at a price once again, in exchange of the degradation of his own reputation and image.
Although, this didn't matter to Hachiman in the least, for he has had already forsaken himself and considered himself as the "lowest of the low". But that wasn't really the case with the other two members of his club. Both Yukino and Yui downright hated how Hachiman always disregarded himself and had to sacrifice himself to solve almost every problem, especially those that didn't even concerned him all that much. Yukino bluntly describes how she hates Hachiman ways of solving problems and Yui on the other hand ends up getting emotional and explains how Hachiman should be considerate towards how other's feel (towards him) . She was referring to how both she and Yukino has been really concerned of Hachiman's negative outlook towards life and his ways of solving problems by disregarding and sacrificing his own social standing.
The aforesaid events would affect the relationship between the three of them rather seriously, to the point where Yukino didn't even wanted to have anything to do with Hachiman as far as solving others' problems were concerned. Since that's just how strongly she disapproved Hachiman's methods. Thus Hachiman would try to take requests and would try to solve them all by himself.
He would eventually fail miserably in his attempt and would ultimately realise that it was essentially because he himself was full of flaws and shortcomings. For the first time in his entire life he was able to take a good hard look it himself, at his "genuine" self and realised precisely what his flaws were. Evidently he decides to face Yukino and Yui in order to request them for their assistance.
In that fateful encounter, he lays bare all of his shortcomings, flaws and deepest desires and confesses to them the reason behind why his way of solving problems . He describes as to how "it didn't even mattered to him if no one understood him, he would be absolutely satisfied with everything as long as he was able to understand others", as long as he was to read into people's mind like an open book. He also explains how "he wanted to know, understand and rest easy with that knowledge as being in the dark terrified him more than anything". He further expalined as how he desired " a relationship with people in which one can freely burden each other with by sharing the wish to completely understand each other" he himself realises at this point how impossible his desire is but even so he's absolutely fine with it and wishes to stand by it. As a relationship with a certain person that is filled with such self gratification is what he considers absolutely "GENUINE".
Thus, the internal conflict between the members of the club would somewhat come to an end with this , with Yukino and Yui not fully understanding what Hachiman actually meant. The problem that Hachiman placed to his club mates in the form of request would also be solved and the three of them would grow lot more closer to each other, to the point where Yukino would admit that sometime in near future she wants Hachiman to rescue her. Finally the three of them places forward there desires of having their requests granted by each other somewhere along the lines. However, contrary to the rest of the members of the club Haruno(Yukino's older sister) didn't really wanted Yukino to change as it would once again lead her fully be completely vulnerable to others and would again be severely hurt by others words and actions. She thought until the very end that the relationship between the club members were nothing more than "codependency" which in reality was far from that.
It's almost the end of the second year of highschool for the club members of the service club and a new request appears towards them from the student council, as they plan on hosting a promenade as farewell event for the third year's who are soon to graduate. This time Yukino decided to help manage the event all on her own, owing to her older sister's multiple intervention in the past. She wanted to prove to the rest of the club members, her sibling and her parents that she too is capable of handling things just by herself , in reality part of her also feared that the seemingly "genuine" relationship that she shares with her clubmates was nothing more than a "facade" that all three of them subconsciously devised to lable their "codependency".
This, would once again significantly affect the relationship between the club members, especially between Hachiman and Yukino as, Hachiman wanted to be constantly associated with Yukino unconditionally. It was at this point when Yui finally realised what she had been feeling all along, she finally realised that the feelings that she had towards Hachiman was none other than an "Unconditional love" it wasn't just simple attraction or crush or infatuation that was born from kindness when Hachiman almost sacrificed himself to save her dog. She also realised that the club had a played a major role this, because it was this club that has bestowed upon her two human beings, two existence that are and always will be some of the people he holds very dear to her, it was in her clubmates that she found her soulmates , for the first ever she fould the person she truly "loves" , for the first time ever she found someone who she can call her "bestfriend". More than anything she would able to create bonds with other human beings that she could have never imagined , for the first time ever… which is why she openly confessed that she "loves that place ", she "love that clubroom". She was grateful for having met such incredible people , she was grateful for falling for such an incredible person.
Indirectly , Yui tried to express her feelings towards Hachiman many a times, but Hachiman had never once harboured any such feelings for Yui and had redirected her advances towards him multiple times. Towards the end of the show when Hachiman finally confessed that he "wants to keep associating with Yukino" time and time again , that he can't be at ease without being associated with Yukino that Yui finally decided to give up on her feelings. At this point Hachiman also may have felt guilty for leading Yui on and concluded that he hopes to be "normal" at some point where he can keep on living without finding it necessary to keep on unconditionally associating with anyone beyond a certain point "but you don't have to wait for that day" it was at this point where it was clear that the day won't be coming for Yui of all people. Thus Yui accepted her fate and advised Hachiman out of good will that it would be for the best if he were to explain all these things to Yukino directly "if you don't tell her, she will never know or understand" is what she said.
It was after school, Yukino and Hachiman were walking together towards their home while discussing the events of a second prom that Hachiman had devised previously. Hachiman realised that it would have been for the best if he were to say all that he had been bottling inside of him for Yukino. The conversation shifted as Yukino mentioned how unnecessary it was for Hachiman to get involved with the event of prom. To which Hachiman replied "that was the only way for me to keep associating with you". Hearing this Yukino was could clearly understand where the conversation was heading and she immediately asked as to why her request (of fulfilling Yui's request of Hachiman being with her) was not granted even though it was a promise that was made by him. "She wished to be a part of the club in those idle after-school times" he replied clarifying that lied between Yui and him to Yukino.
As Hachiman went on to express his feelings, he noticed Yukino trying to walk away from him. To Hachiman it seemed as if she was not just walking away from him, but also from his feelings, his life….he desperately tried to stop her by forcefully stopping her and holding her hand.
"Let go of me!"
" If I let go of you now I feel as though I will never be able to catch up to you….ever again"
He explained how important and necessary their existence is to each other. How being apart from each other will only lead to worse situations in life.
He explained how necessary a part she was in her life. He explained if he doesn't let himself get involved with her life….both of their life will become monotonous and uneventful they probably graduate, go to a preferred University and get a preferred corporate job that they would have to do unwillingly.
" Please allow me to distort your life."
He said in the end. Puzzled, Yukino asked as to what his words meant. Hachiman explained that if she let him get involved with her their life would take a roundabout turn, in other words their life will be full of events , full of ups and downs, and maybe they might even be able to achieve "normalcy" that they wanted and be able to become just like everyone else , they might even end up finding something "genuine" that they have been looking for all along…. Hachiman suggested.
Yukino had made an uncomfortable face , and explained that it would do nothing but cause trouble for Hachiman as he would have nothing to gain from all this. She feared that it might even affect her negatively and she might as well be even more useless than before. Hearing this Hachiman reassured her that he wasn't planning on doing this to gain some profit or advantage or anything of the sort, he wishes to do so because he wants to associate with her for his entire life and in return he was planning on giving her something equivalently important…. though it may not be as important to her as the only things that Hachiman can offer Yukino would be his " time, emotions, the future or life".

"B-But there's no balance in that"
"It doesn't matter I'll give you anything and everything so just let me get involved with your life"
Hachiman reassured that it didn't mattered to him if Yukino gets to burdensome or troublesome he will do everything he can to support her, if she didn't wanted that she could just throw it away….but he will always be their for her.
After hearing all this all the ice around Yukino's heart has long been melted she said instead of "spouting such nonsense while standing there he could have said something else something much simpler"
"You know I can't" Hachiman replied
"Well in gonna say it clearly then…. please allow me to have your life"
They finally embraced each other under the glistening moon and all the thoughts that couldn't even be delivered via the long exchanges of dialogues was conveyed in an instant when they embraced each other at that very moment they knew what they meant to each other.
And thus the two of them marked the beginning of their relationship with their undying , unconditional love and affection for each other.
The story continues on a little before finally drawing it's curtains as the second prom was successfully held in a distant event hall where surprisingly Yukino would say those eternally beautiful three magical words to Hachiman, officially marking the end of their story.
Conclusion :
"My teen romantic comedy is wrong as I expected" was far from your stereotypical highschool rom-com slice of life story. It explained how simple words like "love" "hate" came not even close enough to explain the emotions of a living entity. It explained how knowing a person is one thing but understanding another human being was something completely different altogether. For such an uncanny , non stereotypical show to have a normal life like ending went far and beyond the imagination of almost every readeviewer who has been there from the very beginning. For Hachiman and Yukino to end up together meant that all the subtexts that they had in between their dialogues were delivered to each other , that all of their ego has been crumbled by each other and gave rise to something truly beautiful, something absolutely "genuine". It was the genuine feelings that a human being felt for each other that mattered all along , nothing else could even come close to such feelings, feelings that can even transcend time and space(Interstellar 2014) .
Lastly, I would like to mention something great that I noticed about the series' name "My teen romantic comedy is wrong as I expected " is a translation of
"Yahari ore no seishun love comedy wa machigatteiru" which is abbreviated to "OREGAIRU" oregairu sounds like "ORE-GA-IRU" when split which can be translated to "I'm here"
Which on the other hand might always signify how Hachiman and Yukino always pledge to be right there by each other through thick and thin , through sadness and happiness.
Thank you for reading this , this was just a simplified opinion of mine as well as a short summary to the main story of OREGAIRU


- Pratik Chakraborty
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2020.09.28 18:43 BhushanAM 8 Uncomfortable lessons that we all need to learn

  1. Your self-love must be stronger than your desire to be loved:
If you're not happy now, there's no amount of followers, positive social media comments, or Instagram likes that will change that. External validation isn't happiness - it's a hamster wheel. Validation is an inside job. The most convincing sign that someone is truly living their "best life", is their lack of desire to show the world that they're living their best life. Your "best life" won't seek external validation, but insecurity continually will.
  1. You are always responsible for your emotional reactions:
If you get angry and say "X thing made me angry", you will get angry often. If you get angry and say: "I made myself angry because of X thing" you will get angry less often. All of your emotional responses are your fault and responsibility. Nothing can make you angry. Your thoughts about what happened made you angry. That's on you. If you realize that, you'll have the power to control it. If you don't, you'll spend your life triggered easily and unhappy often.
  1. Don't feed your problems with thoughts, starve them with action:
If you want to feed a problem, keep thinking about it. If you want to starve a problem, take action. Most of the harm starts in your mind, with you and your thoughts. Most of the solutions start with a decision, courage, and action.
  1. Life has an algorithm too:
Just like social media has algorithms to give you more of what you're interested in, life has an algorithm that gives you more of what you're thinking about and focusing on. You can train your algorithm to make you more anxious, worried, or insecure by focusing on negative things. You can train your algorithm for happiness, success, and growth by focusing on positive things. Your thoughts become your decisions and then your actions your focus becomes your future.
  1. If they're real, they'll want to see you win:
If you ever feel nervous telling a friend or partner your good news, don't. Get new friends or a new partner. You can't afford to have people in close proximity that don't want to see you succeed, grow, and progress. They'll subtly hold you back with snide comments, negative feedback, and casual pessimism. In the short term, they'll have a small effect, but in the long term, they'll lead you away from your potential and towards the same negativity that has consumed their lives.
  1. Your life will be defined by your ability to handle uncertainty:
To get from a miserable place to a happy place, you have to be brave enough to travel through a scary, vulnerable, lonely place called uncertainty. Choosing uncertainty over the certain misery of your current situation is a decision you'll have to make many times if you want success and happiness in work, love, and life. You'll be defined by your ability to handle uncertainty. Avoidance all risk is the biggest risk. Don't fear the unknown.
  1. You have nothing to "find":
"Finding yourself" is a pop culture lie. "Finding your passion" is a pop culture lie. "Finding your soulmate" is a pop culture lie. These pop culture lies, and the perfection they promise us, if we would only keep searching, stop us from working through the natural challenges within our careers, relationships, and within ourselves. There is no perfection, only room for improvement.
  1. Your mental diet will determine your mental health:
Comfort eating on negativity will make you unhealthy, and mental weight is the hardest to lose. Like fast food, negativity often tastes good in the short term, but will make you unhealthy in the long term. Your mental diet consists of what you watch, what you read, who you follow, who you spend time with, what you say, and what you think. If your goal is to have a healthier mind this year, start by removing all the junk food in your diet.
Source >>>
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2020.09.28 18:43 Shiro_Wrights 25 [M4F] Looking for my other half, hey you!

You know? Everyone is looking for their soulmate. Why not try and look in the internet as well right? You might never know.
I have no idea what to say or what I could say here. I feel like if I make up something it'll just sound bait-y.
So yeah, this is as real as it is. I'm just a humble guy who hopes to find someone that loves me genuinely and vice versa. Someone to play games with, someone to joke around, to discuss, make a story, adventure!, car enthusiasts!, tech enthusiasts!, make worlds with our imagination!, sing together! dance! workout! lay around! do nothing and just chill! cuddle up and watch youtube! And on and on and so much more! You know? The likes~ Someone that accepts me for who I am and I accept her for who she is. Someone that's true to herself. Loves herself.
If you want to chat with someone like me by all means, DM me ^ _ ^
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2020.09.28 18:13 stephencorby PSA: Divorcing your spouse and soulmate apparently doesn't mean you stop being lovers

I divorced my spouse when he became landed in a different realm and could no longer help out in my court. I remarried, but about a year later I got an event telling me I was pregnant with "my lover's child", and that lover was my ex. Apparently divorcing them doesn't remove them from the lover's category and you have to go to your relationships tab and right-click them to "break up with lover". So you need to break up with them twice. Apparently, my character was having a secret affair all along, with the other guy in another country! Man, she gets around.
This information doesn't really help me in my ironman game where my new husband found out and now I'm an adulterer for life. I checked the patch notes and nothing in it seems to suggest this was fixed either. Maybe it's intended, but I think divorcing someone is a pretty good sign you no longer want to have ties to them.
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