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Magazine David Tennant's fans were in for a treat at the weekend. His wife Georgia took to Instagram to share their very first complete family photograph – and it was all for a very worthwhile ... David and Georgia Tennant are part of an adorable family of seven. The Broadchurch star and his wife of 12 years, also an actor, share Ty, Olive, Wilfred, Doris and Birdie together. Talking about his personal life, David is a married man and is married to his long-time girlfriend Georgia Moffett. The couple got married on December 30, 2011, and are free from divorce and other mishaps. They have three children together: Olive Tennant (born 2011), Wilfred Tennant (born 2013), Doris Tennant (born 2015). He also adopted ... David Tennant and his new wife Georgia Moffett were yesterday seen showing off their wedding rings just a day after their romantic wedding. The pair were seen holding hands and smiling broadly at ... David Tennant looks like Fraserburgh-born serial killer Dennis Nilsen in the new ITV drama Des, but did he get his accent right? In 1992 Nilsen gave a rare interview to Carlton TV’s Murder in ... @2020 www.david-tennant.com is an independent unofficial site for the actor David Tennant. Doctor Who David Tennant is romancing co-star Georgia Moffett, who played his on-screen daughter Jenny. Friends say Tennant, 37, and single mum Georgia, 23, have been virtually inseparable in ... David John Tennant (né McDonald; born 18 April 1971) is a Scottish actor. He played the roles of the tenth incarnation of The Doctor in the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who (2005–2010), Giacomo Casanova in the BBC comedy-drama serial Casanova (2005), Hamlet in the RSC's 2009 adaptation of Hamlet (2009), Barty Crouch, Jr. in the fantasy film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), DI Alec ... David Tennant is a Scottish actor known for his roles as the Tenth Doctor in the British television series Doctor Who, Alec Hardy in Broadchurch, Giacomo Casanova in the TV serial Casanova and Barty Crouch, Jr. in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). On 18-4-1971 David Tennant was born in Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland. He made his 7 million dollar fortune with Glorious 39, Fright Night, Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger & Broadchurch. The actor is married to , his starsign is Aries and he is now 49 years of age.

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David Tennant and Michael Sheen were due to star in a production of Six Characters in Search of an Author in the West End. The pandemic has put paid to that, but their director is determined not to let the opportunity pass him by.
S01E01: Cachu Hwch
Air date: 10th Jun. 2020

What did you think of the episode?
Had you seen the show beforehand?
Will you keep watching? Why/ why not?
Those of you who have seen the show before, which episode would you recommend to those unsure if they will continue?
Voting for the next S01E01 will open Monday, so don't forget to come along and make your suggestion count. Maybe next week we will be watching your S01E01!
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2020.09.07 19:27 Octotesticle uj/ Counterpoints to some popular anti-TTC arguments

uj/ This isn't really a CJ post, I'm just posting it here because I assume you guys would be ones to appreciate it and I'm really sick of seeing the same tired old arguments over and over. Spread these around if you'd like. I thoroughly apologise for being unironic on a circlejerk sub.
I'd also like to clarify I do think Chibnall's writing is indeed often quite flawed Chinballs BAD, but there are plenty of real arguments for that without having to make up nonsensical and logically flawed points like the ones I hear repeated so often.
The Doctor having unlimited regenerations removes the stakes and tension from the rest of the show.
Funny how people didn't mind that in 1966-76, or NuWhovians in 2005-13.
The Doctor's survival is pretty much never the source of the tension and stakes. When the Doctor is in danger, the tension isn't that he might die, it's that he might regenerate. That's how the show has been for decades. Also, tension in the stories can come from dozens of other places: the survival of the side characters, the survival of the companion/s, the emotional impact the story might have on the Doctor and companion/s going forward - In many ways this is exactly like saying Torchwood has no stakes because Jack is immortal.
With the exception of the Smith era, both the Doctor and the viewer know the chances of the Doctor dying-dying this episode are pretty much zero, so the existence of the possibility of them dying today if they're killed 9 times in a row isn't any more exciting than the absence of that possibility, because of how remote the possibility is, both in-universe and out. A good writer can simulate tension even when you know all the characters survive to the next episode. That's what good writing does.
Plus, the show has demonstrated many times that the prospect of the Doctor dying has nothing to do with how many regenerations they have left. The Curse of Fatal Death, Silence in the Library, The Big Bang, The Impossible Astronaut, Let's Kill Hitler, The Magician's Apprentice, Heaven Sent - not only can the Doctor still die if they're killed mid-regeneration, but there's also a myriad of things that can kill them beyond the power to regenerate in any case.
With infinite regenerations the Doctor could just throw regenerations at the problem until it's solved, otherwise it would be considered selfish
Tell that to David “I can do so much more” Tennant. Oh wait, someone already did. He responded with “even if I change it still feels like dying.” Curious, that is, it's almost as if the emotional impact of regeneration comes from the regeneration itself, and not the fact there's one less regen left to spend now. Which, you know, is why regeneration as a plot device worked at all before the limit was introduced.
Plus, trying to fight a Dalek fleet while you're constantly collapsing and passing out from having just regenerated 36 times in a row seems a lot less practical than just using a bio-electric dampening field with a retrograde field arc inversion and a macrotransmission of a K-filter wavelength blocking Dalek weaponry in a self-replicating energy blindfold matrix. Oh sorry, nevermind, silly me, I forgot that RTD good, Chinball bad.
Plus plus, how many problems the Doctor encounters can be fixed with just regenerating at them? That seems to me like a pretty rare circumstance.
Also, the Doctor, being selfish??? That's completely unheard of.
Infinite regenerations
Let's ignore for a moment the fact there's no concrete evidence that the Timeless Child had infinite regens at any point, it's only vaguely implied (for all we know, it could be limited to like 39 or something). Is it reasonable, in your mind, to assume that the Time Lords would go to as much trouble to hide the Doctor's non-Gallifreyanity as to wipe their memory and regress them to a child, and keep the Timeless Child as such a well-guarded secret that the Master only found it on his Nth time in the Matrix, after hacking through several levels of encryption and a visual filter, and then they'd just let the Doctor roam around with a bigger than normal/infinite amount of regens right after as if no one will notice? What's the point of all that hard work then? The process that wiped the Doctor's memories happened offscreen, and as of right now its mechanics are completely unknown to us. Logic dictates the Time Lords would at least try to limit the regenerations, and if they can do that to themselves, and they can regress the Doctor into a literal child, it doesn't seem too far-fetched that they'd succeed.
“But it doesn't say anywhere the Doctor doesn't still have infinite regens” - yeah, neither does it say anywhere that Benni isn't the War Abzorbaloff, childhood babysitter and later pharmacist to popular and beloved antagonist the Rani. Both these things are possible, but lack evidence and have some logical fallacies. The burden of proof is on the accuser, and so far the only proof anywhere in sight when it comes to TTC and infinite regens is the one brought to the table by logical deduction. (The Abzorbaloff... now there's a good episode. RTD good. Teninch good. Chinball bad.)
So to sum up, there's no real evidence the Doctor ever had infinite regenerations, there's even less evidence they now have infinite regenerations, and even if there was, it wouldn't be a problem.
(Not to mention the Doctor has practically had infinite regens since 2013 considering no one in-universe or out seems to know how many he got on Trenzalore and the writers would definitely have taken advantage of that)
How can River regenerate? Did the Doctor fuck Amy? Did he marry his daughter? That's fucking disgusting. Cancel Chibnall right now. What? No, not Moffat, Moffat good. Moffat God. Moffat Heaven Sent. Moffat created the universe and Moffat shall dictate its eventual demi-- no sorry I got a bit carried away there
It's said River got her regenerations from the Time Vortex. It doesn't say anywhere in The Timeless Children that someone can't get regenerations from the Time Vortex. The contradiction is only there if you want it to be. If you like, you can even say that maybe the Timeless Child got her regens from the Time Vortex too, just for good measure. Who's to say she didn't? I see no contradiction here.
Why didn't Clara see any pre-Hartnell Doctors in Name of the Doctor? That's fucking disgu-- wait no
The logic behind this argument right here kinda boggles my mind. The source for Clara not seeing any pre-Hartnell Doctors is the line “I saw all of you. 11 faces, all of them are you. You're the Eleventh Doctor”. Do you know why Clara said that line, my guys? Yeah, that's right. Because she had just seen an extra Doctor she didn't recognise. She had just been all over the Doctor's timeline, from start to finish, and yet is surprised to discover the War Doctor. Why didn't she see him yet at that point, then? And why can she now? Well, let's see - the War Doctor is almost completely gone from this cool little timestream thingamajig, and yet at the end he kind of manages to seeps through. Almost there, but not completely. Why might that be? Him not calling himself the Doctor doesn't suddenly wipe him from the timeline. No, but the Doctor's suppressed all memory of him, right? But still sometimes some memory of him seeps through to the surface. So it's almost as if the incarnations show up in the timestream proportionally to how much you can remember them. Oh wait...
The implication of the existence of any pre-Hartnell Doctors is completely disrespectful to Hartnell's legacy and the First Doctor's character. What? Oh no, I didn't watch any Hartnell episodes they're all in black and white and really slow I can't watch that shit lol
Oh definitely, Chinballs really overstepped his mark here. Why can't he learn to be more respectful, like Philip Hinchcliffe, Robert Holmes,) Andrew Cartmell, or Marc Platt? Now those were people who knew their place. Honestly, I don't know where this man got his manners.
(Yes, the Morbius Doctors were intended to be pre-Hartnell, that's been stated numerous times in interviews)
Crisp Chips 'n Balls has just completely destroyed the not only existent but also coherent canon this show has had ever since the sixt-- hahahhhahahahahaha ok no sorry I couldn't finish that one my bad hahahahhahahah
Now let's play a game! Games are fun. Let's see which topics in the Doctor Who universe can't possibly be muddled to incoherence with retcons, can they? Alright, let's begin; ooh, maybe, the creation of the Daleks? Oh shit. Huh, maybe... the Doctor's species! I mean, that was obviously set in stone before the shit Chinballs took... Oh. Oh, ok... Uh, how about... The identity of the Ninth Doctor. Huh. Mondas)? Ah. Ok. Um.. The weapon used to end the Time War)? The decade the Doctor spent at UNIT. The Doctor's age. The origin of the name TARDIS. The Doctor's childhood. Oh, and can we talk about John and Gillian Who? Fuck it,) this) is getting) tiring), mainly because I could literally link any moderately-sized article from Tardis Wiki and you'll find at least a good few “according to another account...”s on there. Canon does not and never has existed in Doctor Who. Stop denying that.
And here's the thing: the writers have known this for a while. A nice chunk of the EDA range of novels (especially Unnatural History)) pivots around the idea that the Doctor's history is a mess, constantly changing. The short story Celestial Intervention - A Gallifreyan Noir) from the Twelve Angels Weeping anthology) is completely centered around this concept. These pieces of prose are canon. By stating the Doctor's origins are fixed and established, you are the one contradicting canon, not our little Satan Incarnate Mr. Christ Changbells.
I was going to end this section there, but then I thought: all these people saying The Timeless Children is excised from their headcanon and the Chibnall era doesn't exist to them.... Uhh, that's, like...exactly the point..? There being no canon is what allows you to do that. By kicking out Chibnall's Who you're following the no-canon rule. The fuck? Are you with us or against us?
(Here's a little bonus for all you Doctor-Who-has-a-coherent-canon gang, a YouTube series by DAVIS detailing some Whoniverse facts you have to accept as canon if you think that exists. Good luck.)
The story of Tecteun and the Timeless Child means Ballchins supports child abuse and probably abuses his own children regularly in his basement
Yeah, it's truly awful. On another topic, and I can't believe Terry Nation hasn't been cancelled yet for advocating the creation of Nazi Cyborgs intent on universal domination, it's fucking disgusting
Chinballs injected politics into my beloved non-political show. Politics in Doctor Who were never this prominent or obvious.
Oh yeah definitely, thank god for all those years of completely non-political stories like The Daleks, Doctor Who and the Silurians, The Curse of Peladon, The Green Death, actually no the entire Pertwee era really, Genesis of the Daleks, The Sun Makers, Caves of Androzani, Battlefield, Aliens in London/World War 3, The Long Game, Bad Wolf, The Doctor's Daughter, Turn Left, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood, A Town Called Mercy, The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion, Thin Ice and Oxygen. Fuck, I can't believe Chibnall would put politics in Doctor Who, that's fucking outrageous.
No but seriously though, the Pertwee era has feminist undertones running throughout the entire thing, and yet Doctor Who has only become feminist SJW propaganda in 2018, obviously, and Oxygen literally treats capitalism as objectively bad but no one seems to care about that
If anyone has a problem with the Doctor being "originally" female and black, then: 1, Damn, two in one go! That's both racist and sexist. And 2, there's no evidence that that was the original Timeless Child. In fact, her having regenerated beforehand could explain why she seems to be just completely chill about falling off a fucking cliff
Visit doctorwho1969 for application of current criticism on past stories to show how silly it can be (no but seriously please visit it's kind of dying)
Yeah so that's the end of that. Goodbye.
oh and by the way the dalek in resolution wasn't defeated by a microwave it was defeated by a supernova [please stop saying that](https://www.reddit.com/gallifrey/comments/imof7v/why_do_people_dislike_chris_chibnall/g48n4tz)
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2020.09.03 06:45 petriepie I started watching Doctor Who for the first time in January 2020. As of yesterday, I've caught up to the latest aired episode.

Prior to January 2020, I've never felt much interest in Doctor Who because I didn't have anyone who was into it. The only thing I knew was from my Tumblr era where users would fangirl over David Tennant and Matt Smith. I didn't know anything else.
It was my boyfriend, who's a huge Doctor Who nerd, who nudged me to watch it from Series 1 (9th Doctor). It was so dated it was hilarious. The mannequins and the 2005 fashion was so funny to look at, 15 years later. I wasn't completely absorbed, but it wasn't bad.
Then came David Tennant, and being the superficial woman I am, I got a bit more into it. Not just because of how he looks like, which is a plus, but also it's intriguing to see this regeneration stuff, how even The Doctor is fascinated by his new body, and Rose just being in denial. I remember when I watched Doomsday in February, and I cried so, so hard. It was awful and I was inconsolable.
Then came Martha, who I didn't like, and then Donna! I was a bit hesitant about Donna at first, but when she came back in the adipose episode, it was just too funny and I love everything about her. Her sass, her "oi space man". She is the most important woman in the universe. My favourite scene with her was when she said "Doctor, this thing needs 3 fingers" "Donna, you have 3 fingers" "Oh". Absolute gold. I cried harder when her memory had to be wiped and yet again, I was inconsolable.
Then came Matt Smith, and I remember him from my Tumblr days, seeing him all over my Dashboard but never caring enough to reblog anything. I remember the first episode, when he gave this badass speech about how he's the Doctor and he's the protector of the Earth, all while putting on a bowtie and trying to get his fashion sense back in check. That moment was so epic. I was still not over David Tennant, but I can't deny that the 11th is great, especially with Amy and Rory. I think it was the fact that 11th is a bit rash (?) especially at first, that put me off him.
When it was time for "The Angels Take Manhattan", I did not suspect a thing. That episode threw me into a rollercoaster. I thought it was the end, and then it wasn't, and suddenly it was the end yet again for the Ponds. And yet again, my boyfriend had to comfort me, an inconsolable mess.
I didn't care much for Clara. And I was fine when 11th regenerated because the alternative was him dying, it was a triumphant moment! We should be happy! I was happy! Until he saw child Amy Pond and like the softie I am, I cried again. My boyfriend said that was the hardest I've cried. It was so fitting to have him see Amy Pond, the first face he saw in that body, to be the last face he sees.
Moving on to Capaldi. Oh, Capaldi was absolutely amazing. I love the contrast between a cheerful, happy Doctor to a grumpy Scottish doctor. The character arc for 12th is the most amazing character arc yet, in my opinion. We saw him learning to be patient, and to be nice. We saw him changing Missy to be better, which is a feat that has never happened before (I think). 12th is such a presence and he is my favourite Doctor. "Heaven Sent" was a phenomenal episode, what an amazing performance by Peter Capaldi. I will forever remember part of his speech before he regenerated,

"Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind"
I felt like that deserved a line by itself.
And now we're at 13th! I was so ecstatic to see a female Doctor, and I loved her! She was amazing, cheerful, and reminds me of 11th. I think they would get along well. But with Jodie Whittaker also came other changes to the show, like a different showrunner, and different intros and music. It took me off guard, and I'm disappointed by Series 11 and Series 12. Admittedly Series 12 was better than 11, but those two were the weakest Series out of all. It's not her or any of the other cast, they were all amazing but there was just no overarching story for 13th like there was with the others.
So now I'm all caught up and I'm excited to see if the quality will be better for next Series! And I've finally gotten permission to join the subreddit (from my boyfriend) because I'm all up to date and won't get spoiled :P So this is also a "Hi, nice to meet you!" post.
TLDR: Favourite Doctor: 12th
Favourite Companion: Amy Pond
Favourite Character Arc: 11th
Favourite Episode: Heaven Sent
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2020.08.15 10:03 RojasBenitez1975 Doctor Who Reviews – The Waters of Mars (Spoilers)

Earlier Reviews
The Doctor discovers the answer to that old question, “Is there life on Mars?” Unfortunately, it wants to kill him!
In many ways, The Waters of Mars has a very 1960s feel. A base on a hostile environment, a multinational crew who are initially suspicious of the Doctor, and an alien virus infecting the personnel, we could be talking about 1967’s The Moonbase. But where the earlier story was merely a backdrop to another Cyberman plot to take over the Earth, The Waters of Mars tells a totally different tale, looking at the fixed nature of historical events.
In The Aztecs, the locals believe Barbara is the reincarnation of a dead Priest and she uses her position in society to try and make them abandon their practice of human sacrifice, the Doctor ties to dissuade her, in the process giving one of the most quoted lines in Doctor Who history – “you can’t rewrite history, not one line.” It wasn’t long however before the show was showing history as more malleable as the Doctor gives Nero the idea for the Great Fire of Rome (The Romans) and designs the Trojan Horse for the Greeks (The Myth Makers). In The Time Meddler, the Meddling Monk threatens to rewrite history by arranging for King Harold to win the Battle of Hastings; rather than treating this as a ridiculous idea, the Doctor sees it as his business to defeat the Monk and “prevent this disgusting exhibition!”.
After The Highlanders in 1967, historical stories fell out of favour, so the issue of changing history took a backseat to fighting alien threats, but in 1976’s Pyramids of Mars, the issue was discussed again. In 1911, an Egyptian God named Sutekh threatens to destroy the whole of existence, Sarah Jane asks the not unreasonable question, as she’s from 1980 (argh – UNIT dating!), they “know the world didn’t end in 1911.” The Doctor takes her forward in time to show her a devastated Earth and explains that “the actions of the present fashion the future.”
The new series introduced the concept of fixed points in time, as the Tenth Doctor said when he landed in Pompeii, it’s “a fixed point in history. What happens, happens. There is no stopping it.” As a Time Lord, the Doctor has a special knowledge of time, “I can see what is, what was, what could be, what must not be.” But even in Pompeii, there’s some wriggle room, because it’s shown that the Doctor actually caused the eruption when defeating an alien threat and after pressure from Donna, he chooses to save Peter Capaldi and his family.
This idea of a fixed point is both the biggest strength and the biggest weakness of The Waters of Mars. After arriving at Bowie Base One and meeting the crew the Doctor realises that they are part of a doomed expedition, a series of obituaries from the BBC internet site flash on screen as the Doctor recites the names of the crew, a sequence that makes us wonder if the Doctor only knows the future from browsing the internet! The Doctor’s response to discovering his location is to say “I’m sorry. Er, I’d love to help, but I’m leaving right now.” And throughout the bulk of this story, the Doctor’s one desire is to get as far away from the base as he possibly can. I think it’s something that always bugs me about The Waters of Mars and stops me seeing it as the classic it’s commonly accepted to be. I want to see the Doctor behaving in an in-character way and fighting to save the people on the base, I don’t want a Doctor who decides to run away, only changing his mind at the very end. But the fixed point also gives The Waters of Mars a fantastic atmosphere, because we know that the crew are doomed but we want to see how events play out to cause the destruction.
The cause of the disaster is simple but effective, a water filter breaks allowing an alien organism to infect a crew member. The production team must have been tempted to go big on the CGI infection, but instead the transformation is shown by the crew member shaking uncontrollably, before water pours from their bodies. I think in this instance simple is best, because the scenes where the crew members transform are really chilling. The science behind the threat is of course nonsense, because there’s no way a human body could produce that much water, but this doesn’t matter because unlike some recent stories, we’re only having to believe one impossible thing before breakfast. The Doctor sells the threat in one of the most memorable lines from the episode, “Water is patient…It wears down the clifftops, the mountains, the whole of the world. Water always wins.”
In The Moonbase, the bulk of studio was taken upon by a central dome that looked impressive for its time, however with a 21st Century Budget and CGI, Bowie Base looks incredible. The first infections occur in the hydroponics dome, filmed in the National Botanic Garden of Wales, but this is merely part of a larger complex, all set against a realistic-looking Martian landscape.
The commander of Bowie Base, Adelaide Brooke is this story’s companion of the week and what a difference to Lady Christina. Christina was almost too aware of her companion status and spent the whole of Planet of the Dead as if she was auditioning for a journey in the TARDIS, Adelaide on the other hand, is focused on saving her crew and isn’t worried about smarming up to the Doctor. In fact with Adelaide, there’s the question - why would she have any sort of relationship with the Doctor, but this is answered when the Doctor makes it obvious that he has special knowledge about her – “That’s the Adelaide Brooke I always wanted to meet” he says, early in their acquaintanceship, “The woman with starlight in her soul”
Lindsay Duncan, who plays Adelaide, is an incredibly experienced actress and she works really well with David Tennant. Whereas Lady Christina just had to hang out with the Doctor, Adelaide has to lead her crew as well as fulfilling the companion role. This balancing of roles leads to one of the best moments in the episode. As the infection spreads, Adelaide orders the evacuation of the base and allows the Doctor to leave. As the crew struggle to pack all their essential supplies, the Doctor stands there motionless, David Tennant perfectly conveying the helplessness his character feels. He then moves to leave but Adelaide locks him in the airlock and her voice comes over the comms, “Tell me what happens.” she says to the Doctor, wanting the Doctor’s knowledge to save her crew, so the Doctor tells her the future.
As a child, during the Dalek Invasion we saw in The Stolen Earth, a Dalek had the chance to exterminate her but didn’t. The Doctor says this is because Adelaide’s death is a fixed point in time, her death will take place “Today, on the twenty first of November 2059” when she will detonate an atomic device which destroys the base. But the Doctor gives Adelaide hope, telling her that her sacrifice will inspire her granddaughter to become an astronaut and she will be “the pilot of the first lightspeed ship to Proxima Centauri”. Convinced by his words, Adelaide allows the Doctor to leave the base.
The moments as the crew fight desperately to change history are where The Waters of Mars absolutely shines and this is due to some clever writing, because although the Doctor has told us that they’re doomed, as Adelaide leads her crew it seems like there’s no way they won’t escape. The rocket is prepped and ready to go and the crew are making their way there when the water finds its way into the base. Living in England, I take downpours very much for granted, but the knowledge that one drop is enough to infect and kill you makes this really tense. There’s a touching moment where a single droplet of water lands on the young technician Roman, and you see him steeling himself to be brave before telling Adelaide that she’ll have to leave him behind.
The escape fails when one of the infected humans enters the space shuttle and fires a jet of water at its pilot, Ed the deputy commander. As the infection transforms his body, he triggers the destruction of the ship and the force of the explosion knocks the Doctor (who is outside the base) off his feet. We hear the Doctor’s voice reflecting upon the things that he has lost and the reality of being “the Last of the Time Lords” and he makes the decision to return to the base. There’s another messianic moment as the Doctor steps through the airlock door back into the base with a white light shining behind him, but unfortunately the resolution is slightly mishandled.
What’s the point of this story? If we look at it thematically it’s really about hubris and nemesis. The Doctor believes he can’t change history, then decides that as the “Time Lord Victorious” he can do whatever he wants, only to be proven wrong. The key moment is the Doctor making the decision to save Adelaide, but this is lost as we see the Doctor trying to think of a way to save everyone, then piloting a comedy robot (“Gadget-Gadget”) by remote-control across the surface of Mars to bring him the TARDIS. The Doctor returning to the base is an epic moment, the rest is really just filler and it would have been more dramatic to skip straight to the base exploding and then to the return to Earth.
The Doctor takes Adelaide (and two supporting characters who quickly make their excuses and leave) back to Earth, where the Doctor explains his justification for changing time, “For a long time now, I thought I was just a survivor, but I’m not. I’m the winner…The Time Lord Victorious.” It’s Adelaide who shows him that he’s wrong, by changing her future, “the whole of history could change, the future of the human race. No-one should have that much power.” And Adelaide puts history back on course by committing suicide. Up pops the BBC Internet to show us that her granddaughter still fulfilled her destiny.
I’m always a bit ambivalent about these final moments, it’s a dramatic scene well-acted by Tennant and Lindsay Duncan as you would expect, but I don’t really buy Adelaide’s sacrifice and that’s because the rational part of my brain thinks her corpse being discovered in her home, when she should be on Mars, is much more likely to damage the timelines than if Adelaide vanished to live a quiet life someone on Earth where no one knows who she is.
The Waters of Mars is gripping and thought provoking, but the gap between a good story and a great one is sometimes very small and it’s the characterisation of the Doctor and the slightly mishandled escape that makes this an 8/10.
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2020.08.02 20:06 Peeton35 Show that had a girl drinking orange juice with her finger

When I was a kid, I remember watching some TV show where there were two kids (boys) who met a girl who turned out to be an alien or something. Two scenes I remember from the episode I watched were the scene I described in the title where the two kids bring the girl over and they have a snack. They freak out cus she sticks her finger in a cup of orange juice and she replies something like "This is how I drink!" Later in the episode they all go on a field trip or something to a factory? Then she senses something and a giant CGI turtle shows up in the sky and they fight or something. I think in the end the girl almost dies and the kids try to revive her by sticking her finger in the orange juice and she wakes up. I don't remember what channel this was on, but I think it was BBC since my dad liked to watch that channel when I was a kid. I'm not sure if it was it's own thing or an episode of Doctor Who. Since I don't know the exact date I saw this, the only reference of time I have is that I saw this when David Tennant was playing Doctor Who.
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2020.08.02 16:30 The_Silver_Avenger Completing the Matrix: January 2009 Production Notes for Doctor Who Magazine #404: Showrunner Russell T Davies writes exclusively for DWM - as Doctor Who heads back into production...

This was written by Russell T Davies and it was from after The Next Doctor was broadcast, and the issue went over the production of that episode. The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, which looks at Doctor Who's complicated continuity, is on sale now.
Want an archive of the previous Production Notes that have been posted on /gallifrey?: Follow this link or this one.
Happy New Year! And it's going to be a funny old year, this one, for Doctor Who viewers and Doctor Who makers alike. For starters, there's going to be a lot less of the show. But that's all part of the plan! A bit of drought will do us good. And then, after the drought, the flood - just think of the glories of the full-length Series Five in 2010. Can't you just feel this hiatus working already?! By this time next year, with the Eleventh Doctor shining on the horizon, you'll be more frantic than those poor Londoners fleeing from the CyberKing's almighty foot.
Right now, The Next Doctor is being slotted into the archive, and production is well underway on 4.15. At the time of writing - which is actually Tuesday 2 December, since Christmas plays havoc with DWM's delivery dates - the production team is on a recce, far, far away; Neill Gorton's just sent a photo of his brilliant clay sculpture for the new alien (its name is nine letters long, and begins with a T) and The Mill's computers have already started modelling two Very Important Things, while the script itself is just about locked and loaded (I said in issue 402's Production Notes that it contained alien pictograms. Nope, sorry, goodbye pictograms - we lost them on the final draft, when Gareth and I thought of something much better).
And then we start filming, on 19 January. And then it goes on, and on - but wait, cos then, as 2009 rolls on, the Series Five production team will thunder into action, and they'll start filming too, all blazing lights and wires and greenscreen chaos. In filming terms, it's a bonanza year, with almost 12 solid months on camera (is that for the first time since the 1960s?). But for you lot, there'll be comparatively little to see at first.
That's why I want to warn you. Oh yes. Because spoilers are going to take on a whole new dimension this year. The drought, I suspect, will create a terrible thirst. Day after day of filming will pile up, and secret after secret will spill out - they're bound to, cos we do so much of this filming in public. And the more we film, the more crowds gather, and more stuff gets reported online. Now that's fine, that's fun, okay... But as you've all seen by now, the online stuff jumps the species barrier, to become headline news, and then plot details spread beyond anyone's control. There's no point complaining - it's only natural, and it's a mark of our success (oh, the wailing and misery on that day when no one cares!).
But some of this is going to be big stuff. Really big stuff. Really, really, really big. Like, massive. Genuine Doctor Who history is waiting at the forge to be hammered into shape. The Tenth Doctor is going to die, somehow. The new man will emerge. And there's a new companion waiting in the wings, surely Steven? (I don't know!) So in some ways, you'll be greeting the new fella before that Tennant bloke has even gone. Like I said, strange times.
I'm very aware of this, when writing scripts. A voice lurks at the back of my head, knowing that a scene labelled EXT. STREET is bound to be watched by onlookers, and then reported elsewhere. Sometimes, we get lucky - famously, Kylie filmed in the middle of Cardiff, and no-one noticed: when shooting the pre-titles to The Sound of Drums, David had to stand in the street and say out loud, "The Master is Prime Minister of Great Britain!" but somehow, no one heard. Phew! And way back in July, I received a letter from someone who'd travelled all the way from Ipswich to Gloucester to watch The Next Doctor being filmed, and had overheard David Morrissey saying at the end, in the snow - in scene 108, to be precise - "I find myself a widower." Which had more or less blown any is-he-or-isn't-he Time Lord intrigue! Again though, we were lucky; no doubt those words were discussed in dark internet corners, but they don't seem to have gained much currency in public before transmission, so the secret of Jackson Lake holds, just about.
But sometimes, knowing this, I'll sit at the keyboard, and look at a powerful plot-twist exterior scene, and think: that's asking for trouble. It's a spoiler waiting to happen. I should move it indoors. But d'you know what? I never do. Never have, never will. If a scene's in a street, it's there for a reason, and if you start to let your script bow and buckle in fear of a potential crowd, then... well, that isn't good writing. You'd end up with some awkward, clumsy hybrid, in which people have very important discussions only in cupboards.
So that's your warning! The scripts won't be compromised; the scenes will be there to be spoilt, many months in advance of transmission. I can think of one scene already, to be shot in, ooh, April or so, in a very public place, that'll provoke a whirlwind of gossip. God knows what you can do! But as I've said before, there's no better way to watch Doctor Who than seeing it all shiny and brand new on your television set, so if I were you - and when it comes to Series Five, I am you, I'm that hapless onlooker! - then try to stay away from spoiler sites, and learn to flinch and screw your eyes up when you see a tabloid headline. For the whole year! I promise you, your experience will be so much better for it.
And if you're really determined to seek out spoilers, anywhere, anyhow, then okay, okay, I give in. I can play that game. The name of one new enemy in the Specials is written on this page somewhere. Happy hunting!
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2020.08.02 14:44 SirAlexH Big Finish Podcast Notes - 2/8/2020


Hello, goodbye, welcome! Enjoy the notes.
Sales at time of posting: Weekly Sales: The World’s of Doctor Who (With Episode 1, Mind Games, featuring Jago & Litefoot, FREEEEEE!); Jago and Litefoot: Series 1-6 + Short Trips PLUS a limited special 1-13 Bundle; Big Finish Bookclub: 179. 1963: The Space Race
Competitions at time of posting: -
What CD’s are Out of Print This Week?:: Gallifrey: Series 4 (and I was going to buy it too!); Plus all of Jago and Litefoot is on the Last Chance on CD Page, as well as The Worlds of Doctor Who Limited Edition, and the 10DA’s Vol. 2 and 3 limited editions. So get ‘em before they sell out.
Interview/Production Interviews: Adam Adamant Lives! Vol. 2.1: Face-Off
Randomoid Selectotron: Star Trek Prometheus: 3. In the Heart of Chaos PLEASE NOTE: This release is now on discount for 25%. Just follow this handy-dandy link and type in the code BUCKUP.
Fifteen Minute Drama Tease: Adam Adamant Lives! Vol. 2.1: Face-Off
What I Think Will Be Out This Week (Basically, My Wild Guessing): Adam Adamant Lives! Vol. 2.
Random Tangents: Wessex Water is up to something.
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2020.08.01 22:11 JakeM917 Some David Tennant and Tom Baker news from Big Finish Day

I’m watching the Robots panel with Nicola Walker, Claire Rushbrook, and Louise Jameson, and there were two interesting details.
  1. Claire Rushbrook will appear as an abbess in a story with David Tennant in Tom Baker. She plays the same role in Out of Time 1, but according to her she just recorded it a few days ago. Big Finish lists the recording dates for Out of Time 1 as 26 March and 4 May. So there must be another 4/10 story.
  2. Louise Jameson ALSO said she’s about to record a story with David Tennant, so there will be another 10 release after Out of Time.
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2020.07.23 14:21 rebelheart "Good" has been postponed to spring 2021

Just got this email:
Dear rebelheart,
Order number: XXxx
In order to help contain the spread of Covid-19, we have had to postpone the forthcoming run of Good, starring David Tennant, which was due to play from 6th October until 20th December 2020.
We’re pleased to confirm that Good is being rescheduled to run in Spring 2021 and will still star David Tennant, Fenella Woolgar and Elliot Levey in the cast and be directed by Dominic Cooke.
As a current ticket holder you don’t need to worry or do anything, as you will be given priority access into the new dates before they are available publicly. We will be in touch with more information once new dates are confirmed. Please be assured, that your custom is paramount to us and we are preparing to welcome you back to theatres once it is safe to do so.
Thank you for your continued commitment to the theatre community during this extremely challenging period.
With best wishes
The ATGtickets team
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2020.06.25 04:01 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 8 - The Final Chapter (Episodes 1-3)

Season 8 - The Final Chapter
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - A Day In The Life
Everything slowly opens up on the beautiful, blue sky, with not a single cloud in sight and the sun shining through it all, reflecting off of the camera and filling the entire screen with a blinding yet peaceful light. Before long, we begin to pan down to the ground as the light of the sun gets less extreme and we stop at a field of freshly trimmed grass with a large building in front of it, although it can't really be seen. At that moment, two pairs of legs walk in front of the camera, and we hear the two men's optimistic chatter as the camera pans up to reveal who the familar-sounding men really are. Now, a young Charles Xavier (David Tennant) and Erik Lensherr (Edward Norton) stand side by side, smiling at eachother and being at the peak of their freindship, nearly twenty years before we last saw them. As we begin to guess what age Charles and Erik may be at or what years this is, a large, white text soon appears on the screen, showing that the year is currently 1972, about twelve years prior to the first season. However, while both Charles and Erik seem happy and optimistic, Charles seems to be distressed about something, and we soon realize that this is because he just left his wife and son several weeks earlier. As Charles looks down in sadness, Erik puts his hand on Charles' shoulder, and upon seeing Charles looking up, Erik tells him, "This is the start of a great future, Charles. I can tell." Charles and Erik then look eachother in the eyes and smile, and as they do, the camera pans out to reveal what's in front of them: "Charles Xavier And Erik Lehnsherr's School For Gifted Youngsters." This is the official opening of the school, and Charles and Erik then tearfully hug, excited at the prospect of opening a safe haven for mutants everywhere as they promise to never leave each other's side... FADE TO BLACK.
Everything is now eerily silent and dark, completley diffrent from the tone of the scene we just expierenced as the audience begins to become uncomfortable and unnerved. As we hear the sound of metal clanking against the ground, everything sharply cuts to a mutant (Grigoriy Dobrygin) completley made out of metal walking throughout an empty hallway. We soon realize that these are the hallways of the school, and the mutant eventually opens the door to the headmaster's office, sitting down with Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis) across from him. In order to honor Bobby Drake's legacy, Anna has taken up the role of headmaster, and we see a calender behind her showing that the date is around late-May of 1989 while we notice an exhausted look in her eyes. Anna adresses the mutant as Piotr Rasputin, who we learn is a mutant from The Soviet Union, having joined the school with nowhere else to go and desperatley needing shelter. From the way Anna talks to Piotr, we can tell that he just joined the school, giving him a set of advanced classes in order to control his powers before he respectfully heads out and closes the door behind him. As soon as Piotr leaves, a frustrated Anna slams her head against the desk, then looking at a framed picture of Charles across the room as she thinks about all the stress she's currently going through.
Ever since the events of season 7, the world has begun hating mutants more than ever due to the 1.8 million people who were killed by Jean Grey, with Scott Summers commiting suicide afterwards. The entire school is still recovering from these events, having to adjust to life without any leadership whatsoever while also mourning those they lost, and later, Anna is approached by Logan Howlett (Aaron Paul). Logan and Anna quietly sit together for a couple minutes until all the sudden, Anna bursts into tears, asking why Bobby had to die as Logan puts his arm around her and tears form in his eyes as well. Logan tells Anna that even though they're upset, they have to keep going as that what's Bobby what would've, to which Anna silently nods before continuing to sob in Logan's chest. As this happens, Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) tries to stay positive after promising himself do so at the end up the last scene, but finds himself unable to do so as the situation continues to get worse. Additionally, The X-Men have now completley disbanded, leaving Kurt Wagner (Choi Woo-Shik) heavily angered by how everything they worked so many years to built has been destroyed. In a fit of rage, Kurt angilry knocks down everything around him before slowly slumping, and as he does, we cut to the nation of Genosha, which has begun to fall apart due to Erik's lack of leadership. In a town sqaure, Erik feeds the birds while mourning Charles' death, blaming himself for what happened and flashing back to Charles' face right before he died, feeling as if he could've samed him but didn't. From a far, Victor Howlett (James McAvoy) watches the depressed Erik, saddened by what the nation's leader has become and gloomily wishing that all of this had never happened.
Several days later, Anna looks over an array of paperwork and becomes even more stressed, about to leave the office but Ororo Iquadi (Danai Gurira) then walks in and stops Anna from slacking-off. However, Ororo sees all the stress Anna is going through and tells her that she'll take care of everything, suggesting for Anna to relax, who thanks Ororo as she quickly walks out. Elsewhere, Piotr watches the news, angered to see that it's filled with anti-Soviet propaganda and frustrated by the image everyone has of him for his nationality, especially in this post-Reagen Era of America. Pitor knows that in addition to everyone's views of him for being a mutant, they also see him as an enemy for being from Soviet, and although he's aware that his homeland is corrupt, he still hates dealing with this. Meanwhile, in Times Sqaure, we see a massive memorial for all those who tied due to Jean's attack, and nearby, a group of protesters gather, chanting a phrase that we haven't heard in years: "Kill All Mutants!" Hate against mutants is more extreme than ever before, with even the government being against them, and as the camera pans out to show hundreds of protesters, we cut to a cloudy graveyard. In this grave yard sits the grave of Charles Xavier, made for people to visit if they don't want to go into the school, but it's clear almost noone has gone here, when suddenly, a familar face walks in. The camera pans up to reveal that this Moira Mactaggert (Laura Fraser), Charles' ex-wife and David Xavier's father, and she then stops at Charles' grave and silently kneels down. At first Moira flashes back to joyful memories with her husband, until she then remembers the pain he caused to her and David, bursting into tears as she screams in rage at Charles' grave. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - The Long And Winding Road
Late at night, Anna finds herself unable to sleep, too consumed by stress, anxiety and guilt to relax in the slightest, now having been suffering from insomnia ever since the horrific events of the seventh season. Anna reflects on her stepping up as the ehadmaster of the school, wondering if she's even qualifed for the position and asking herself if she should step down, then remembering that this is to honor Bobby's legacy. Anna heavily sighs as she aimlessly stares up at her celling fan, flashing back to when Charles was in a coma during the third season and the school, as well as The X-Men, were left without leadership. Anna remembers how Scott and Jean took charge of The X-Men and helped to preserve the school along with Hank, realizing that she needs to do more to lead the school and that not all hope is lost. As this happens, Erik sits in his living room and flips through diffrent channels on his television, holding a can of beer in his hands with an exhausted, depressed, and hopeless look in his eyes. While Erik simply flips through diffrent channels at first, he suddenly stops and begins to pay attention as he sees a news report about the dead body of a mutant found in the streets, presumably murdered by rioters. Erik looks down in sadness as the news report continues, seeing that the authorities aren't doing anything about the issue and even the news report seems to be against mutants, angered by this prejudice. Erik knows that everything he and Charles have spent the last seventeen year bulding has been completley destroyed by the attack on New York, with some even pushing for mutants to be put in camps. Erik thinks about how history has utterly repeated itself, as the world hated mutants, then beggining to accept them, and now everything is back to how it begun but somehow even worse. Unable to stand watching the report any longer, Erik changes the channel as we see a single tear from his eyes, and Erik then slowly gets up before wiping the tears from his eyes and getting another can of beer. In the background, we can hear and see the news report talking about a chain of massive disasters occuring in the Atlantic Ocean, with many beggining to look into this and noticing connections between them all. Erik then sits back down and tries to distract himself by watching the report, but finds himself thinking about what he just saw and instead turning off the television as he looks out into the distance. Nearby, Victor sits in the town sqaure, laying on a bench and looking up at the stars with a lot on his mind as he flashes back to the nation first being formed and how optimistic both he and Erik were about it. Although he hasn't talked to him in a while, Erik once acted as a mentor of sorts to Victor, helping him to gain redemption and find a much greater sense of inner-peace following the events of the sixth season. However, the nation is now beggining to curmble without much leadership from Erik, and Victor desperatley hopes that this will all be fixed as Erik's mental condition only continues to dissipate.
The following morning, Logan groggily wakes up, looking to the side and covering his eyes upon seeing the blinding light of the sun, slowly getting out of bed as he goes to shut to the blinds. After shutting the blinds, Logan wipes his eyes and puts on a shirt as going he heads to the bathroom when he suddenly cuts his forearm on a sharp peice of metal on top of his desk, then wincing and walking away. Logan washes his face before beggining to brush his teeth, and as he does, he widens his eyes and drops the toothbrush in shock upon seeing that the cut hasn't healed like all of his wounds normally do. Logan holds his arm with his other hand, telling himself that the healing is just delayed, only for the bleeding to get worse, causing Logan to go into a panic attack as he worries that his healing factor isn't working. Meanwhile, Hank notices all the stress and anxiety that Anna is going through and rememebrs how he was going through the same thing when he was headmaster during the third season. Hank knows that he can't let Anna go down the same path that he did and needs to help her, despite him still not having solutions to his own problems as he continues to hate and despise himself. At the same time, Ororo attempts to meditate in the school's garden in order to distract herself from the events that are currently taking place, but she has to much on her mind to relax. Eventually, Ororo gives up and heads off to her room, where she reflects on the events of the past few months and tries to come up with ways to keep the school in a stable condition. However, the school has less students than ever and no clear leadership while the world is hating mutants more than ever, leaving Ororo to wonder if things will ever go back to the way they once were. That afternoon, Piotr peacefully walks throughout the school's campus, admiring how peaceful and beautiful it is, thankful that he's able to be here and has left his dangerous homeland. But, Piotr stops upon coming across an anti-soviet propaganda poster that depicts his people as satanists, causing Piotr to go into a fit of rage as he tears down the poster and punches a hole in the wall. As Piotr angirly pulls back his fist and breathes heavily, he looks to his side to see a student watching all of this unfold from nearby, and Piotr realizes that he's only furthering the hate many have against his people. With a look of regret in his eyes, Piotr slowly approaches the student and apologizes for what he did, to which the student throws his drink at Pitor and hatefully tells him, "Go back to your country, commie!"
Elsewhere, Moira walks through the streets of Manahtten until she reaches a large building, taking out a key and opening the large glass door as she heads towards a large room. Moira quickly closes the door behind her and we soon realize that she's in a lab as she walks throughout, putting on gear and taking out a formula for something known as, "F-2 93." As a sadistic smile appears on Moira's face, we cut to later that evening, where a stressed-out Anna sits in her office when Hank suddenly enters the room, and Anna asks what Hank needs. With a worried look on his face, Hank tells Anna that he knows she's been going through a lot lately and he'll help her anytime she needs it, only for Anna to become enraged, saying that she doesn't need his help. A short period of silence occurs between the two and Anna then bursts into tears, to which a concerned Hank walks over to Anna and does everything he can to comfort her as she continues to cry. As Hank puts his arm around Anna, she tearfully looks up at Hank directly in the eyes and sorrowfully asks, "How the hell did this all happen? How did thing go so wrong..." CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Strawberry Fields Forever
We slowly fade into the empty streets in small town in South Korea, with not a person in sight and every house, building, and restraunt looking extremley shoddy and unkept, exemplifying the poverty of the town. From the cars and technology we can tell that this is some time around the mid 1960's, and the camera begins to pan towards a small house, where before long, we begin to hear loud screaming inside. We then cut to inside the house where a much younger-looking Azazel (Kang Ho-Song) angirly yells at a young Kurt Wagner (Jung Hyeon-Jun), who has tears streaming down from his eyes. As Azazel contineus to scream, Kurt begs for his father to stop, becoming enraged and eventually yelling beg, causing the two of them to become completley silent as a look of anger appears in Azazel's eyes. All the sudden, Azazel slaps Kurt across the face, who falls to the ground and shouts out in pain, but his screams are interupted when Azazel kicks Kurt in the face, nearly knocking him unconscious. Azazel breathes heavily as he watches his son bleed in the ground, breathing heavily with a short glimpse look of regret and sadness in his eyes before teleporting away, leaving Kurt forever. Right at that moment, we abruptly cut to the modern Kurt waking up with sweat racing down his forehead, having clearly flashed back to the painful events that we cut witnessed. Kurt wipes the tears from his eyes and gets up, remembering how after his father abanded him that day he took up a job in the circus and worked there for nearly twenty years until they found out he was a mutant. As he thinks back to this, Kurt reminds himself that he can't let his hopeless keep him down like he did for all those years, knowing that no matter how bad situation is he can't go down that path again.
Several days later, Logan returns to the school after being gone for the past few days, with nobody knowing where he went and ignoring Anna as she greets him, who notices tears in Logan's eyes as he walks past her. Soon, we cut Logan returning to his room and about to unpack his things, instead hopelessly collapsing onto to the ground and bursts into tears, slamming his head against the wall as he repeats one word: "Why..." Logan slowly reaches his hand twards the back of his head, noticing bleeding from slamming it against the wall and looking down in frustration. Clearly something has happened, but we have no idea what it is. Logan then gets back and looks at his relfection in the mirror while a saddened Piotr sits in his room alone, flashing back to the events of the previous episode and remembering how terrifed the student was of him. Piotr reflects on everyone's image of him and his possible, knowing that they have a reason for doing this and that his homeland is extremley corrupt, but he still feels discrimated and wishes this could all be over. However, Piotr reminds himself that despite all the discrimination, he's still better off here than in the Soviet Union, especially during the major economic collapse the country is facing under Gorbachev's rule. As this happens, Anna begins to worry about what's happened to Logan and where he was for the past few days, feeling completley powerless in what to do about this and how to fix it. Anna walks throughout the campus as she thinks about this, soon looking at the entrance of the school and vividly flashing back to the day she first came here all those years ago. Anna remembers how Scott and Jean saved her life and brought her to the school, only for her to despise being her, which Anna is in disbelief about as she now cares heavily about the school and it's students. But, Anna asks herself if the school really is how she once thought it would be, wondering if it will ever return to it's former glory when it was led by Charles and the X-Men were still around.
Meanwhile, Hank enters his bathroom and is angered upon seeing reflection, still ashamed of what he looks like and seeing himself as a monster, repeatedly punching the mirror in rage and causing it to shatter. As Hank breathes heavily, we cut to Logan walking through the hallways in the entrance of a prison, with us having no clue to what he's doing there and what his intentions are. Eventually, Logan sits done at a visiting booth and begins talking into the phone as the camera cuts to who the perosn on the other side is: Willaim Stryker (Matthew McConaughey). Stryker stares at Logan with a look of pure vengeance and hate in his eyes, wanting nothing more than for Logan to perish as Logan speaks into the phone, frustrated by Stryker not paying attention. Logan angirly tells Stryker to listen to him, then asking if there's any more details about his past, only for Stryker to interupt him, telling Logan, "Shut the hell up. I want you to die, Logan. I want you to goddamn die." Upon hearing this, Logan sighs and slowly stands up before walking away, all the while Stryker stares at Logan, with Logan looking back at the grizzled and angry Stryker one last time as he leaves the prison. Elsewhere, Victor sits near the shoreline in Genosha, looking at a bridge connecting to the island to the mainland when all the sudden, he notices a large group of people on the bridge. Victor soon realizes that these are rioters, seeing guns and weapons in their hands and rushing to go tell Erik as they begin to get closer to the island, preparing to destroy it. After hearing what's happening, Erik suits up and tells Victor to assemble Genosha's most powerful mutants and to give them strict orders of not killing the protesters, although Erik seems weary on this. Victor then runs off, and as he does, the protesters arrive on the island, knocking over buildings and statues in the island, with bystanders watching in horror as their home is destroyed. Before long, Erik and dozens of other mutants arrive, and Erik demands for the rioters to leave, saying that they don't mean any harm, to which the rioters charge after the mutants. The Genoshians fight against the rioters, and at the end of the fight, the rioters kill several Genoshians, with Erik horrifed to see this and losing all control as he brutually murders every single one of the rioters. Afterwards, the blood-soaked Erik stands over the corpses of the rioters and Genoshians, not feeling any remorse whatsoever for his actions as we cut to New York, where we see Moira in her lab. Moira is just as smart as Charles is, and has been devolping something over the past few years known as F-2 93, some sort of serum that she now believes to be nearing completion. With a vial of the serum, Moira approaches a kidnapped mutant test subject and injects the serum into the mutant, who's powers begin to disapate as we realize what the serum is... a Mutant Cure. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Episodes 4-6
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2020.06.15 21:00 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 6 - Nowhere Left To Go (PART A)

Season 6 - Nowhere Left To Go (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Save Me
We start off in black for a few seconds, until all the sudden, a bright, blinding light quickly fills the entire screen, and as it does, we begin to hear strange voices which the audience can't quite make out at the moment. Before long, these noises become clearer, and as we realize that it's the bustle of cars and wind, the camera begins to slowly pans out from the birght light, showing that it's the sun. It's currently a bright, sunny day with not a cload in the sky. Children play on the streets as parents watch over, and overall, it seems to be a nice, peaceful setting. A paperboy throws a newspaper to a doorstep, and we see that it's March of 1987, right in between the fourth and fifth seasons. However, unlike many of the other houses, this particular house in completley uncared for, and out of nowhere, someone walks onto the doorstep. The camera pans up to the man's face, and as he enters the house, we see that it's actually Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo), who hasn't fallen off the brink of insanity yet but has already had a mental breakdown. Without even knocking, Hank enters the house to find an old, dying man (Louis Gosset Jr.), who Hank sits across from while the man doesn't make eye contact with him. Hank sighs, and after a breif moment of silence, adresses the man as his father, saying that, "I know mom died a couple weeks ago... and I also know you don't have much time left. So, please. Talk to me." Hank's father stays silent for a minute, staring off into the distance and not even acknowledging Hank's existence until Hank tells him, "Please, Dad. I can't let things end like this." Upon hearing this, Hank's father slowly turns towards him, and with a look of pure rage in his eyes hatefully tells his son, "Get the hell out of my house you dirty mutant." Hank hesitates for a moment, then preparing to say something back but instead walking out, holding back tears as he angirly slams the door shut. CUT TO BLACK. After a couple of secdonds, we abruptly cut to a wide shot of a vast forest somewhere in New York, and the camera slowly begins to pan into the forest. Eventually, we come across a large camp that been set up, comprised of many cabins and stations, and we also see people bustling about, who we soon realize are all mutants. The camera stops upon coming across Raven Darkholme (Lupita Nyong'o) eating lunch at a table and as, she looks out into the distance, large text appears on the screen reading, "October, 1988." Erik Lensherr (Edward Norton) walks up to Raven and sits down next to her, remarking how they've finally neared accomplishing their major goal. As Erik says this, we realize whats going on: this is the base of The Brotherhood Of Mutants. Nearby, Hank sits alone in his cabin, covered in blue fur and looking extremley montorous and deformed. Now, Hank is completley mentally broken, only a shell of his former self after being experimented on and tortured for weeks on end during the horrific events of season 5. Meanwhile, at the school, The X-Men are broken up about what happened to Hank, especially Charles Xavier (David Tennant), who blames himself for Hank's mental collapse. In his office, Charles talks to Jean Grey (Florence Pugh), saying that he could've been there for Hank but he wasn't, and now, everything's gone wrong. However, Jean tells Charles that there's nothing they can do to change this and they still have a chance to get back Hank, then tearfully hugging Charles before walking out. Soon after this, Jean arrives at her house where she's greeted by her husband Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet), who tries to stay optimistic despite all the troubling throughts going through his head. But, as the situation gets worse and worse, Scott finds it harder to stay positive, and has begun to become much more depressed and hopeless. Many of the other students feel the same way, including Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis) and Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer), who feel things are now just as bad as after Warren Worthington's death. Because of this, Anna and Bobby feel as if this will end up the same way as it did back then, and as this happens, Kurt Wagner (Choi Woo-Shik) is more angry and outraged than ever. After finding out about The X-Men keeping his father's death from him, Kurt has become extremley distrustful of his teammates, making the tension between all of them even worse than it already is. At the same time, Ororo Iquadi (Danai Gurira) and Logan Howeltt (Aaron Paul) have made there relationship public, but now, Ororo is starting to lose passion and love for Logan. Elsewhere, Erik meets with Sebastain Shaw (Jon Hamm), who co-leads The Brotherhood, having new recruits in Arkady Rossovich (Pedro Pascal), Mortimer Toynbee (Daniel Radcliffe), and Fredrick Dukes (Lavell Crawford). The group also contains John Allerdyce (Jesse Plemmons), David Claremont (Lucas Hedges), and Victor Howlett (James McAvoy), the latter of whom is still distraught that Logan didn't recognize him at the end of season 5. Despite this, Logan, although he didn't recognize his brother, can't get the encounter with Victor out of his head, having a sense of familarity towards Victor but not knowing why. As Logan thinks about this, we see Anna once again attempting to control her powers, which she's been focusing all her attention on over the past few months. Several days later, dozens of rioters attack a young mutant when suddenly, Sebastain Shaw arrives with The Brotherhood behind him, then sadistically telling his followers to slaughter the protesters. The nine mutants, in addition to Shaw, charge towards the rioters, and we see Erik and Raven aren't actually killing anybody while Shaw, using his powers of energy absortion, ruthlessly murders the rioters. Hank watches this unfold, not doing anything until he ends up seeing a rioter trying to escape, causing a mentally unstable Hank to jump towards the rioter and horrifically rip him to pieces. Hank then slowly steps back, his face now splattered with blood as he grimaces before walking away from the mutialated corpse in front of him. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Killer Queen
One day after the brutual ending of episode 1, Charles aimlessly flips through the channels on the television, when he suddenly stops upon coming across footage of dozens of bloody corpses in the streets. The news reporter says that these were once rioters who ended up being murdered by a gorup calling themselves The Brotherhood, and upon hearing this, Charles looks down in sadness before turning off the television. As Charles wheels himself to the window, he thinsk about how Hank and erik were most likely involved in the murders, wondering how the two of them could've possibly fallen so low. A single tears falls from Charles eyes as he sorowfully looks into the distance, and right at that moment, we cut to David Claremont creepily sitting alone in the outskirts of the camp. David balls up his fist, then opening up his glowing eyes and easily lifting every object around him with his mind, then screaming in rage as he crushes the objects. Afterwards, David breathes heavily, and we get a look at the scars on his face left by Nathan Essex's torture. Clearly, David has lived a life of pain and anger, and all of this has only made it worse. Nearby, Arkady, Mortimer, and Dukes practice their powers, with Arkady possesing superhuman reflexes and speed, Toad having superhuman agility and a freakishly large tounge, and Dukes having superhuman strength. However, Arkady ends up insulting Dukes, resulting in the two of them having a short scuffle, which Shaw chuckles at from the window of his cabin, which is much larger than the other ones. Afterwards, Shaw pours himself a glass of whiskey, sipping it as he walks across the room to a table where Erik sits, telling Shaw to take a seat before he adresses why he needed to meet with Shaw. With a worried look on his face, Erik tells Shaw that they've made themsleves look like complete savages and need to create a better public image, to which Shaw insultingly laughs. After taking another sip from his whiskey, Shaw says that, "Isn't our goal to rule over the human race, not to have a good public image? Who gives a shit about that, Erik? For god's sake, lighten up." Erik sighs, knowing nothing he can say will convince someone as egotistical as Shaw otherwise, and so he walks out of the cabin, frustrated as Raven watches from nearby. Over the past month or so, Raven begun to notice that Shaw is slowly taking away Erik's power from him, and now wants nothing more than for Shaw to be gone and Erik to get his power back. Raven also knows that Shaw has no remorse or morals, putting all of them in danger and feeling as if he's turned the majority of the group into sadistic murderers like himself. That night, Scott lays with Jean in bed, neither of them able to fall asleep, and after noticing that Jean isn't asleep either, Scott begins to talk about what's on his mind. For a little bit, Scott and Jean make eachother laugh, but this all changes when Jean brings up a story about Hank, causing both of them to go silent. Saddened, Scott talks about how Hank used to be such a mentor to all of them and asks Jean how this all could've happened, and Jean suddenly bursts into tears, saying, "I just want all of this to be okay..." Several hours later, Ororo peacefully watches the sunrise at the school's garden, something that she's alaways done in order to calm her mind, this time worrying about her relationship with Logan. While Ororo felt happy with Logan at first, she know beggining to lose feelings for him and wondering if they only started dating becuase of their shared amount of guilt. Despite all of this, Ororo tries to tell herself that she does love Logan, but she's unable to convince herself that her and Logan are actually meant to be together. All the sudden, Ororo is startled when Logan sits next to her, who chuckles upon seeing her reaction and tells Ororo that he didn't meant to scare her. In response, Ororo smiles at Logan, and he puts his arm around her as they silently watch the sunrise together, with Logan feeling peaceful while Ororo only feels more anxious. After about a minute, Logan interupts the silence by saying that this is where they first kissed, to which Ororo looks at Logan and prepares to say something, only to not find words. With the atmosphere becoming suddenly akward between Logan and Ororo, Ororo gets up and walks off, leaving Logan alone in the garden, who curses himself for ruining to moment between the two of them. Meanwhile, Victor attempts to sleep, then grimacing upon seeing that the sun is coming up. Victor slowly gets up and closes his blinds, only for the light to keep shining through. Frustrated, Victor sits down in his bed, feeling like nothing goes right for him and continuing to ponder about why Logan didn't acknowledge, not knowing about Logan's amnesia. Once again, Victor finds feelings of anger and rage towards Logan, wanting nothing more than to kill his brother until he remembers that he got the chance to do so but didn't even say anything. Later that afternoon, Kurt thinks about how badly he wants revenge on Scott for not telling him about his father's death before reminding himself that his life would be much worse without the school. Wanting to distract himself, Kurt heads to the lounge, passing by Bobby and Anna, who the camera focuses on as they talk to eachother about their guilt. Bobby tells Anna about all the times he could've been there for Hank but wasn't, while Anna feels the same way, pestimistically telling Bobby, "Well at least you tried to be there for him." Elsewhere, Hank sulks in his cabin, drinking as much alcohol as he can until his mind feels numb and he can barley remember who he is, trying to do everything he can to forget what happened. But Hank is constnatly reminded of this whenever he looks at himself, then throwing the bottle at the wall and completley shattering it as he screams in rage. Hank then heads towards the remains, picking up a glass shard and holding it to his throat, only to back out before falling to the ground and bursting into tears. As he slams his head against the wall, Hank tearfully screams out in anguish, looking up and asking why this all had to happen to him. FADE TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Under Pressure
Early in the morning, Erik rumuges through his things, clearly looking for the something and refusing to give up until he finds it, becoming more and more desperate with each passing second. Eventually, Erik coems acorss the item, optimstically smiling upon seeing it: an old photo of him and Charles in front of the school which he's secretley kept over all these years. Despite everything that happens, Erik still misses leading the school with Charles and having somewhere he truly belonged; recently beggining to wish he was back there with the people he cares about. However, Erik tells himself that he's foolish for thinking that, saying that nobody at the school wants him back there and he at least has someone he can trust in Raven, convincing himself that he's better off here. Erik then puts the picture away and slowly walks outside as we cut to the school, where Kurt watches the sunrise, trying to follow Ororo's advice in doing this in order to calm his mind. But Kurt's head still races with thoughts, especially those about his father, although these are much less than anxiety and anger producing than usual, finally thinking rationally about the ordeal. Kurt remembers about how his father abanonded him at a young age and never truly cared for him, knowing that if his father was still here was still here he wouldn't want to see Kurt anyways. In this moment, Kurt finally acknowledges that his father was a terrible person and that his death was entirley accidental, having been told the circumstances a few months prior. Following this epiphany, Kurt slowly gets up and peacefully closes his eyes before teleporting back to his room, now coming to terms with what happened. Several hours later, Scott makes breakfast for him and Jean, but the meal ends up being extremley akward with neither of them talking the entire time, and we notice a depressed look in Jean's eyes. Afterwards, Jean tells Scott that she has to go the school, rushing off without even saying goodbye, and as she arrives on the doorstep, she suddenly collapses to the ground in tears. At the same time, Ororo ends up passing by Jean, and upon seeing her, sits down next to Jean and asks why she's crying. With tears in her eyes, Jean tells Ororo that she feels like her relationship with Scott is falling apart, and as she hears this, Ororo relates this to her situation with Logan. However, instead of saying anything about this, Ororo simply puts her arm around Jean, telling her that it's going to be alright as Jean wipes the tears from her eyes. Meanwhile, Raven meets with John, telling him that the situation is urgent as they go onto the outskirts of the camp, and after making sure nobody can hear them, Raven begins talking. With a worried look on her face, Raven says that Shaw is seemingly trying to overthrow Erik and they can't let this happen, but in response, John becomes enraged. As he yells at Raven, John tells her that he knows she's trying to topple The Brotherhood and take control, angirly saying he's suspected this for months know. Although Raven continually says that what John is saying isn't true, he only becomes more enraged, then walking away and leaving Raven paranoid about what John might do next. That afternoon, Anna, unable to fully control her abilities, decides to talk to Charles about this, who eagerly agrees to help Anna, now having something to distract him from the dire sitution at hand. Additionally, Charles hasn't trained one his students in a while, and feels a great sense of fufillment from helping Anna, who practices her powers in a special location right outside the mansion. Despite Charles' help, Anna becomes increasingly frustrated with each time she fails, but Charles urges her to continue, saying that it will all be worth it in the end. Back at the camp, Shaw calls Victor into hsi cabin, saying that he sees Victor as one of his most trusted advisors and needs to discuss The Brotherhood's next course of action with him. But, as Shaw talks, Victor stays silent, looking at the window as still thinks about why Logan didn't acknowledge him, and begins to wonder if something happened to Logan that he doesn't know about. Right at that moment, Shaw slaps Victor across the face, demanding for him to pay attention, and as Victor opens his mouth to speak, Shaw yells at him to get out. Victor complies with Shaw's demands, walking out of the cabin while Shaw goes into a fit of rage, knocking down every object around him as his temper overcomes him. As this happens, Erik slowly enters Hank's cabin, shocked to find everything in it destroyed after what happened at the end of the previous episode, with Hank now sitting in a corner of the room. A broken Hank tells Erik to leave, but Erik instead approches Hank, saying that he can't keep acting like this and reminds Hank of the great person he once was. However, as Erik talks, Hank suddenly slashes Erik across the face, telling him with barred teeth, "I told you to get the hell out..." As a look of sadness appears in his eyes, Erik slowly leaves, looking back at Hank one last time before shutting the door behind him, with Hank once again pushing away everyone that cares about him. In the school's hallways, Charles strolls through in his wheelchair, feeling more optimistic than he has throughout the past few months after getting to truly help one of his students. Charles admires at the portraits and pictures in the hallways, but stops upon coming across one particular photo: him, Erik, and Hank in front of the school.Upon seeing this, Charles is reminded of how it's not too late to get Hank back and remembers how much Hank means to him as well as how important Hank was to the school. Charles then continues his stroll, hopeful for the future and knowing he can't give up on Hank no matter what happens next. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Bohemian Rhapsody
Not long after the events of episode 3, John runs to Shaw's cabin, demanding to be let in and telling Shaw he has something extremley important to tell him. After a moment of contemplation, Shaw cautiously lets John in, who takes a seat and says that he heavily suspects Raven is trying to take Shaw out of power and replace him as the leader of The Brotherhood. As he sits down across to John, Shaw asks John where he came up with that, and John tells Shaw about his conversation with Raven during the fourth episode. John goes on to say that Raven needs to be taken out as soon as possible, but Shaw tells John that they need to give this some time and wait until they know for certain Raven is working against them. Upon hearing this, John nods, then leaving the cabin as Shaw's paranoia begins to take over, wondering if Raven really is trying to overthrow him, and if anyone else is trying to do the same. Shaw grips his gun tighter, nervously looking out the window with the blinds barley open before we cut to Logan, who sits in his room that evening with a lot to reflect on. No matter what Logan does, he's unable to get his encounter with Victor out of his head, knowing that he had a sense of familarity towards Victor but he can't figure out why. At the same time, Logan worries that he's constant distraction with trying to figure out what's happening is interfering with relationship with Ororo, noticing that they've been spending much less time together. Logan attempts to focus his attention on his relationship, but continues to ponder about the encounter, leaving Ororo increasingly saddened and angered at Logan, who feels as if he's purposley ignoring her. As Ororo sulks, she spots Kurt far away, approaching him and wanting to talk about her troubles, only to find that he's even more upset than she is. While trying to hold back tears, Kurt tells Ororo that he's turned against his teammates just for someone that never cared about him in the first place, tearfully asking why his father abonded him. After Kurt says this, Ororo looks down in sadness as she tells Kurt that there's no reason for why the bad things happen, but what she's learned is that the best thing to do is to move on. Kurt then silently nods, telling Ororo that he just wants to move past this, to which Ororo assures Kurt that he will, and then, he can truly live his best life. Meanwhile, Hank stands alone in the middle of the forest, wondering why everything had to come to this as he balls up his fist and screams in rage, with his shouts echoing throughout the enitre forest. Hank then falls to his knees, and as tears begin to form in his yellow eyes, we cut back to the school, where Charles continues helping Anna master her powers. As Anna gets better with each attempt, she becomes more and more optimistic, knowing that it won't be long before she's finally completley in control of her powers and won't hurt anyone ever again. From afar, Bobby watches this unfold as he sits in the garden, happy that at least Anna is finding joy right now and reminded that life can still be great. Later, Bobby reflects on all of this, remebering how when he ran away with Erik he had felt like he deserved to be there for the devastating events he thought were his fault, and knows Hank feels the same way. After realizing this, Bobby thinks about how if he was able to come back from that, so can Hank, meaning that hope isn't lost and there's still a way that this can all turn out okay. On the other hand, Jean is feeling worse than ever, and that night, as she lays with Scott, Jean suddenly bursts into tears, propmting a worried Scott to ask what's wrong. As tears stream down from her eyes, Jean asks Scott if he still loves her, to which Scott says that Jean's the love of his life and she's being ridicoulous for even thinking about that. Upon hearing this, Jean nods but still continues to cry, asking for everything to be okay to which Scott says, "I hope it is too. But it might not be, so I think we just have to accept that." Jean says nothing in response, and Scott stares up at the celeing fan as Jean cries in his arms, and although he doesn't show it, he's just as upset as Jean is. Elsewhere, Charles lays awake at night, unable to fall asleep as he painfully flashbacks to something, but we don't know what it is and it's implyed he's keeping something from everyone. As the flashbacks continue, Charles closes his eyes as tight as he can until it all stops, and right at that moment, he suddenly begins reading the mind of someone. Charles widens his eyes, and as a look of deep realization comes across his face, he tearfully says to himself, "He's still here... oh god. What have I done?" The following morning, Raven, wanting Erik to know about her suspcions, eats breakfast with him and mentions Shaw, asking Erik if he feels as if Shaw's trying him out of power. After Raven says this, Erik goes silent before looking down in sadness and simply saying, "Yes. Raven, you're the only one I can trust right now and... I just don't know what to do." In response, Raven says that they just need to get out here and go back to the way things were all those years ago in Conneticut, but Erik tells Raven, "Things will never go back to the way they were." That afternoon, Hank finds David sitting the outskirts of the camp, tapping him on the shoulder and startling David, who angirly asks Hank what he wants. With a sorrowful look in his eyes, Hank tells David that he needs punishment for his actions, giving David a wad of cash and saying to beat him to a pulp. David grimaces before blasting Hank with a ray of energy that knocks him ot the ground, then teleporting on top of Hank and standing on his arm as he punches him dozens of times. Soon, Hank's body is covered with bruises, looking up as David winds back his hand and brutually delivers the final punch that knocks Hank unconcious. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 6 Part B
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2020.06.11 14:49 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 5 - Sinister Insidiousness (PART A)

Season 5 - Sinister Insidiousness (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Sunshine Of Your Love
We open up on black, completley silent until we slowly begin to hear strange noises, and before long, we're able to make out what these loud noises are. While the screen stays black, we can hear the bustle of cars, footsteps, voices, but one voice is louder than the others, which seems to be that of a man, likely middle-aged. As everything begins to focus on the voice, we cut to a news reporter, who's the voice we were hearing. The reporter talks to the camera that's filming him, adressing the destructive sight around him. From his surrondings, we can tell that the rpoter is somehwere in Harlem, with a great amount of rubble behind him. Soon, we realize what's going on. It's currently early 1986, and the remains of The Hellfire Club's base of operations is behind the news reporter, having been destroyed after the massive earthquake caused by Erik Lensherr's physcic attack. As the reporter talks about the earthquake that caused the destruction of many buildings like this one, the camera slolwy begins to pan out the area to show even more destruction. The camera then pans to the streets nearby, where we see somebody walking around the area. Suddenly, a police officer stops the man, telling him that he's not allowed to be here. As the man begins talking, we pan up to his face, but just from his voice we can already tell who he is: Victor Howlett (James McAvoy). Victor's body has since regerated after being decapitated by his brother, and as the officer tries to get him to move, Victor angirly says, "I can go wherever the hell I want." Victor begins to take his hands out of his pockets, revealing long, sharp claws on each finger, allowing Victor to easily kill anybody he wants. Enraged, a bloodthirsty Victor preapres to attack him, then deciding that it's not worth the trouble, complying to the officer and leaving the scene. Victor continues to survey the area, and we soon realize that he's looking for Logan (Aaron Paul), who he desperatley wants revenge on, having been forcefully searching for him for over two years now, but to no avail. Victor stops by at a television showing a report about the X-Men's battle with the Hellfire Club, and upon seeing Logan there, grimaces as he balls up his fist in rage. CUT TO BLACK. After a couple seconds of complete darkness, we slowly fade into a wide shot of the school, which is busting with a large array of students on a hot, summer day. On a bech near the school's garden, Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet), looking extremley optimistic as he casually reads a newspaper, with the date on it showing that it's now June of 1988. Scott looks happilly into the distance, and Jean Grey (Florence Pugh) sits down next to him, who Scott proposed to about a year and a half prior. Scott and Jean begin to discuss their upcoming wedding, which is taking place in only a few days and both are eaglery, yet also nervously, anticipating it. Many students at the school who are close to Scott and Jean are attending it, as well as their mentor Charles Xavier (David Tennant), who is finally content with his life. Charles has given up on finding Erik, who hasn't made a public appearence in over two years, causing Charles to become much less anxious, instead fully focusing on caring for his students and the school. At the same time, Ororo Iquadi (Danai Gurira) and Kurt Wagner (Choi Woo-Shik) have joined the school, both feeling extreme guilt for aiding Apocyalypse even if it wasn't their choice. Logan, who's now fully integrated into the school and teaches a self defense class, pays close attention to Kurt, and we see that Logan and Scott have been making sure Kurt doesn't find out the truth about his father. The two now meet on a weekly basis, and while Scott feels like Kurt should know what happened, Logan reminds him that Kurt will leave the school if he finds out that The X-Men accidentally caused his fathers death. As this happens, unlike many of the other X-Men, Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) is mentally worse than ever following his mental breakdown at the end of the fourth season. Now, Hank has stepped from being a proffesor at the school, unable to focus and constantly feeling enraged and depressed. Later, Hank sees a news report about a protest against mutants, bursting into a fit of rage about how all the work The X-Men did to help stop prejudice against mutants has been undone after Apocalypse's attack. Meanwhile, Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis) feels extreme guilt after using her powers to stop Apocalypse as this was the first time she ever used her powers to kill somebody. Anna keeps tells herself that it was the only way to defeat Apocalypse, but is still unable to get thoughts of regret and guilt out of her head. Ororo is also feeling guilty, being much more angry at herself than Kurt is and not able to bare the thought that she's killed dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of people. Elsewhere, Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer) has begun confiding in Logan, and talks to him about he seems to be the only one who still cares about finding Erik. Bobby says that Erik inflicted pain on so many people and that they need to find him before he does something like that again, to which Logan says that Erik is most likely dead, so at this point, it doesn't even matter. Several days later, in a beautiful church, Scott and Jean's wedding takes place, and as Scott waits for Jean to walk up on the stand, he's dissapointed to see that Hank is absent. Soon Jean walks up, and after they exchange vows, Scott and Jean happilly kiss eachother as everyone cheers. Right at that moment, we cut to a forest, and text on the screen reads, "DECEMBER, 1986." All the sudden, a tired Nathan Essex (John Cho) walks out of the woods, cleary searching for something in particular. Essex then looks up in front of him, sadistically smiling before heading into the site ahead: Bolivar Trask's now-abandoned mutant testing facility. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Badge
We slowly fade into the small town Cornwall, Conneticut. There's not much noise other than the wind, and only a few cars and people on the street. The camera quickly begins to pan into the woods, zooming past the entire town unttil it comes to a stop at a cabin in the middle of the dense woods, and we see several lights on inside. We cut to inside the cabin, where we two hear familar voices nearby, and before the camera shows them we already know who they are: Erik Lensherr (Edward Norton) and Raven Darkholme (Lupita Nyong'o). John Allerdyce (Jesse Plemmons) then walks into the room, and the three uncharecteristically proceed peacefully eat dinner together, which doesn't consit of much. With all of them being fugitives, Raven is the only one able to go out into the town, disgusing herself and robbing stores in order to get food as they don't have much money. In the corner of the room sits Erik's metal helmet, and from the dust beggining to appear on it, we can tell that it's been at least a couple of months since Erik last wore it. Ever since the events of season 3, Erik, Raven, and John have gone into hiding, staying in this cabin where they live a peaceful life and have begun to become dissillusioned with their cause. On the other hand, Raven is still adamant on completing their mission, but Erik tells her that the world will only see them the same way that they view Apocalypse. As everyone continues eating, we cut to the mutant testing facility, which Essex has rebuilt into a super lab and has been using to expirment on mutants ever since December of 1986. Dozens of mutants are caged in the facility, being expirmented and tortured by Essex on a weekly basis, who sadistically takes a great amount of joy in this. Having finally reached his life's dream of becoming a mutant, Essex now wants to bring the mutant race to their maximum potential, even if it means bringing a great amount of harm to them in the process. Later that night, Ororo finds herself unable to sleep, thinking about how many people would still be alive if it weren't for her and continuing to feel guilty for her actions. The following morning, Ororo talks to Kurt about all of this, feeling as if since he went through the same expirence he may feel a similar way. However, Kurt tells Ororo that she has to move on, saying that there's nothing they can do to change what happened and they weren't even in control of what they were doing. Additionally, Kurt reminds Ororo about how bad their situations once were, but now they're able to be at this school and get a fresh start. In response, Ororo becomes enraged, telling Kurt that they need to be held responsible for what they did even if they weren't in control, saying that this isn't just something they casually move on from. Angry at Ororo for suddenly burst into rage, Kurt begins to yell at her, asking why she even said anything if she wasn't going to like the answer she got. Ororo prepares to say something back, but instead balls up her fist and slowly walks away, and as she does, we notice that she's holding back tears. Meanwhile, Scott and Jean are happier than ever following their wedding, and we see the small house that they live in together right outside the school. Both now work as proffesors at the school in order to get paid and to maintain relationships with the people at the school, with Scott teaching civics and Jean teaching a class on tactics. As they eat lunch, Scott asks Jean about their honeymoon, to which Jean says that while she wants to have one, they need to stay here and help lead X-Men. After talking with Jean about the matter for a little bit more, Scott agrees with his wife, also realizing that they likely can't afford to take a trip somewhere with their current finicial situation. Back at the school, Bobby finds Hank cleaning his things out his former classroom, and we see that he's punched a massive hole in the wall. After thinking about how mentally unwell Hank has been over the past two years, Bobby walks into the room and approaches Hank, who angirly asks what Bobby wants. While staying calm, Bobby says that Hank has been going down a dark path latley, telling Hank that the worst mistake of his life was going down that route, urging Hank not to do the same. All the sudden, Hank screams at Bobby, telling him, "Shut the hell up! I don't give a damn what you think, so get out!" As Hank looks at him with rage in his eyes, Bobby sadly leaves the classroom, not wanting to give up on Hank but not knowing any way to help him get better. At the same time, Anna reflects on the past few years, eventually deciding that she need to fully control her powers in order to stop anyone from getitng hurt becuase of her again. As this happens, Raven finds Erik sitting alone, and, with a nervous look in her eyes, asks why they've become like this. Erik asks Raven what she's talking about, to which Raven says that they cared so much about their cause, but have now completley given up. After a short moment of hesitation, Erik tells Raven that they're all more at peace than ever before and can't let their lives be ruined again by reckless actions. Elsewhere, Ororo goes out into the public in order to get food, only to be harrased by the people on the streets, who recognize her as one of the horsemen, telling her that she should be in prison. As Ororo continues walking with tears in her eyes, everything cut back to Essex, who wishes to take control of the world but can't seem to figure out how. Essex then has an epihany, saying that he needs to create a 'four horsemen' of his own, and as Essex says this, the camera pans to one of the cells, where we see none other than Victor Howlett. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Crossroads
Everything starts off in January of 1987, where we see Victor trudging towards a certain point, his eyes and blood filled with rage as his claws sharpen, growing from about three inches to eight inches. As Victor bares his teeth, he slowly begins to walk towards a driveway, one that seems very familar to the audience. Victor then sadistically smiles, and the camera pans up to reveal that he's arrived at the school, finally about to get his revenge on Logan after nearly four years of searching of him. But, right as Victor begins to walk towards the gate, a loud, booming voice begins to circulate through his head, causing Victor to fall to the ground in pain. Before long, we recognize this voice as that of Nathan Essex, who then quietly walks out of the woods and uses his powers to lift Victor of the ground. Victor can do nothing but widen his eyes at Essex as he's levitated towards him, trying to do everything he can to attack Essex but he's unable to move. As he looks Victor directly in the eyes, Essex pulls out a needle and stabs Victor in the neck with it, knocking Victor unconcious and allowing for Essex to take him. We cut back to where things left off, in which Vicotr is now being held captive in Essex's testing facility, having been the very first mutant Essex captured, who now has dozens of more 'test subjects'. As the camera moves towards Victor, he winces as he flashes back to him first coming to the facility and being injected with a mysterious serum. This serum, which Essex has now perfected and tested on himself, is able to amplify mutant powers to their maximum potential, and as we get a closer look at Victor, we see the effects the serum has had on him. Now, Victor's claws have turned into full talons and his entire body has become monstourous in terms of size and strength, making Victor a practical killing machine. Seeing that Victor is his strongest mutant, Essex has decided to make him his first horsman, now attempting to use his telepathic abilties to find three other powerful mutants. Elsewhere, Kurt wakes up from a vivid nightmare about his father, who he hasn't seen since he has a toddler. Unable to fall back asleep, Kurt begins to wonder about what happened to his father, and starts to become focused on finding him, something that he's wanted to do his whole life but now has the chance to do so. The following morning, we see Erik, Raven, and John eating breakfats together, but a rift has begun to form between Raven and Erik, who barley speak to eachother the entire meal. Afterwards, Raven slowly walks toward Erik's old helmet, wiping off the dust and flashing back to how determined and powerful they once were. With her hands shaking, Raven slides on the helmet, but right as she does, Erik walks in, causing her to immediatly put it back where it was. Back at the school, Logan opens his blinds, sheilding his eyes upon seeing the bright, shining sun which brings a blinding light into Logan's room. Logan quickly shuts the blinds, then instead turning on his lights and, feeling as if he has nothing better to do, starts cleaning out his room. However, while this mostly clears Logan's mind,, much of his current inner-peace goes away after he finds his military dog tag that Stryker gave him in one of his drawers. Logan grimaces, tightly gripping the dog tag before throwing it out in the trash, not wanting any reminders of his past and wishing to instead focus on the future. As this happens, Hank sits alone in his room, with many painful thoughts circulating throughout his head when suddenly, he begins to hear an deep, grinding voice.Hank looks beside him to see the creature from his sleep paralysis, which he has vivid hallucinatiosn of nearly every day, with each one getting worse as he falls deeper into insanity. Hank balls up his fist and in a fit of rage, tries to punch the creature, forgetting that it's jsut a hallucination and punching a large hole in the wall. All the sudden, as Hank looks at his bleeding knuckles, he recoils in pain as Essex's voice appear in his head, and throughout the school, so does every other student. Meanwhile, Essex uses his powers to find his four horsemen, reading the minds of every mutant in the world until he decides on three: David Claremont, John Allerdyce, and Hank McCoy. Right as the mental attack ceases, Charles immediatly assembles The X-Men in order to try to figure out what happened, and both Anna and Bobby are reminded of Erik's mental attack in the third season. As he thinks about these events, Bobby flashes back to being held in captivity by John, and as she sees Bobby wincing in pain, Anna puts her arm around Bobby to comfort him. At the same time, Hank remains unfocused, frustrating Charles, although he doesn't say anything about it as he's used to Hank acing like this by now. That night, we see David Claremont (Lucas Hedges) in his home, when suddenly, Essex bursts through the door, demanding for David to come with him. David, using his powers of telekenisis and teleportation, evades Essex's attacks, and ends up choking him with a peice of rebar. David sadistically watches as Essex grasps for air, but right as Essex is about to die, he levitates a table from acorss the room and hits David in the head with it, knocking him unconscious. Following this, Essex quickly gets up and catches his breath before dragging David into his jet, now having two horsemen left to go. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Strange Brew
Late at night, Erik flips through the channels on his television, not really thinking about much until he stops at one particular news report, which causes Erik's eyes to widen. Erik slowly gets up and walks towards the television, and as he does, we see the news report: footage of a young mutant's corpse who was previously murdered by a group of supremisits. With a look of rage in his eyes, Erik balls up his fist, destroying every metal object in the room and beggining to remember why he started all of this in the first place. Elsewhere, David wakes up in Essex's lab, chained to a chair and attempting to escape, only to find that a mutant inhibitor in on his neck. As David does everything he can to try to get out, Essex walks over to him, grinning ear to ear and holding the serum in his hand, mencaingly telling David to sit still. Suddenly, Essex injects the serum into David's neck, who screams in pain as he's DNA changes and shifts, bringing David's powers to their maximum potential. Afterwards, Essex takes thje mutant inhibitor off of David, and begins to test out his abilities, amazed to discover David's new destructive abilities. Now, David can warp reality around him, mind control others, shape shift, and teleport, and Essex chackles as he realizes he's just created one of the most powerful mutants alive. Nearby, Victor watches all of this unfold, painfully flashing back to being tortured by Essex, and as the camera pans toward Victor, we see brutual scars across his face. Victor begins to scream out, and right at that moment, everything cuts to the school, where Jean and Charles attempt to figure out who was behind the mental attack from episode 3. Jean remarks how the voice seemed eerily familar, and her eyes widen as she has a sudden ephihany, to which Charles asks what she's talking about. In response, Jean says that the voice was from from The Hellfire Club and one of Apocalypse's horsemen, then remembering the name and uttering the words, "Nathan Essex..." As this happens, Kurt continues to get flashbacks of his father, becoming even more determined to find him and wanting closure on why his father left him, as well as who his father truley is. However, this ends up being much harder than Kurt thought as he can't seem to find any information and if he goes into the public he's constantly harrased for being one of the horsmen and his appearance. Despite this, Kurt becomes increasingly focused on finding anything about his father, while Ororo has a similar amount of relfection on her past, although she doesn't feel any ambiguity towards it. Ororo truly realizes how diffrent her life is now to how it was a couple years ago, in which she was homeless in a poor African village. As she looks into the distance, Ororo knows that she's better off now than ever before, and for the first time, she's able to have a fresh start at life. Meanwhile, Hank attempts to fix the hole he punched in the wall of the room, but his shaking hands cause him to drop the materials, snapping the putty knife in half out of frustration. Upon seeing the bropekn putty knife, Hank sighs, when suddenly, the creature appears behind him again, and although Hank tries to tell himself it's not real, the hallucination continues. The creature creepily puts it's hand on Hank's shoulder, who tries to ignore it only for the hallucination to become more and more vivid. Before long, Hank forgets that this is just a vision, and the creature starts to channel all of Hank's anger and rage, especially that towards Charles. The creature tells Hank that Charles has never been there for him when he needs him and only berates him, then telling Hank, "Why don't we just... kill him?" At the same time, things aren't going so well for Anna either, who flashes back to the people she's hurt becuase of her powers and once again tries to control them. A look of anger appears in Hank's eyes before he yells at the creature, causing it to dissapear. As Hank realizes he's fell victim to this again, he collapses to the ground with tears streaming down from his eyes. After concentrating all her focus on her powers, Anna slowly inches her hand towards a nearby rosebush in her room, nervously closing her eyes as she waits to see what happens. To Anna's shock, the rosebush stays alive, but it then withers and dies after a couple of seconds, causing the flicker of hope in Anna's face to be replaced with a look of disappointment. Back with Jean and Charles, the two become confident that Essex is behind this, remembering that he got away and about his telepathic abilities. Similar to how they found Alexander in the fourth season, Charles and Jean combine their powers in an attempt to find Essex, and before long, they begin to reach him. However, Essex senses Charles and Jean's prescence, using his powers to block them out before grimacing and looking over his plans, thinking about how he needs to get his horsemen sooner rather than later. Following this, Essex walks outside and gets in his jet, heading towards a cabin in the woods, and soon, we realize what he's doing. Inside the cabin, Erik, Raven, and John sit, when all the sudden, Essex bursts in, quickly blasting the three mutants off the ground before they can even process what's happening. John shoots a wave of flames at Essex, who catches the blast in midair and fires it back at John, severley deforming his face and causing him to scream in pain. Essex then destroys the cabin, trapping Erik and Raven under rubble while he takes a tortured John back to his lab, who's face is now unrecognizable. Soon after this, Essex injects John with the serum, then walking away as John yells in the background, knowing there's only mutant left until his horsmen are complete... Hank McCoy. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 5 Part B
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2020.06.07 18:19 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 4 - Apocalypse (PART A)

Season 4 - Apocalypse (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Bad Obsession
Everything opens up on black, and all we can hear is the beating of footsteps in the dirt, getting louder and louder with each stride. Before long, we cut to what's going on, and we see two people walking through the woods, although their faces aren't shown. Throughout the area, we see old cabins with no electricity and the orginal American flag hanging on them. Soon, we realize that this is long before the events of the show, which is clarified when large letters showing the year appear on the screen, which read, "1781." As the two men walk through the area, the people in the town seem to recognize, and are mysteriously horrified to see them, with many running inside and hiding. A burnt cigar is thrown on the ground by one of the men, and the camera slowly pans up to revela who they are: Logan (Aaron Paul) and Victor Howlett (James McAvoy). Two hundred years before he lost his memory and had his bones grafted with adimantium, Logan is still known as James Howlett, but he's not so diffrent in personality. Logan and Victor look quite younger than when we previously saw them, although they're still very much recognizable and seem to be in their mid 20's. Eventually, Logan and Victor stop at a lone cabin, then grimacing as they looking each other in the eyes and burst through the door of the cabin. Inside the cabin sits a man (Michael Shannon), quite elderly for the time but only about halfway through his life in today's standards. The man recognizes Logan and Victor, and we find out that he's actually their father. As the man taunts his sons, Victor nods at Logan, who then approaches his father and puts his fist on his chest. Suddenly, Logan releases his claws, brutally murdering his father beofre walking away, his claws now soaked with blood as Victor sadistically watches. CUT TO BLACK. Everything stays in a void for a couple seconds, with no sound or color, just complete darkness. Out of nowhere, a burst of light takes place, filling the entire screen until the camera pans down from the sky, with the burst of light haven been that of the bright sun. In a small deset, which seems to be somehwere in Egypt, a lone traveler wonders throughout the desert, wearing heavy clothing to protect himself from the unbearable heat. The man walks into a market, and from a date on a newspaper stand, we can make out that it's currently November of 1986, several months after the events of season 3. Eventually, the man finds a place to sit in the shade, immediatly sitting down upon getting to it and takes off the attire covering up his face, revealing that he's actually Nathan Essex (John Cho). Essex takes off his satchel and opens it up, and as he lifts out the items and books inside, we see the reason Essex has come here. These books, items, and papers contain legends of En Sabah Nur, also known as Apocalypse, who according to the legends is a mutant god, destined to bring an age of mutants ruling over humanity. After doing some more research and finding the location of Apocalypse's apparent tomb, Essex puts the items back in his satchel and heads off, confident that these stories aren't just myths. As Essex walks away, we cut to the school, where things are getting back to normal now that Charles Xavier (David Tennant) woke up from his coma. Yet this has come at a price, as the reason for Charles waking up was becuase of Erik Lensherr's (Edward Norton) mental attack using Cerebro, which killed hundreds and left devastating earthquakes around the world. Now, Charles is determined to locate Erik, attempting to focus the majority of his attention on finding his former ally, but he's distracted with taking care of his students and looking after the school. At the same time, the school has new recruits in Alexander Summers (Charlie Heaton) and Remy LeBeau (Lakeith Stanfeild), the first of whom is the brother of Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet). One night, Alexander has dinner with Scott and Jean Grey (Florence Pugh), and Scott prepares to ask Alexander something when Jean arrives, causing Scott to be interrupted. As this happens, Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer) is finally reunited with his freinds, the closest of whom is Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis). Both Bobby and Anna have shared greif for the death of Warren Worthington, but unlike Anna, Bobby hasn't been given time to mourn and accept Warren's death, resulting in him still grieving. In a conversation with Anna, Bobby blames himself for Warren's death, to which Anna says that she once thought that herself, but now knows that she's being irrational and nobody is to blame for what happened. Concurrently, Logan is also pleased to be back at the school, but despite everything he does, he continues to be ineffectual at finding inner-peace. Later, Alexander lays in bed, continuing to suffer from insomnia and plauged by voices, which warn him of an, "Apocalypse to come." Although Alexander is terrifed of these voices and believes them to be premonitions of something, he decides not to tell anyone about them, which results in the voices getting worse and worse each day. Meanwhile, Remy is also expierencing similar problems, constantly flashing back to him being tortured by The Hellfire Club at the end of the third season, unable to get the memories out of his head. Because of this, Remy has become reckless and filled with rage, causing most of the X-Men to distrust him. Back with Essex, he comes across Apocalypse's tomb, only to mysteriously find that it's empty. Right at that moment, Essex hears a noise behind him, looking back to see that Apocalypse (Javier Bardem) has already awoken, now menacingly standing at Essex's back. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Sweet Child O' Mine
Immediately after the ending of episode 1, Essex, rejoiced to see Apocalypse, kneels down to him, calling Apocalypse a god as he does. Essex asks Apocalypse what he can do for him, who, with a ominous and intimidating yet subtle voice, tells Essex that he is just a human, picking him up by the throat as he does. As he grasps for air, Essex agrees with Apocalypse telling him that he knows he's beneath Apocalypse, but will give anything to help Apocalypse achieve his goal of a world run by mutants. Apocalypse suddenly drops Essex, demanding to know why he shouldn't kill Essex right now. After catching his breath, Essex slowly gets up, telling Apocalypse that, "You're right. Mutants are a higher life form, and I should be killed simply for not being one. But I can guide you. I know it's been thousands of years since you last awoke, and you need someone to show you the world. After that, you can kill me. But let me help you; be your guide." After a moment of consideration, Apocalypse accepts Essex's offer, and a look relief appears in Essex's eyes. As they get out of the pyramid, Apocalypse uses his shape-shifting abilties to disguise himself as a human, ensuring that noone will even suspect him. That night, we see Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo), who continues to undergo extreme amounts of stress, anxiety, and paranoia despite stepping down as headmaster. Because of all of the stress that Hank's is going through, he often suffers from sleep paralysis, experiencing horrific hallucinations while not being able to move his body a single inch. But, although Hank is motsly used to this own, this particular time is much more vivid than the rest, in which a hairy, blue, monstrous creature appears. The creature, which Hank somehow finds eerily familar, slowly approaches Hank, grinning to reveal jagged teeth. The creature then climbs on top of Hank, putting its sharp claws on his face, and right at that moment, Hank fully wakes up, causing the creature to dissapate in an instant. In South Korea, Kurt Wagner (Choi Woo-Shik) works at a small circus, with his skin blue and covered with markings, a sharp tail, and a teleportation trick that nobody can figure out how Kurt does. Unknown to everybody, Kurt isn't wearing makeup, and is actually a mutant with the ability to teleport, knowing that if anybody figures this out he could potentially be killed. Back in New York, Alexander goes to a nearby bar with Remy, wanting to spend time with his freind while also needing to clear out his head. However, Remy begins flashing back to being tortured, and drinks as much alcohol as possible, getting extremely drunk. Alexander, disgusted by Remy's actions, tries to get him to stop drinking, but this is to no avail, resulting in Alexander punching Remy acorss the race. Drunken and enraged, Remy engages in a full fight with Alexander, using his mutant powers as everyone rushes out of the bar. Alexander demands for Remy to stop, narrowly dodging Remy's attacks and reluctantly fighting back, eventually knocking Remy unconscious. Afterwards, Alexander brings Remy back to his room, still in disbelief by Remy's recent actions and saddened to see one of his closest freinds mentally breaking down. As Alexander slams the door to Remy's room, we cut to Logan, who thinks back to what Stryker told him about his brother Victor. Logan comes to the conclusion that if he finds more about Victor he might finally be at peace, and this becomes Logan's new goal, consuming all of Logan's time and energy. That afternoon, Bobby, having a lot on his minds, goes to Hank, who he usually confides in and feels like he can trust. But, as Bobby talks, Hank, consumed by his own frustration and anxiety, becomes suddenly enraged, yelling at Bobby to get out and leave him alone, causing Bobby to feel even more angry and alone. Elsewhere, in a remote village in Africa, we're introduced to Ororo Iquadi (Danai Gurira), who's accepted her impoverished, beleiving that she has nowhere else to go. Currently, Ororo's village is going through a massive drought, and as sees a small child dying of thirst, she reluctantly uses her mutant powers to create a rainstorm, stopping the drought. As this happens, the voices in Alexander's head get louder following Apocalypse fully awakening, and he finally decides to tell Charles about them. Upon hearing about this, Charles attempts to read Alexander's mind, but he's mysteriously blocked out, greatly confusing both Charles and Alexander. Back with Kurt, the circus manager checks in on him, and after seeing that Kurt is still in his "makeup", realizes that Kurt normally looks like this, horryfing the manager, who register that Kurt is mutant. In response, the manager gathers an angry mob of people, who attempt to kill Kurt, chasing him out of town and forcing Kurt to escape into the sewers, who then collapses to the ground before bursting into tears. Several days later, Apocalypse hides out at an abonded warehouse along with Essex, and in return for showing him the modern world, Apocalypse hands Essex a mysterious diamond. All the sudden, the diamond grafts onto Essex's forhead, causing Essex to painfully lose all of his blood, which transfers into the diamond and turns it red. Essex, his skin now pale and vienny, begins to expierence telepathy and telekensis, discovering that at last, he's become a mutant. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Dead Horse
Shortly after the events of episode 2, Essex rejoices in his new mutant powers, with this being the thing Essex wanted his entire life but thought he could never get. After testing out his new abilities, Essex kneels down before Apocalypse, asking what he can do in favor of this. Without hesitation, Apocalypse reveals that in order to achieve world domination, he must assemble a group of four mutants, which are known as The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. Apocalypse then makes Essesx the Horseman of War, remarking that this is the first time someone has willingly become a horseman before telling himself, "One down, three left to go." Elsewhere, Scott sits alone in his room, cleary contemplating something with a great amount of thought and consideration. As the camera slowly pans towards Scott, we begin to notice that he's holding something, and before long, we can make out a black, box-like shape. We then cut to over Scott's shoulder, and we see that he's holding a small, black box with ring in it, intended for Jean. However, Scott is starting to have seconds thoughts on this, anxious that she'll reject him or that it's much too soon to be doing this as they've only been dating for about two years. Eventually, Scott decides against proposing to Jean, then putting the ring away and walking out of his room, with many thoughts still running through his head. Back with Apocalypse and Essex, Apocalypse uses his ability to track mutants in order to find the next horsemen, soon detecting a powerful mutant in an African village. Apocalypse, using his powers of flight, gets him and Essex to the village within a matter of minutes and begin searching for the mutant. All Apocalypse knows is that the mutant has weather-controlling powers, and we realize that the mutant is actually Ororo. Concurrently, Ororo watches from the shadows as Essex and Apocalypse, who's shape shifted into his human form, arrive, extremeley suspicous of both of them. Meanwhile, Hank attempts to calm his mind, but instead his rage only gets worse as he flashes back to a painful memory from his childhood. In the flashback, we see a teenage Hank being kicked out by his parents after he devolps monstrously large feet and hands, who call him a beast as they slam the door behind them. At the same time, Hank was forced to deal with the discrimination of not only being a mutant, but also being an African American during the 1950's. This all leads up to Hank suffering his first mental breakdown at the age of 23, and while Hank thought he was getting better, he's now once again having thoughts of anxiety, paranoia, and rage. Additionally, leading up to his mental breakdown, Hank experienced similar visions of a hairy, blue creature, and now that he's having the hallucinations again, Hank begins to worry about his mental health. As this happens, Booby, not able to find anyone to talk to about his problems, instead decides to sit in the school's garden and relfect on what's happened over the past few years. But, as Bobby sits down, he's suprised to find Logan there as well, who he hasn't really had much intercations with thusfar. Not really knowing what to say, Bobby asks Logan what he's doing here, to which Logan vaugly says that he needs to think about some things. The two then sit in silence for a couple seconds until Logan interjects, abrudtly telling Bobby that, "A couple months ago, I found out that I killed my brother." Following this, the two sit in silence for a little bit more before Bobby says, "My freind died because of me. I was in love with him, and I watched him die. I was litterally right there. I could've stopped it. I was so close... but I failed. And now he's dead, all because of me." In response, Logan silently nods, simply saying, "Yeah. I know how that feels. Sucks, doesn't it?" Logan waits for Bobby's response, who then unexpectedly hugs Logan with tears in his eyes, queitly telling him, "Yeah, it does suck." Logan then chuckles, looking into the distance with his arm around Bobby as they both think about the people they've lost. The following day, Jean notices that Scott seems stressed, and when she asks him why, he tells her that for the past few days, something seems to be happening to Alexander, and he's beggining to worry. Trying to calm Scott's nerves, Jean assures Scott that he's just being irrational and paranoid, neither of them knowing what's actually happening to Alexander. In Charles' office, he does everything he can to get through to the voice in Alexander's hand, but despite everything he does, Charles continues to fail every time. Simultaneously, Anna silently sits on her room, thinking back to her good memories with Warren and reminding herself of how happy he once was. Back in Africa, Apocalypse realizes that Ororo is the mutant, transforming back into his natural form as he and Essex face off against her. Having alresdy been supicous of the two, Ororo is prepared for battle and manages to get the upperhand at the beggining of fight, but is quickly overwhlemed and defeated. As Ororo lays beaten on the ground, her eyes suddenly glow white as Apocalypse causes her to rise up in the air, then brainwashing her into the second horseman: Famine. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Paradise City
In the warehouse that acts as Apocalypse's base, Ororo slowly wakes up, having no recollection of who she is and only having one thought: to serve Apocalypse. At the same time, Apocalypse is constantly having to block out Ororo's memories and control her thoughts, with Apocalypse concentrating much of his energy on this. Close by, Essex sees a news report about Kurt Wagner being chased out of town, and after witnessiing Kurt's powers, Essex tells Apocalypse that they may have their Horseman of Pestilence. On the other side of the world, Anna sits on the doorstep of the school with a lot on her mind, while also smoking a ciggerate she stole from Logan. All the sudden, Anna's thoughts are interrupted when Remy walks out of the school in front of her, his bags packed and a dissapointed look on his face. Although she already knows, Anna calmy asks Remy what he's doing, to which Remy says that his entire life, he's left like an outcast. Now, he finally thought he had a place where he belonged, but he was wrong. After saying this, Remy prepares to walk out, but Anna gets up and stops him. As she backs Remy away from the gate, Anna tells him that she once felt the same way and considered leaving many times, but now, she truly feels like she belongs here. Holding back tears, Remy says that Anna has no idea what he's gone through, to which Anna says, "I know. But please... stay. Just stay." After a long moment of contemplation, Remy reluctantly decides to stay at the school, then heaidng back as Anna realizes there's other people undergoing the same things as she once did. As this happens, Bobby and Logan continue to share expirences of greif with eachother, helping both of them recover from their guilt, especially Bobby. Despite this, Logan still is desperate to find any information he can about his brother, needing closure and feeling as if things will be diffrent if he has it. In the his room, Logan reflects on all of this, then bursting into a fit of rage of how he killed his own brother, feeling extremley guilty even though he doesn't even remember it. Elsewhere, Alexander tells Charles that the voices in his head are continually getting louder, saying that he's worried this may cause him to lose control of his powers. Alexander then tells Charles that the students need to know what's happening before it could cause a danger to the school, and after some debate, Charles agrees. The following morning, Charles gathers everyone in the school to the confrence hall, telling them what's happened to Alexander and to not to worry, saying this is just information they should know. Upon hearing this, those close to Alexander - such as Scott, Jean, and Remy - goes into a state of shock, with Scott's paranoia taking over and thinking to the worse possible outcome. In a state of worry, Scott visits his brother, who's put himself in isolation out of fear that he could lose control of his powers, which would kill nearly everyone in the school. Scott asks Alexander how long this has been happening for, and Alexander admits that he's been eharing the voices ever since he came to the school. Enraged, Scott demands to know why Alexander never told anyone about this, who stays silent, reuslting in Scott angirly storming out of the room. Soon after this, Remy tearfully visits Alexander, apologizing for his recent actions and concluding by simply telling Alexander, "I just hope you'll be okay." Back with Anna, she thinks back to her conversation with Remy, happy to have helped someone and wanting to be there for people more. After thinking about how depressed Hank has been latley, she goes to comfort him, assuring Hank that everything will get better. However, Hank goes into a state of rage, yelling at Anna and saying, "I don't need anyone's goddamn help, so shut the hell up and leave!" Hurt, Anna quietly leaves the room, and as she does, we cut to Kurt in the sewers, now relying on rats and other small animals for food as he hides from the world. Suddenly, Apocalypse, Essex, and Ororo burst in, and Apocalypse demands for Kurt to come with him. Kurt immediatly tries to escape, prompting Apocalypse to brutally beat him before brainwashing him into the third Horseman, then remarking, "One left to go." Several hours later, as Apocalypse tries to find him, Alexander screams in pain, and Charles rushes him into his office, trying to read his mind one last time. Using the maximum potenital of his powers, Charles manages to get through ot the voices, but his eyes then widen as he quietly says, "No... tihs can't be real... he can't be real." Alexander nervously asks Charles what he's talking about, and a horrified Charles grabs Alexaner, telling him, "Apocalypse... he's here." Right at that moment, the camera slowly pans out of the school to reveal Apocalypse and his three horsemen arriving outside of the school. Apocalypse gives a sadistic smile, telling his three horsemen, "Give them time. Then, we crush them beneath our feet." CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 4 Part B
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2020.06.03 16:13 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 3 - Lost Part (PART A)

Season 3 - Lost Past (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - If Tomorrow Never Comes
Everything slowly starts off in black befor abrudtly cutting to a wide shot of a poor, shoddy area. Trash lines the street, and as rats scurry across the floor, the camera slowly pans up to a small apartment building. Eventually, the camera goes to one of the windows, where we see a groggy and tired man (Paul Dano) sitting on his reclining chair and watching television. As the man flips through the television channels, he suddenly stops and widens his eyes as he comes across a shocking news report. From the date of the report, we can see that it's January of 1985. The man's entire attention goes to the news report, and as he does, we notice that a clothing tag on shirt reads, "Jason Wyngarde." Everything cuts to the news report, where we see that's is showing footage of Erik Lensherr's (Edward Norton) attack on Times Square at the end of the first season. -Jason slowly smiles, and a look of inspiration appears in his eyes. Jason begins to stand up, and as he does, his eyes mysteriously glow white. All the sudden, a large explosion occurs outside, followed by Jason bursting into maniacal laughter before promising to bring hell on humanity. CUT TO BLACK. After a couple seconds of darkness, we cut to the cold streets Harlem where a crew is taking down decorations for the New Years of 1986. As this happens, a man walks in front of the camera, and as the camera pans up to the man's face, we can see that this is none other than Logan (Aaron Paul). Logan reaches into his pocket and takes out a ciggerate, which he then puts in his mouth and lights it as he sorrowfully looks into the distance. Throughout the past five months, Logan has been tirelessly searching for his past, but this has been to no avail. Logan heavily suspects that Willaim Stryker (Matthew McCounaghey) may be involved in his past, but the man is nowhere to be found and has completley gone off the radar. On the other hand, Logan remains grateful for now having a moral sense of right and wrong, becoming a much better person and only killing when absolutely necessary. Several hours later, Logan arrives back at his motel room, looking at the little money he has left after spending it all while searching for his past. As he counts the money, Logan bursts into rage, yelling at himself and punching a massive hole in the wall before leaving in a hurry, accidentally leaving his money behind as he does. Right at that moment, everything cuts to the school, where things have become much diffrent ever since Charles Xavier (David Tennant) went into a coma. In the hallways of the school, Anna Marrie (Sophia Lillis) walks towards a room, her footsteps echoing as we pan up to see the stressed but determined look on her face. Soon, Anna reaches an office and enters it where Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) sits in the headmaster's chair. As Anna sits down acorss from Hank, we realize that Hank has temporarily replaced Charles as headmaster of the school, and just from Hank's demeanor we can tell the amount of stress he's going through. After a breif moment of silence, Anna tells Hank that while she shouldn't be worrying about this, many of the students are leaving the school and aren't getting the guidence they need. Anna continues, saying that as someone with extremley dangerous powers, she's beggining to lose control of them as she isn't learning how to use them following Hank becoming in charge. Trying to keep his frustration hidden, Hank tells Anna, "I apoligze, but you have no idea what I'm going through. I've never been put in a position like this, and..."Hank pauses, then looking down in sadness and tearfully saying that he just wants Charles back, to which Anna says, "He might never wake up, so we all need to be doing the best we can to adjust." After wiping the tears from his eyes, Hank quietly nods before thanking Anna and promising to work on getting things back to normal. The following day, Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet) and Jean Gray (Florence Pugh) eat breakfast together, now happily dating but at the same time worrying about Charles' fate. As Scott and Jean eat, they see a news report about the X-Men, causing the two of them to give a slight smile. Since the formation of the X-Men, the world has become more accepting of mutants, and while msot people still heavily discriminate against them, it's not to the degree that they used to. Elsewhere, Anna attempts to talk to Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer), but he ignores her and walks away. Bobby has been acting like this for months now, and Anna has become suspicious. Afterwards, Bobby walks into his room and transforms into Raven Darkholme (Lupita Nyong'o), who's been disguising herself as Bobby and inflitrating Bobby ever since the ending of the second season. As Raven sits down, everything cuts to the middle of a plain, where John Allerdyce (Jesse Plemmons) walks up to a large, underground cage where the real Bobby is being held captive. John is only giving Bobby enough food and water to survive, and would likely be fully torturing him if it Raven didn't command him to not hurt Bobby, showing that she has at least some sympathy. An exhausted and sleep deprived Bobby swears to John that he'll get out of here, to which John chuckles and spits at Bobby before walking away. That evening, Logan finds an old, abonded church, and needing a place to stay for the night after leaving his money at the motel, walks up the front stairs and slowly enters the church. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - The River
Not long after the ending of episode 1, Logan enters the large yet abonded church, barley suspecting anything and just needing a place to sleep for the night. However, as Logan prepares to lay down on one of the church benches, he suddenly hears voices, followed by footsteps, from across the church. Logan immediatly gets up and hides behind the wall, nervously extending his metal claws as he does. From the amount of voices, Logan can tell that there's at least half a dozen people, and is ready to fight each and every on of them. At that moment, Logan hears a sudden gust of wind near hoim him, then looking back to shockingly see a red mutant (Kang Ho-Song) who's teleported behind Logan. Right as Logan realizes what's going on, the mutant broadens his sharp tail and stabs Logan in the back, causing him to fall to the ground. As Logan lays bleeding on the floor, he looks up before being knocked unconcious by the man, who menacingly glares Logan in the eyes. Back at the school, Hank leaves his office, having finished for the night as he heads back to his room. About an hour later, Hank attempts to full alseep but is unable to do so, instead staring at the celling as thoughts race through his head. Hank has been put under a lot of stress following taking up the position of headmaster, and is also the most emotionally hurt by what's happened to Charles. Hank is unable to manage everything he has to do for the school, and the stress in taking a massive mental toll on Hank, which is getting worse each day. Elsewhere, Logan wakes up to find himself tied up in the middle of the church, his back wound having been bandaged and six people surronding him, including the red mutant. The previously seen Jason Wyngarde, addressing the red man as Azazel and asking Logan why he came in here. Logan tells Jason that he just needed some place to sleep, but a man (Charlie Heaton) who's simply called Alexander, says that Logan is liar. Most of the groups seems to agree with Alexander, except for one particular member named Remy LeBeau (Lakeith Stanfield), who manages to convince everyone not to kill Logan as he may be valuable to the group. Soon, we find out who the group is, including their name and powers. The group calls themselves The Hellfire Club, and is led by Nathan Essex (John Cho). Unlike the rest of The Hellfire Club, Essex is a human but worships mutants, having been the one to bring the group together. The Hellfire Club also consists of Henry Leland (Brendan Gleeson), who can alter the size of any person and object, including himself. Additionally, Jason can create telepathic illusions and has slight telekesis, Azazel can teleport, Alexander can shoot beams of energy out his body, and Remy can move things with his mind. As he witnsesses Alexander's powers, Logan notes the similarity to the powers of Scott Summers, but Alexander angirly denies even knowing who Scott is.-Logan then asks why the group is showing all of this, to which Jason tells Logan, "It's clear you're lost, just like I once was. My entire life I felt like an outcast, believing I should just kill myself. But then, I found Erik Lensherr's teachings, and realized I could be so much more than the world told me I could. Soon, I gathered these people, and now I have a family. So join us, Logan. For your own good." In reponse, Logan spits at Jason, saying, "Why the hell do you think I would want to join your goddamn cult?" Enraged, Jason beats Logan to a pulp, who knows that he needs to get out of here. The following morning, Scott and Jean lay together, talking about what The X-Men and as they do, we learn that the two have become the leaders of the team. Jean tells Scott that despite everything they've done to try to prevent it, people are still hating and fearing mutants, then saying that, "I mean, what's the point of all of this if nothing is changing?" After a moment of thought, Scott puts his arm around Jean and says that some things will never change, but they can at least make things better than were before. Jean silently nods, and as she begins to get up, we cut to a restless Bobby sitting in the dirty, underground cage that he's being held in. Bobby shields his eyes from the light as John removes the cover on top the cage, and John reminds Bobby that he would kill him slowly and painfully if he was allowed to. Several hours later, Jean enters the school's hospital room where a comotose Charles is being kept, constantly watched over by the school's doctors. Jean sits next to Charles, trying to muster up words to stay but instead bursting into tears. Jean asks why this all had to happen, repeatdly telling Charles, "Please just wake up. Please, Charles. Please..." Meanwhile, a tied-up Logan is being guarded by Leland, and upon realizing that Leland is currently the only one in the church, Logan decides that it's time to escape. Using his claws to cut the ropes that are holding him, Logan leaps up and faces off against Leland, who's caught off guard by Logan suddenly getting free. Leland prepares to grow hundreds of feet tall, but before he can, Logan stabs him in the stomach and runs out, leaving Leland bleeding on the ground. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Unanswered Prayers
During the beautiful, majestic sunset, Anna walks into the school's garden, wearing a winter coat and carrying flowers in her hand. Eventually, Anna stops upon coming across the grave of Warren Worthington, which she places flower in front of before preparing to talk. After a breif moment of hesiation, Anna tells Warren's grave that this might be the last time she ever visits here. She's done a lot of reflecting since Warren's death, and she thinks she finally knows who she is as well as what the reason this all happened was. Anna says even though she wishes more than anything that Warren was still here, his death has brought everyone in the school together and helped her truly figure out she was. Anna then kneels down, holding back tears as she tells Warren, "Thank you... for everything. I don't know where I'd be without you and..." Not having anything else to say, Anna gets back up, smiling as she thinks back to her memories with Warren, and while she'll never truly get over Warren's death, she's become much accepting of what happened. Deep inside the school, Erik Lensherr sits in a highly guarded prison cell, wearing a collar that disables his mutant abilties similar to the one seen in the first season. Despite his actions, Erik is treated quite well in the prison, having three meals a day and often playing chess with the guards. Nevertheless, Erik wants nothing more than to get out of the prison and continue his mission, completley unknowing to what Raven is trying to do. Meanwhile, Essex, Jason, Azazel, Alexander, and Remy rush back to the church, having just got Leland's pager about Logan escaping. As the five members of The Hellfire Club enter the church, they're shocked to find an unconcious Leland bleeding on the ground, now on the verge of death. Essex demands for Alexander and Remy to get Leland to the hospital and create a cover-up story while also telling Azazel to find and kill Logan, paranoid of him telling others about The Hellfire Club. The following morning, Raven finds herself suffering from insomnia and unable to sleep, frustrated to see the sun coming up. As she transforms back into Bobby, Raven's mind races with images of what Bobby is currently going through, feeling sorry with Bobby. However, Raven tells herself that this is what she needs to do in order to free Erik and acomplish their goal, which she firmly believes in more than anything and is willing to die for. Soon after this, Hank meets with Scott, needing guidance about what he should do and desperatley having to tell someone about the anxiety and stress he's going through.-As the two talk, Hank tells Scott that he's unable to continue being headmaster and can't take the stress and axiety any longer.-In response, Scott says that Hank is the only truly qualified for the job and needs to keep being headmaster, although Scott does offer to help Hank manage the school. Before long, Scott realizes that Hank is ignoring him, and as Scott tries to get Hank's attention, Hank looks into the distance and says, "Charles let me in when I had nowhere left to go. If it weren't for him, I don't know where I would be now. But I'm not Charles. I can't help these students the way that he did... so what the hell am I supposed to do now?" After he looks down in sadness, Scott puts his hand on Hank's shoulder and tells him that for now, they just need to do the best they can and try to adjust. Suddenly, Hank becomes enrgaed, saying that's what everyone has been telling him and it hasn't helped at all, then demanding for Scott to get out of his office. Several hours later, Logan walks down the streets of Harlem, not even questioning that The Hellfire Club sent someone after him as he waits for a taxi. All the sudden, Azazel appears on a rooftop behind Logan, who narrowly avoids Azazel's attack. Logan tries to stab Azazel, but Azazel teleports behind Logan and begins choking him with his tail. Right as Azazel is about to knock Logan unconcious, Logan kicks Azazel backwards and cuts his hand off with his claws, severly injuring Azazel but also causing him to get a boost in adrenaline. Azazel quickly knocks Logan to the ground, holding him down and brutally stabbing his face many times. But, Logan's wounds quickly heal, and he then pushes Azazel in the way of an oncoming taxi. As Azazel bleeds on the ground and bystanders watch in horror, Logan runs away, now realizing that The Hellfire Club is after him and that he needs to get out of Harlem. Elsewhere, John sits near Bobby, smoking a ciggerate as he does. Bored, John asks Bobby if he ever told him about what happened to his parents, but Bobby stays silent. Regardless, John begins talking, revealing that when his pwoers began devolping, he got in an arguement with his parents and killed them in a fit of rage. As Bobby listens in shock, John says that he doesn't have any regret for doing so, saying that his parents deserved what happened to them. That evening, Erik, tired of being in captivity, decides that it's time to escape and choking one of the guards as he's brought dinner. However, right as Erik begins to walk out he's attacked by dozens of guards, who ruthlessly pummel Erik to the ground. As Erik is painfully beaten, the camera slowly pans up to show Erik being tazed and battered until he's knocked unconcious, feeling more powerless than ever before. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - Friends In Low Places
In a small cafe, Alexander sits across from Remy, with Alexander feeling as if Remy is the only one he can trust as the other members of The Hellfire Club are often unpredictable and sadistic. Remy asks Alexander what he wanted to talk to him about, and after a breif moment of hesisation, Alexander simply questions how they ended up here and with these people.-In response Remy sips his coffee and sadly tells Alexander, "Because everything that could wrong in our lives went wrong, that's how." Following this, the two sit in silence, barley saying a word to eachother before leaving the cafe and going back to the church after making sure nobody can see them. Meanwhile, Logan is now in Manhattan, hoping that The Hellfire Club doesn't send anyone else after him as he barley defeated Azazel. Logan reflects on the past couple of months, thinking about how he hasn't accomplished anything and has instead wasted his money on nothing that matters. Eventually, Logan decides that he needs to finish what he orginally set out to do, which is finding out the truth about his past.-Having a strong feeling that Stryker is connected to his past, Logan becomes determined to find Stryker, seeking out a list of his accosiates who may know where he is. Logan thinks back to the people who were the closest to Stryker, then realizing that this is David North (Rick Yune), Stryker's bodyguard who he's usually seen with at all times. Now, Logan knows that he has to find David, and for the first time in a while, Logan actually has a plan. Back with The Hellfire Club, Essex becomes enraged upon learning that Logan got away once again, screaming at Azazel and punching him to the ground. Luckily, Alexander manages to pull Essex off of Azazel, telling him to stay calm and focus on what needs to be done. From the shadows, Jason watches all of this unfold, dissappointed in everyone for fighting eachother, and noting that Azazel seems to keep something from everyone. Soon after this, Alexander talks with Remy, saying that the group used to be like a family but now everyone is plotting against eachother and going insane. Seemingly having an ephinany, Remy tells Alexander that the group was never a family, Essex has just manipulated them into thinking they were one. At the school, Raven watches a news report about Erik's escape attempt, horrified to see footage of him now in the hospital after being beaten nearly to death by the guards. Raven decides that she has to do something about this, telling herself that she needs to free Erik soon or else something like this will happen again.-That night, Anna lays awake, thinking about how diffrent "Bobby" has been acting latley and becoming paranoid about why he's not acting like himself. Because of this, Anna's powers begin to get worse again, which is shown when she tocuhes a rosebush and it quickly withers and dies. After seeing this, Anna gpes into a state of panic and fear. She's begun to get in control of her powers but now, to Anna's dismay, everything has reserved. The following day, David North quietly eats lunch in his house when there's a sudden knock on his door. David slowly gets up and answers the door, shcoked to see Logan on his doorstep. David attempts to close the door, but Logan barges into David's house, demanding to know where Stryker is.In response, David nervously claims that he's retired, to which Logan extends his claws and demands for David to tell the truth. David eventually gives in, telling Logan that he doesn't know where Stryker is, although he can give him a phone number. With his claws only an inch away from David's throat, Logan says that all he needs is some way to get in contact with Stryker, and so David writes down Stryker's phone number before giving it to Logan. Logan then walks out, and before he does, he tells David, "If this number is fake, I'm gonna come back here, and this time, I'm gonna kill you." As this happens, Scott tells Jean that he's had a lot on his mind recently and there's something he needs Jean to know, something that he hasn't told anyone before. After Jean asks what Scott's talking about, Scott reveals that he has an older brother named Alexander, who has similar powers to Scott but was never really able to control them. From when Alexander was a child it was clear that he had something mentally wrong with him, and when he was a teenager, he used his powers to rob and accidentaly murder a group of people. Scott ended up being the one to stop Alexander's rampage, and Alexander went to juvy, and then jail, until he was about 23. Now, Scott has no idea where Alexander is, then telling Jean that he needed to get that off of his chest. At the same time, Bobby practices his pwoers at night, and we see that he's begun creating a carefully devised escape plan. Elsewhere, Logan walks up to a payphone and enters Stryker's phone number, smirking after he hears Stryker's voice on the other end. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 3 Part B
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2020.05.31 04:04 GoneRampant1 [Anime] How one director's drive to make his passion project a reality led to his downfall

I'm sure many people here have heard at least in passing of Rooster Teeth. For a small company with humble beginnings, RT has had a notable impact on the Internet, most notably due to being the formal creators of the "Machinima" genre where movies are made in videos games. Beginning in 2003, their series "Red Vs Blue," which used the Halo franchise as their filming material, became one of the hottest shows on in the Internet in the early 2000s, even getting the approval of Halo developers Bungie and their publisher Microsoft. Since then, almost every game since Halo 3 has included a few nods or winks to the Rooster Teeth crew, with them making vocal cameos in Halo 3, helping promote Halo ODST, getting named as soldiers in Halo Reach, and reappearing in cameos in Halo 4. (Further proof Halo 5 is the worst game in the series comes from the lack of any real RVB easter eggs but I digress)
As Red vs Blue went on, it began to widen in scope, with Season 7 and 8 beginning the trend of incorporating animation alongside gameplay footage to tell their stories. Season 8 especially got notice for the hiring of one Monty Oum, who provided several high quality fight scenes for the show. Monty would go on to help with Seasons 9 and 10, AKA "The Freelancer Saga," which was split between present day adventures of the RVB cast and a prequel arc covering several key backstories, alongside letting Monty show off his flair for stylistic animation and combat. Near the end of Season 10, Monty decided to try and make a dream idea of his reality, asking RVB Director and then CEO for Rooster Teeth Burnie Burns for the chance to make his dreams reality. Burnie agreed on the condition that Monty got his work for Season 10 done on time, and as such with the 10th season finale, Monty was allowed to include a trailer of a girl with a scythe cutting up wolves. And thus, RWBY was born.
While Monty left RVB to focus on RWBY along with the majority of the ragtag animation staff that the company had acquired, work continued on the OG series, with Seasons 11-13 marking the beginning of the "Chorus Trilogy." In 2014, around the time of Red vs Blue Season 12 and RWBY Volume 2, Rooster Teeth Animation was finally formed. And now, finally, enters the main character of this story.
Meet Gray G. Haddock, born in 1972 in Texas. Like many young Americans of the 70s and 80s, Gray hounded his local video stores for the rare occasions where they would get new anime. He was particularly fond of mecha and cyberpunk-themed series, always wishing that more of them would take off. Thus, the seeds were planted in this young child's head. "If I can't find what I wanna watch, I'll make it myself." In the 90s and 2000s, Gray did local voice work, including a few appearances in the Rurouni Kenshin franchise.
He joined Rooster Teeth in 2011, and his experience with voice acting meant that Gray became very popular for two characters in particular: The villainous mercenary 'Locus' in Red vs Blue, and the bombastic criminal mastermind Roman Torchwick in RWBY. Fun fact, Roman was only ever meant to be a threat in the first episode, but immediate positive feedback from the staff and fanbase, partly thanks to Gray's performance, meant that Roman became a main threat for the first seasons of the show.
When the Animation Department was finally formed in 2014, Gray was chosen to be the Head of Animation. By his own admission, he didn't have the experience to run the department, with it being given to him because he had experience close to it, and because Rooster Teeth at the time was a hive for nepotism.
Under Gray's watch, the Animation Department continues to help with RVB while making RWBY, which runs into a roadblock when Monty passes away from an allergic reaction in 2015, and its Chibi spinoff. Other shows such as X-Ray and Vav, Sex Swing and Camp Camp are made in a separate 2D department. Come 2017, RWBY is in the middle of production on its fifth Volume, which promises to be the biggest one yet. A lot has gone into marketing it, with the team hyping up how it'll have the largest episode count at 14 alongside three full character shorts. It's during this time around August that the Animation department are considering their next move. RWBY's doing well, but the team is growing at a fast rate, and the question is in the air of what the next big franchise will be for the company. So that little kid in Gray decides now is the time to make his dream a reality, and Gray begins working on a pitch for his mecha show, asking concept artists to begin working up images for his pitch. Gray drew so many comparrisons between protagonist Julian Chance and Michael B Jordan, then best known for The Wire, Fruitvale Station and... Fantastic 4 2015... that after an artist used Michael as an inspiration for art of Julian, he decided to send an email off to Michael's agent with a package offering him the lead role.
It's also at this time that a member of the RT staff named Georden Whitman makes a pitch as well to the department about a dream project of his own, a fantasy western called Nomad of Nowhere. Keep him in the back of your mind.
Gray had been serving as an assistant director and writer for RWBY, helping its showrunners Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross keep the ship on course. But between the increasing amount of shows the department was working on, alongside beginning working on his show, Gray has to make time. So he decides to stop working on RWBY (Per Gray's own testimony in GL's commentary track pre-production began around August, two months before Volume 5 began airing). But while when Monty did this with RVB he finished his season's workload, Gray did no such thing, leaving M&K high and dry without enough time to find and train a new co-director to replace Gray and leaving Kerry to spin all the plates by himself while he used his position as Head of Animation to give his pitch the extra polish and shine/push needed to make it stand out compared to the others.
Now don't get me wrong, Volume 5 was likely doomed from the start because, again, it was boasting the highest episode count of any season to date at 14 episodes, they'd blown most of the budget on the character shorts and the scripts weren't done until after it had started airing in October, meaning that they were going to have to crunch (a term referring to mandtory periods of forced overtime for weeks or months at a time to finish a project) for the rest of the year. Additionally, Volume 5 had two large battle sets back to back in the Bellladonna Manor Battle and the Battle of Haven arc, and the result was an unmitigated disaster that soured RWBY's public reputation and saw chunks of the fanbase dropping the series entirely. Volume 5 was likely doomed from the start, but Gray leaving was basically when a bonfire goes out of control, and your response is to pour gasoline on it.
While working on a teaser to add to Volume 5's finale, Gray almost immediately ran into a problem. RT is a small company that doesn't exactly have a sugar daddy to help fund their shows. Animation is expensive, especially 3D animation. Animation for a mecha series is very expensive. gen;LOCK, as a consequence, is starting to run up a bill. But Gray has an idea.
I mean after all, Nomad of Nowhere didn't need all that budget. And Gray was Head of Animation, he could easily supervise a few 0's going off the NoN budget and a few more being added to the gL budget. And hey, if they have a very small pre-production phase and have to rush the show out... that's not his fault. As a consequence, Nomad of Nowhere had its budget slashed at the kneecaps, and was rushed into pre-production while funds were siphoned into GL.
Georden leaves RT around this time, for the record, as he wasn't allowed to become a director for the series and he wasn't being approached for story or character consultation. Per an anomyous Rooster Teeth staffer who spoke out in 2019:
gen:Lock and Nomad were greenlit around the same time, but Gray put more time, budget, and resources for preproduction on gen:Lock. Nomad as a result was pushed up in the schedule, only had two months of preproduction before animation had to start.
The creator of Nomad wasn’t offered a lead position and was barely consulted on the story or art, with Georden since saying that while he does appreciate what the crew did with his ideas, he doesn't recognise it at the show he originally wanted to make. Worst of all, the series is kneecapped again after it starts airing, with the show being put on an abrupt hiatus right for nearly half a year as it began to get good, leaving Nomad's ratings to plummet at it limped towards its finale. Nomad was a great show and deserved way better than its ultimate fate.
So 2018 hits, and while Miles and Kerry are frantically trying to put out all the fires left in Volume 5's wake, Gray and the GL crew are carrying on. And one day, Gray gets an email. It's Michael B Jordan, fresh off the success of Black Panther. His agent passed along that idea for the mecha show. Michael loves the pitch. Michael turns out to be a big anime fan, and signs on immediately with his company Outlier Productions helping to co-fund the show. And while RWBY pushes towards Volume 6, Gray uses the RWBY fandom as his personal advertising department. He hijacks several RWBY panels throughout the year, at RTX (Rooster Teeth's big in-house convention) and New York Comic Con, to make them about Genlock and include mentions of the series. He also makes sure to bridge the gap between the two shows by having key RWBY staff members joining the GL team midway through V6's production, including Kim Newman and Austin Hardwicke. I'll remind you that this was after a very poorly received season, so fans weren't happy at what was seen as RWBY being bled for talent that it couldn't afford to lose.
Gray doesn't stop at Michael, though. He also wants big-name actors to boost the show, people like David Tennant and Maisie Williams who are brought in thanks to Michael being attached to the project. He even uses RT being a Warner subsidary to get them to contact Spike Spiegel himself, Koichi Yamadera.
Just keep in mind, throughout all of this, Genlock and RWBY, due to coming out back to back, lead to a hellish production cycle where the animation department worked massive amounts of unpaid overtime. One source estimated that both GL and Volume 6 had about a third of their seasons made entirely for free thanks to not paying overtime. People were working up to 80 hours a week, with management offering empty platitudes about the crunch and how they'd resolve it, only for such resolution to never come (there are a lot of frank discussions between the non-Gray staff in GL's commentary tracks about how hard certain scenes were to animate, with the nano-smoke effect being seen as a nuisance to work around).
But big name actors like this have big name bills and the project was still bleeding money, so even with the unpaid overtime, gen:LOCK is in the red, and that's after Gray cuts the season down from 12 episodes to 8. So Gray has one last genius idea near the end of 2018. Interns. Thanks in part to RVB being a prominent part of many a young would-be animator's life in the 2000s, RT has an almost cult-like fanbase that see working for them as a dream job, and RT has a working relationship with Full Sail University where internships are often provided for students. So RT Animation hired dozens of interns on 90 day temporary contracts, all unpaid, all crunching, but with the promise of a full, paying job upon completion. When the end of the contract rolled around though... they were shown the door, and many would take to Glassdoor to warn people against working with Rooster Teeth, but nothing comes of it barring a few small ripples, for now.
gen:LOCK finally releases in January 2019 after a year and a half of internal development, running up to March. Publically, things are going well. Audiences are receptive, there's a lot of articles being written about the show with Haddock doing a media tour to promote the series, and everything's getting praised with the exception of the villains being seen as very flat and without any real motive beyond 'take over the world.' They even were submitting it to the Emmys. But internally, the numbers aren't good. Genlock being stuck behind the RT First paywall without any attempt to lure people in from Youtube like RWBY and Red Vs Blue did (and unlike RWBY or RVB, GL would never be accessable for non-paying members) was hurting numbers. This, alongside a marketing campaign that failed to make any impact, led to the show's [[https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2018-01-01%202020-03-20&q=genlock,gen;LOCK Google search metrics dropping like a stone overnight, showing a lack of retention.]] Gen;LOCK was good show and I'm glad it introduced a lot of people to one of my favorite bands, Battle Tapes. But it wasn't a good enough killer app to promote RT First, especially as most people's memberships that they bought just for RWBY were already expiring.
While GL gets aired on Adult Swim's Toonami block in the fall that year and is a ratings success (episode 6 was one of the ten most watched shows of the night on all channels), a lot of it is attributed to external pressure on Adult Swim to put it right after their ratings darling Dragonball Super. But while commerically it fails to meet expectations internally, the general attitude is that Season 2 is still happening eventually (though some leaks suggest it was less out of interest and more RT's higher ups wanting to protect Gray and many of the staff were very much against a second rodeo).
Come June 2019, and Gray's actions from across the entire production cycle catch up to him. All of the anonymous reviews on Glassdoor are found and published in a fan Tumblr (I ran it), with the results going viral across Rooster Teeth communities and it getting several full articles written about it. RT's general approach to controversy is to bury its head in the sand until the problem goes away, so they could do it again... right? But then, in a third act plot twist worthy of the Great Bard himself, Georden rises from the ashes to publically confirm the Glassdoor leaks:
Ill be the reliable one when i say its true and people likely dont want their careers affected when seeking jobs elsewhere. A ton of people were let go with the promises of that they would become full time. When they asked during production where things stood, they were lied to.
"This has been a big deal for a while now for those there, and whether RT is actually “working on it” or not. Actual improvement hasnt been seen in years, I have my own story to tell about it all, but for now i’ll leave this here. I hope they do change and grow though."
Now this part is conjecture, so keep it in mind, but: You might be asking why the staff didn't report the crunch environment. Well some of the reviews said they did, but management would just offer empty promises about working to fix the crunch culture that never amounted to anything. One of the more drastic rumours from the above Google Doc is that Gray was using his dual position as GL Showrunner and Head of Animation to cut off anyone making a complaint to HR, with one source calling him "Judge Jury and Executioner." It's also worth nothing that Rooster Teeth is a company built on crunch, going all the way back to the Red vs Blue days. Miles and Kerry brought up how when working on the show, they'd bunk in a hotel room closer to the offices than their actual homes to save money. Monty was a notorious workaholic who would spend entire days working before his body would crash (a workflow that was inherently self-destructive, as seen when his apprentice Shane Newville tried to do it for Volume 3 after Monty's death, only for him to subsequently lose his job and wife). As such, the new workers were often encouraged to not complain about crunch as the higher ups had done these hours too, and now they were the top dogs so that could be you too!
But when the Glassdoor story breaks, Co-founder and then-CEO Matt Hullum finds out between the leaks and someone finally going to him in-person. And he is furious, storming into the Animation department and getting people into an office for a meeting.
Publically, RT take the (rare for them) approach of acknowleding the controversy. Matt says that Gray is stepping down to focus entirely on GL and the company will be getting two Heads of Animation (presumably to make sure a repeat of Gray's GL hubris/bias doesn't happen). During the RT layoffs later that year (which are very likely gen:LOCK's fault due to the internal failures alongside the repeated flops made by the Rooster Teeth Games division), Gray admits that he'd outright left RT during the summertime, with the very strong implication from the timeline being that he'd been summarily fired after the leaks. People from inside RT have said only good things about the new Heads of Animation and the house-clearing they brought in, with RWBY Volume 7 marking the first time that a RWBY Volume didn't have a bad pre-production period or was rushed to completion (as far as we know now as of writing, things can come out later).
gen:LOCK's uncertain future paid off eventually as HBO decided to help fund Season 2 with it being announced in October. It's being outsourced to a Vancouver company, and the series is being co-funded by HBO to avoid... all the bad stuff that happened last time. Time will tell how it goes, but HBO's making sure it actually turns a profit, as they're keeping it on HBO Max for 90 days before it goes over to RT First.
So while things seem to be on the mend and the company is overall trying very hard to avoid excessive crunch (to the point of RWBY Volume 7 not having a post credits scene), this did a number on Rooster Teeth's reputation. Their casual nature towards crunch, beginning with Burnie in the RVB days and continuing with Monty's workaholic nature meant that Gray had free reign of an environment to abuse as he saw fit. While there's a bit of a happy ending, it's likely that the crunch environment is what led to several key RWBY animation figures like Kim Newman, Ian Kedword and Pat Rodriguez all leaving the company within the year, to say nothing of the impact GL and other projects flopping had on RT with the layoffs. While Gray was eventually removed from his position, his drive to make his dream show at any expense, no matter what cost it came at to people besides himself, has left a long shadow that will haunt the company for years to come.
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2020.05.29 15:14 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 2 - The Brotherhood (PART A)

Season 2 - The Brotherhood (PART A)
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Moonage Daydream
Everything starts off in black, when we suddenly hear an immeasurable of tiny raindrops hitting the ground. Right at that moment, we cut to cold, gray sky, where a massive storm is currently taking place. As the camera slowly pans down, we begin to hear many voices, each indistinguishable from the next. A loud wistle then blows in the distance, followed by the sound of a train door opening up. The camera pans towards the train, and as it does, we see horizontal lines of barbed wire. A group of German soldiers stand in front of the train, and it's then when we realize what's going on. POLAND, 1942. As the train doors open, the German soldiers give way to yelling. Behind the train are hundreds upon hundreds of exhausted, starving, and hopeless Jewish people, all bound for the inevitable. Dozens of Jewish men, women, and children are thrown off of the train by the ruthless soldiers and shoved into the mob of people. The camera then begins to focus on a little boy, about the age of seven or eight. From the boy's facial expression, we can see that he's trying to stay optimsitic, although he's struggling to continue doing so. Then, as a the boy looks up at the cloudy sky, the screaming begins. The soldiers push their way through the mob of people, raising their rifles as they do. Soon, it's clear what they're doing, which is dividing everyone into smaller groups. Families try to stay together, but they're shoved apart by the screaming soldiers. As the boy is seperated from his mother, he kicks at the ground and yells out, but nothing changes. The boy is thrown into a fenced-off area, watching as his mother is brutally shot down. With tears streaming down from his eyes, the boy reaches out his hand and screams until his face turns blue. Suddenly, the metal gate begins to bend as the boy reaches out his hand, but he's then knocked out by a german soldier. As the boy lays unconcious on the ground, we're able to make out that a tag on his torn clothing reads, "Erik Lehnsherr." CUT TO BLACK. After a couple of seconds, we fade into the outside of a small, shoddy motel. A man walks by and grabs a newspaper from the stand, and from it, we can see that it's now July of 1985. In one of the motel rooms, Erik Lehnsherr (Edward Norton) wakes up from a vivid nightmare, then looking around and remembering where he is. Next to Erik lays Raven Darkholme (Lupita Nyong'o), a mutant covered head-to-toe in dark blue scales and having yellow eyes. As Raven sleeps, her appearence uncontrollably changes, revealing her shape-shifting abilities. In the same room is John Allerdyce (Jesse Plemmons) and Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer), the latter of whom having defected from Charles Xavier's school along with Erik. Meanwhile, Charles Xavier (David Tennant) has become increasingly depressed, now permantly stuck in a wheelchair after the massive battle during the first season's finale. As he looks in the bathroom mirror, Charles grabs a razor and shaves off his head, tearfully flashing back to Warren's death as he does. At the same time, Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet) and Jean Grey (Florence Pugh) have begun fully dating, but their relationship is distracted by their PTSD from the mutant testing facility. As Scott kisses Jean, she gets painful flashbacks of being beaten by guards at the mutant facility, causing her to break down into tears as Scott watches in sadness, feeling the same pain as she is. Anna Marrie (Sophia Lillis) and Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) are also experiencing severe PTSD, with Anna unable to get images of Warren's tortured and beaten body out of her head. Early in the morning, a tired Hank takes a shower, but as the water goes onto his back, he suddenly flashes back to a group of guards spraying him with a hose. As Hank thinks back to the soldiers beating him to the ground, Hank angrily punches a hole in the wall before breaking down into tears. Soon after this, Charles watches a news report and is upset to see the sheer hatred that the world has for mutants, which has been escalated following the events of season 1. The news report also shows footsge of Erik using the sentinals to kill dozens of innocent people, then reminding everybody that this man is still at large. That night, Erik, Bobby, Raven, and John arrive at a convenient store, and the clerk recognizes Erik and Bobby as fugitves. Seeing that the clerk is about to call the police, John uses his powers to blast the clerk with a large amount of fire, killing the clerk without hesitation. However, this all causes the store to burn down, forcing the four mutants to flee the scene. As they run off, Raven stops at a nearby brick wall and spraypaints the words, "Mutant and proud." Elsewhere, a disgruntled man (Aaron Paul) sits at a bar, impateintly waiting for the bartender. As the bartender asks for the man's name, the man glares him in the eyes and simply says, "Logan." Suddenly, a group of drunken men walk up to Logan, harrasing him and trying to start a fight. Eventually, Logan leaps up, causing the men to cheer. At that moment, three metal claws emerage from Logan's fists, and he ruthlessly kills the men as a the bartender watches in horror. The bartender quickly pulls out a shotgun and shoots Logan with it, but the bullet wound heals within a matter of seconds. With rage in his eyes, Logan kills the man and destroys the secuirty camera before walking out, his metal claws now soaked with blood. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Ashes To Ashes
In a cold, snowy forest, Logan runs away from a nearby bar, having just brutually murdered every person inside. Once he's far away enough, Logan stops running, breathing heavily and panting as he leans against a tree, slowly falling to the ground as he does. Logan then looks at his claws, cursing himself and asking how he could've been so stupid to do this. After cleaning the blood off of them, Logan begins to slowly and painfully retract his claws, screaming as he does. It hurts this bad every time, and it's some of the worst pain imaginable. Once his claws are retracted, Logan collapses onto the dirt, holding back tears as he slams is head against a nearby tree. With rage in his eyes, Logan continues to slam his head the tree, repeadtly saying, "Just remember... please. Just remember something." Right at that moment, everything cuts to Erik, Bobby, Raven, and John walking around, all of them with their hoods up and Raven having shape-shifted out of her 'natural form'. As the four mutants cautiously walk throughout the steets in the small town of Hammondsport, they come across the rundown church with a sign reading, "Mutants Welcome." Having nowhere else to go, the four mutants begin to discuss if they should go in, ending after John says that, "Chances are, we can go in there. And if we can't, then we just kill the one guy who's inside." Following this, Erik, Bobby, Raven, and John reluctantly enter the church, and Bobby eyes John with distrust as they do. Inside the church stands an annoyed and saddened preist (Matthew McCounaghey), who suddenly bursts into excitment as people actually enter. The preist runs up to Erik and the other mutants, eagerly shaking their hands and introducing hismelf as, "Willaim Stryker." After the four sit down, Stryker gives them dusty bibles and runs onto his pedastel, and from the way he talks and acts, we can see that he may not fully be mentally stable. During his rambling sermon, Stryker talks about how mutants should be worshipped as gods instead of being discriminted against. Looking up into the sky, Stryker says that god gave them mutants as a gift, and they should be treated with the utmost respect. Erik watches Stryker with a great amount of observation, telling Bobby that, "Someone like this may be exactly what we need right now." Afterwards, Erik approaches Stryker, and reveals who he is, although this everyone else advises against this. Upon hearing who Erik is, Stryker grabs his hand and kneels down to him, pleading Erik to know he can do for him. Looking back at Bobby, Raven, and John, Erik tells Stryker that, "We need someplace to stay for awhile." Meanwhile, Logan walks into a nearby bar, chugging down multiple jugs of beer as a women next to him watches with confusion. The women asks Logan if he's drinking to remember, to which he tells her that, "I'm drinking to remember... to remember anything before two years ago." Logan then continues to drink, and we realize that he's suffering from amnesia, not having any memories before the past two years. That evening, Hank finds Anna sulking in the garden, heavily greving over Warren's death. Hank sits next to Anna, who then looks up at him with tears in her eyes. Anna tearfully says that, "I could've stopped all of this from happening. I could've stopped Warren from leaving. But I didn't. I went with him, for gods sake. What the hell is wrong with me..." In response, Hank looks down in sadness before assuring Anna that this isn't her fault and Warren wouldn't want her to think like this. As she flashesback to the last thing Bobby said to her before he left with Erik, Anna tells Hank, "He would've at the end." Hank tells Anna that they have to move forward, saying that everyone is just as broken up about Warren's death as Anna is, especially Charles. Elsewhere, Erik, Bobby, Raven, and John step out of Stryker's car, who then shows them around his ranch. After showing them all the accommodations they need, Stryker gives the four mutants a place to sleep before exiting, and shortly afterwards, Bobby tells Erik that Stryker is lunatic. Suddenly enraged, Erik angirly says that Stryker is on their side, and right now, that's what they need the most. As this happens, we cut to the school, which the camera begins to mysteriously pan-out of. We then see Logan standing outside the school, looking into the distance before heading towards the gate. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Starman
Everything fades into December, 1984. The heroes are being held captive in the mutant testing facility, with the time currently being right after Scott and Jean's conversation in the episode, "And So It Goes." Nobody has seen Warren Worthington in about a week, but despite this, many still have hope, especially Scott and Jean. As they go to work, Scott suddenly attacks one fo the guards, pushing to do the ground as Jean follows suite. Scott and Jean continue to attack the guards, and a massive riot ensues. However, the mutants are quickly defeated, and Scott and Jean are brought before Bolviar Trask (Giancarlo Esposito). Trask spits at the two, calling them abominations and monsters who are somehow allowed to walk this Earth. Trask then motions his hand, and multiple guards barge in, all of whom ruthlessly beat Scott and Jean until they're at the verge of unconciousness. As Trask walks out, Scott overconfidentally yells at Trask, who then runs at Scott and slaps his several times with his gun before raising the gun up to Scott's head. Trask prepares to pull the trigger, while Jean begs for him not too. Enraged, Trask hits Jean with the gun and walks out, telling her and Scott, "Let this be a warning to you. Next time time any of you do something like this again, I will NOT be so merciful!" Trask then walks out, and we see Scott and Jean bleeding on the ground. Back where things left off, Jean suddenly wakes up from a nightmare, and it's inferred that she flashed back to the events that have just been show. Jean checks her watch, annoyed to see that it's four in the morning. Knowing she won't be able to fall back asleep, Jean enters Scott's room to find that he's also still awake. Scott lets Jean come into his room, telling her to shut the door behind her as he asks why she's still up. As she lays down next to Scott, Jean tells him that, "I was about to say the same thing to you. I don't think either of us have slept in awhile." Scott and Jean silently lay together for a couple seconds when suddenly, they hear the gate of the school open up. Scott and Jean quickly rush outside, with Jean telling Scott to get Charles as she goes towards the gate. Soon after this, Jean finds Logan closing the gate behind him, who barley seems shocked to see her. Jean asks Logan how the hell he got in, then seeing the broken keypad and Logan's claws. As Logan lights a cigar, Jean then looks up at him, realizing that Logan is a mutant. Walking past Jean, Logan asks what he's supposed to do now when he sees Scott rolling out Charles. Logan sarcastically claps and begins insulting Charles when suddenly, Charles taps into Logan's mind, startling him. Logan asks Charles what the hell that was, to which Charles rolls his eyes and barley gives a reponse, not able to deal with someone as ignorant at Logan when it's this late at night. Charles tells Scott and Jean to find an empty room for Logan, saying that they'll go over everything in a couple hours from now. That afternoon, Bobby talks to Erik about how he feels like Warren's death is all his fault, to which Erik stays silent. Bobby tries to get Erik's attention, who then quietly says, "Why are we doing this, Bobby? We haven't done anything. We haven't done anything!" Suddenly, Erik stands up and begins screaming, telling Bobby, "All we've been doing for the past five months is sit on our asses! Aren't we supposed to be changing the world?!" Nothing has changed since we started all of this, and we need to do something! We need to goddamn do something about all of this already!" As Erik continues to yell, Bobby slowly backs away, realizing that Erik is becoming mentally unstable, meaning that the one person Bobby thought he could trust is now at the brink of insanity. Meanwhile, similar to bobby, Anna continues to blame herself for Warren's death, and begins flashing back to not only Warren's death, but her boyfreind's death, who she accidentally killed. At the same time, an exhausted Charles meets with Logan, who reveals his metal claws and healing factor. Logan tells Charles about his amensia, and we see that Logan is trying to distract himself from all of his pain through sarcasm, telling Charles that, 'You should probably get that gate fixed." Several hours later, Stryker walks around the ranch, not seeming like his normal, eccentric self and instead acting slightly intelligent and well-kept as he tends to the plants. As Stryker does this, he hears a quiet but noticeable noise, then looking into the distance to see Bobby crying. Stryker approches Bobby and sits down next to him, asking why Bobby is so upset. In response, Bobby says that someone very close to him died and he feels like it's all his fault. Looking down in sadness, Stryker reveals to Bobby that his son died of brain cancer, and he felt that way for years. However, Stryker says he's doing whatever he can to make up for it, and if he can get over his guilt, so can Bobby. Bobby then hugs Stryker, thanking him before wiping away his tears. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - The Man Who Sold The World
Early in the morning, Anna slowly walks towards the school's beautiful, carrying a single rose in her hand as she holds back tears. Eventually, Anna stops and places a flower in front of gravestone which reads, "Warren Worthington." As she wipes the tears from her eyes, Anna tries to say words to the grave, but is unable to find any. Instead, Anna just stands there, thinking about how someone she loved is suddenly gone, and now her freind will never be able to breath, see, or think again. He's dead, and there's nothing she can do about it. After about a minute, Anna kneels down at the grave and manages to come up with words, saying, "You always liked this place. I guess that why they- they... I guess that's why they buried you here." Anna then stands back up, preparing to say something else but instead walking away, all the while hoping that Warren is in a better place now, and remembering how happy he once was. Several hours later, Charles calls Scott down to a large and extensive basement beneath the school in order to show Scott what he's been working on for the past several months. Charles then unviels his project, which is shown to be a device capable or tracking every mutant in the world at any time. He calls it Cerebro. However, Charles then accidentally reveals his true intentions, which are to use Cerebro in order to locate Erik and Bobby. In response, Scott puts his ahnd on Charles' shoulder and assures his mnetor that the team's fracture wasn't his fault, saying that there's nothing they could've done to stop it. Erik had been going down that route for years now, and it was alawys going to end up like this. With tears in his eyes, Charles says that, "I still could've prevented it. I could've helped Erik, instead of driving him away. And Warren. Oh god. I should've been there for him, but I wasn't. I wasn't..." Charles suddenly bursts into tears, talking about how all of this is his fault as he does. As he looks down in sadness, Scott tells Charles, "We all feel the same way, Charles. But if all we do is sulk here and mourn, there's no way of any of this being better. They're counting on you, so you have to be there, even if you're not in the best place right now. No matter what, you need to be strong, for not only all of them, but yourself too." Upon hearing this, Charles slowly nods before wiping the tears from his eyes and telling Scott, "I'll be up soon. Just give me a couple more minutes." Elsewhere, Bobby is finally beggining to get over Warren's death, now having frequent talks with Stryker, who comforts Bobby and acts as a mentor of sorts. As this happens, Erik becomes frustrated at Bobby, believing he's becoming disillusioned with their cause and that this is all Stryker's fault. Because of this, a rift begins to form between Bobby and Erik while Raven, seeing how much Stryker has done for Bobby, decides to reluctantly talk to him. As Stryker eats a small lunch, Raven slowly walks towards him, then deciding against this. But, as Raven prepares to leave, Stryker sees her and asks what she's doing. After a breif moment of silence, Raven approaches Stryker and tells her that she has a lot of mind, then asking if she talk to him. Stryker asks Raven what's bothering her, to which she reveals that up until a couple months ago, she had no control over her powers, resulting in her appearence changing every minute. Raven goes on to to say that she contemplated suicide dozens of time, and right as she was about to actually do it, she was found be Erik, who took her in and gave her a home. Over the past few months, Erik has taught Raven to control her powers, and even though she has trouble, Raven can control her appearence most of the time. Breathing heavily, Raven then reveals that throughout the past week, Erik has begun to become mentally unstable, and she worries about him going over the edge. After a look of deep thought, Stryker tells Raven that she needs to talk to Erik and see what's on his mind, or else he could indeed go, "Over the edge." Distracted, Raven's hand begins to change in appearence, but Raven soon catches this and reverts her hand before thanking Stryker for his advice and walking away. Meanwhile, Anna finds Logan smoking a ciggerate behind the school, then walking up to him and asking if she can get one.As he looks at Anna, Logan chuckles and refuses, then noticing her gloves and asking why she has them. Anna shrugs at Logan, who then makes an insulting comment, which causes Anna to sarcastically ask Logan, "Why are you such an asshole all the time?" Logan gives a slight laugh before revealing that he has no recollection of his past, to which Anna says, "Well look on the bright side, now you can focus on your future." As Anna says this to Logan, she relates it to her constant guilt and greif over Warren's death. Suddenly, everyone falls down in pain. Inside the school, Charles has hooked himself up to Cerebro, doing everything he can to locate Erik. Back at the ranch, Erik realizes who triggered the mind attack, and runs into his trailer as he screams in his pain. Hearing Charles; voice, Erik yells at him to get out his head as he uncovers a dusty, metal helmet. Erik immeditatly slides it on, and Charles' voice is silenced, resulting in Erik sadistically smiling. CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 2 Part B (Character Count Was Too Much)
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2020.05.27 18:59 MyLifeIsRedacted Just watched The End of Time for the first time...

And holy heck.
The End of Time part 1 disappointed me, with a bad plot, a cringey master and a terrible cliffhanger based on a pun. Wow. The only good thing was the return of Wilf, the best companion to grace the doctor's side.
Part 2 on the other hand, was SO GOOD. The start was a bit slow, and the master was still kind of bad, but the return of gallifrey was amazing, Timothy Dalton as Rassilon was amazing, David Tennant put out his best performance as the Doctor (beating Midnight, which is no mean feat) and Bernard Cribbins was spot on in every single scene. And the ending... Everything from the doctor crashing through the dome to the end was PURE PERFECTION. The four knocks twist was so expertly done, and it was heartbreaking to watch. The chemistry between the actors in that scene was so good, bringing me to tears with Tennant's acceptance and Cribbins' despair. From then on it was gut punch after gut punch, with the goodbyes being both tragic and heartwarming up until the tearjerking last line.. Even so, the outlook was positive for all the companions, making it even more tragic for the Doctor. And the score... Vale is the saddest song I have ever heard, and pitch perfect for the situation; Vale Decem is still tragic but uplifting bringing excitement for what is to come, and The New Doctor is exciting, passionate and forward looking. And it sets the tone for Matt Smith's character brilliantly, showing you what is to come
I could rant about the merits of this episode for hours, it was so good. And it is the only episode of Dr Who to date that brought me to tears - not even Doomsday had done that.
So yeah, an amazing part 2, as long as we don't talk about part 1
David Tennant, I love you. Same goes for Matt Smith.
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2020.05.25 20:51 film_nerd406 The X-Men Season 1 - Beginnings

Season 1 - Beginnings
Executive Producer - Damon Lindelof

Episode 1 - Vienna
Everything opens up on a small, southern town where dozens upon dozens of angry rioters gather in the streets, surronding something although it's not actually seen. As the camera slowly pans towards to the chaotic scene, we begin to hear the cry of baby, which becomes louder and louder as the rioters continue to yell. At first, the words the rioters are saying are indistive, but it's not long before we hear what they're saying. What they're repeatdly chanting over and over again: "Kill all Mutants!" The camera goes into the crowd and we see a slight of glimpse of two people being circled by the rioters. Finally, we get a look at what's happening. A fearful mother fights off a group of rioters as she holds a deformed baby in her hands. However, not only is this child severley deformed, it's skin is horrifcally and unctroallably streching. This child was born with genes; these cursed abilties. This child is a Mutant. Suddenly, the mother is knocked to the ground and the rioters take hold of the baby. The mother attempts to run back but she's shot in the leg, then screaming in pain. The rioter with the gun then prepares to shoot the baby as the mother helplessly watches in horror, bleeding out on the ground as she does. But, right as the rioter prepares to pull the trigger, a winged figure (Noah Jupe) swoops in and grabs the baby, saving it. The figure rises up, and as he holds the baby in his arms, the rioters throw rocks at him in an attempt to kill him. The figure looks into the mother's eyes, and despite all the choas, we manage hear the figure say the words, "She'll be safe now. I promise." The mother silently nods, prompting the figure to fly away as the local police arrive to calm down the rioters. FADE TO BLACK. Cut to a large, polished room where a group of congressmen sit in their seats, cleary waiting for someone to arrive. Before long, Senator Bolivar Trask (Giancarlo Esposito) confidently walks into the room, carrying a breifcase in his hands. Trask greets each and every congressmen, making himself look as best as he can in front of them.Eventually, Trask sits down and opens up his breifcase beofre pulling out several files. From the date on the files, we see that it's currently around December of 1984. Trask starts off by saying that, "Everyone's biggest fear right now seems to be the Soviets, but what if I told you there was a threat far more dangerous right in our own country?" Upon seeing everyone's curiousity, Trask smiles and continues, telling everyone, "You may be wondering what I'm talking about. Well, the awnser is plain and simple: mutants." Trask explains to the congressmen the threat that mutants pose to America, and we can see that while most of the congressmen know what he's talking about, there's still many that haven't even heard of mutants. Trask shows examples of all the destrutction mutants have caused, saying they need someway to stop mutants. Trask then proposes an idea: a group of robotic soldiers with the sole purpose of detaining, or even eliminating, mutants. However, the congressmen compare Trask's idea to genocide, saying they need some other way to handle this issue. While Trask tries to convince the congressmen to change they're mind, none of them agree with Trask's 'Sentinal Program', and Trask is then sent out.Immediatly after Trask walks out, his entire composure goes from determined to frustrated, angirly throwing his breifcase to the ground. Trask is suddenly approached by mutant activists Charles Xavier (David Tennant) and Erik Lehnsherr (Edward Norton), both of whom are mutants themselves. The two tell Trask that they've heard rumors about him illegally kidnapping and experimenting on young mutants, to which Trask strenrly says, "Well those are just rumors, but even if they were true, you're kind deserves it." Erik starts to yell at Trask, but Charles manages to calm Erik down and the two leave the room before telling Trask that they'll be keeping tabs on him. Elsewhere, in a quiet, rural neighborhood, seventeen year old Anna Marie (Sophia Lillis), walks downstairs with her bags packed tears in her eyes. Anna places her hand on a nearby houseplant, then looking down in sorrow when it withers and dies. Anna then leaves the house in disarray, barley looking back as she does. Throughout the next couple days, Anna hitchhikes around time and ends up at a gas station. As Anna tries to control her powers, she accidentally kills a dog as the store clerk wathes in horror. Upon realizing Anna is a mutant, the clerk and prepares to shoot her without hesitation. Right at that moment, Anna is saved by two young mutants, Scott Summers (Timothee Chalamet) and Jean Grey (Florence Pugh). Scott and Jean assure Anna that they're just like her before disarming the clerk and urging Anna to come with them, who reluctantly accepts the offer. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 2 - Movin' Out
Not long after the events of episode 1, Anna sits in a pickup truck with Scott and Jean, having little-to-no idea where she's going. As Scott drives the car, Anna barley says a word, eying both Scott and Jean suspiciously depsite having been saved by the two of them several minutes prior. Anna cautiosly slides her hand towards the car door as she stares at Scott's silver visor that keep his optic blasts at bay. Suddenly, Anna eyes widen as the car comes to a stop outside a lavish mansion. The sign in front of the mansion reads, "Charles Xavier And Erik Lehnsherr's School For Gifted Youngsters." Scott enters a passcode into the fence outisde of the school, then getting back in the car as it opens. Anna slides her hand away from the car door, no longer fearing for her safety. We then cut to Scott, Jean, and Anna standing at the doorstep of the mansion, waiting for a response after Scott rings the doorbell. Soon, Charles Xavier walks out, greeting Scott and Jean before remarking that it looks like they have a new student. Anna continues to stay silent when suddenly, she hears a voice in her head. It's not long before she realizes that it's Charles voice, who then explains to Anna what this school is before he stops reading her mind. From this, we learn that Charles and Erik have worked for over a decade to create a safehaven for mutants, where they learn how to use and control their powers. Soon after this, Anna meets with Charles and Erik, who give her a map of the school and her classes. Charles and Erik tell Anna that the people who took her here are some of their most trusted students, both of whom have been at school since they were kids and have chosen to stay during addulthood. Anna also witnesses Erik's mangetic abilities as he uses his mind to lift a metal pen towards Anna so she can select her classes. The following day, Anna tours around the school and goes into her classes, although she ignores most of them and believes that nobody can help her with what she's going through. Unknown to Anna, one of her professors Hank McCoy (David Oyelowo) takes note of this, and confronts her about it after class. Hank assures Anna that everyone here has gone through the same thing, saying that he used to wake up to find his feet and hands had become monstourous, a deformity he'll have to life with the rest of his life. However, a tearful Anna takes off her gloves and touches a nearby rosebrush, which completely dies within a matter of seconds. Anna then looks back at Hank, telling him that, "Well you don't have to live with the fact that every goddamn thing you touch dies!" With that, Anna puts back on her glvoes and silently walks away with tears streaming down from her eyes. Elsewhere, Trask decides that he needs to solve the problem of mutants on his own, depsite if the government agrees with him or not. Throughout the next couple of days, Trask uses his fortune to get top-quality mechanics to begin the Sentinel Program, but it seems to be a failure. Back with Anna, she meets Warren Worthington, who's shown to be the winged figure from the beggining of the first episode. Anna becomes aquinted with Warren, who's charisma causes her to laugh and feel genuine happinees, which is something she hasn't expirienced in a long time. Warren is also accompained by his closest freind Bobby Drake (Jack Dylan Grazer), who can create ice from thin air.Despite her freindship with him, Anna feels like Warren is keeping something from her, espeically when the other students seem to stay away from Warren and keep quiet around him. Meanwhile, Trask's mechanics give up, and as Trask yells at them, they simply tell him that there's nothing they can do. Enraged, Trask kills one of the mechanics, then threateningly telling the rest of the them, "We're done when I say we're done...." CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 3 - Honesty
Early in the morning, Anna hangs out with Warren and Bobby within the premices of the school when suddenly, Warren is called into the mansion by Erik. Confused by Warren's frequent dissapearences, Anna finally decides to ask Bobby about why this is happening to Warren, but Bobby refuses to say anything about the topic. However, Bobby eventually gives in and reveals the shocking truth to Anna. From Bobby, Anna is shockingly learn that Warren is actually an escapee from a mutant testing facility owned by Bolivar Trask. Following Warren's escape, the government found out about Trask's testing facilities and was forced to shut them down. Despite this, Charles, Erik, and mostly everyone else at the school believes that this facilities are still active. However, even if the facilities really are shut down, Warren is still a fugitive and will be detained if he's found, meaning that he's not able to leave the premices of the school. After learning this, Anna realizes the true extent of America's hatred towards mutants, and ponders if she may actually be better off in this school than anywhere else. Several hours later, even though Bobby tells her not too, Anna tells Warren that she knows everything about what happened to him. Upon hearing this, Warren's charisma immediatly goes away as he becomes much more serious. From the look in the eyes, we can see the pain that Warren is experiencing by flashing back to the years he spent in the testing facility. After a moment of silence, Warren sits down with Anna and quietly talks about what happened, saying that, "I can't ever leave here, Anna. Because if I had to go back there, I don't think I could get out again." A single tear falls from Warren's eyes as he looks down in sadness. Anna, sympathying with Warren, puts her hand over his and begins to talk about her past. Confiding in Warren, Anna tells him that, "When I was sixteen I killed somebody." Warren looks up at Anna, who grasps Warren's hand tighter as she continues to talk. "He was boyfreind. It was around the time my 'powers' started to come up, but I didn't really think much of it. Then we were kissing and I put my hand on his face... and he dropped dead." Holding back tears, Anna quietly says, "I tried to wake him back up... I did everything I could. But as I touched his chest, his body started disapating. Oh god, Warren. What have I done?" With that, Anna bursts into tears, and as Warren tries to comfort her, she tells him, "He wouldn't have died if it weren't me. He would still be here if it weren't for me!" As he puts his arm around her, Warren tells Anna, "You're right. And that's the burden we have to live with. How many people do you think Scott's killed? Or Jean? Or even Xavier? We've all hurt people, Anna. All of us. But we have to move on. And once we do that, we can learn how to stop ourselves from hurting anyone else."After she stops crying, Anna tells Warren that, "You're the only one I ever told that. My family and everyone else thinks that he died of a heart attack. Nobody knows it was me... except for you now." Thoughout the next couple of days, Anna and Warren continue to grow closer, with Anna feeling like Warren is the only person who truly gets what she's going through. As this happens, Scott meets with Hank, who he admires and looks up to. Scott reveals to Hank that he's been in love with Jean ever since he met her and needs to know if she feels the same way. In response, Hank says that there's no way he could know that and Scott needs to figure it out for himself. Meanwhile, Trask sits in his office when suddenly, he gets a call from his receptionist telling him that there's someone here to meet him. Confused, Trask asks for the person's name, to which the receptionist says, "Erik Lehnsherr." Following this, Trask tells his receptionist to let the man in, wanting to see what Erik has to say.As Erik enters the office, he interupts Trask before he can even open his mouth to speak, telling him that, "I know you've continued the Sentinal Program." With anger in his eyes, Trask tells Erik that, "And I know you have Warren Worthington. You bring him back to me... and all of this stops." In a fit of rage, Erik crushes every metal object in the room, resulting in Trask calling security. As Erik is dragged out of the room, he threatens to kill Trask before the door slams shut. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 4 - My Life
Following the ending of episode 3, Charles confronts Erik about him being dragged out by security and using his powers to intimidate Trask. Scolding Erik, Charles says that they can't make such fools of themselves as what Erik just did has only furthered the opinion people have currenlty have about mutants. As he holds back his rage, Erik says that what these people think of them doesn't matter; all that matters it stopping them, even if it requires a more radical approach. Upon hearing this, Charles tells Erik they can't resort to this, to which Erik says, "We do what ever the hell works, alright?! The whole point of this is to protect our kind, not those savages!" A quick altercation ensues, ending after Erik angirly leaves the room, slamming the door behind him as he does. Meanwhile, Warren rushes into his dorm with Anna, telling her that it's urgent. As Warren closes the door, he puts on a metal headpeice, telling Anna that it'll stop Charles from being able to read their minds. Before Anna can even open her mouth to speak, Warren puts a metal headpeice on her head as well, confusing Anna, who demands to know what this is all about. After making sure nobody can hear them, Warren says that Anna's taught him to live life and reveals he's going to leave the mansion. Anna tells Warren that he'll get caught, to which Warren says, "I'll be disguised, and there'll be know way Trask can find us. Besides, it'll only be a couple of hours." While she doesn't fully agree with him, Anna decides to go with Warren as she wants to make sure he won't get hurt or captured, knowing that Warren is over confident and needs someone to keep him in check. Soon after this, Warren confronts Bobby about his plan, pleading for Bobby to come with him. Despite this, Bobby refuses to help Warren, telling him that he's insane for even thinking of this and will be caught by Trask. Following this, the two freinds get into a bitter arguement, with Bobby telling Warren that, "You're not normally like this, Warren. That girl is messing with your head!" An enraged Warren yells at Bobby, saying that Anna is the first person in a hwile that he truley trusts before telling Bobby, "Why do you think I never even go near you anymore, Bobby? Because you're a shit freind!" Bobby prepares to stay something back to Warren, but he instead slowly walks away, barley looking back at Warren as he does. Several hours later, Charles meets with Scott and Jean about the impending Sentinal threat, firmly believing that they should deal with this diplomatically even if Erik disagrees. Charles says that if they use fear and intimdiation to stop Trask, they're no diffrent than the enemy, then telling Scott and Jean that the need to find some other way to combat these people. However, Scott is too distracted by trying to figure out if Jean has feelings for him and ends up barley paying attention to Charles, resulting in him barley talking. As this happens, Anna and Warren steal the keys to Scott's truck, then enthusiastically driving off, although Anna is extremely nervous about Warren getting caught. Wearing sunglasses to conceal his face and a trenchcoat to hide his wings, Warren heads into a nearby arcade with Anna close behind him. Warren wondrously wanders throughout the arcade, telling Anna, "I haven't done this in years..." Unknown to Warren and Anna, a store clerk recognizes Warren's face from a wanted poster, then calling the police as he watches the boy. Soon after this, Warren and Anna continue to hang out in the arcade when suddenly, an entire SWAT team bursts through the doors of the arcade. A massive battle ensues, which Charles horrifically watches on the news. In response Charles sends Scott, Jean, and Hank to aid Warren and Anna, doing everything he can to prevent Warren from being taken captive. Back with Warren and Anna, they struggle to fight off the soldiers when Scott, Jean, and Hank arrive on the scene. In the ensuing chaos, the entire area becomes a battleground between the five mutants and the soldiers, resulting in a massive amount of destruction. During the height of the battle, Warren's trenchcoat is ripped off, revealing his wings to the bystanders. As Warren sees how horrified everyone is by him, he turns himself in to the soldiers, stopping the battle. Seeing that Anna, Scott, Jean, and Hank are distracted, the soldiers surrond them and put devices on their necks take disable their mutant powers. The soldiers then put the five mutants in handcuffs and arrest them as the crowd cheers for the soldiers, repeadtly shouting, "Kill all mutants!" CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 5 - And So It Goes
Several hours after the shocking events of episode 3, Anna, Warren, Scott, Jean and Hank wake up in nearby cells, still wearing the collars that disable their powers. It's not long before the five mutants collectivally realize they're being held captive in one on Trask's mutant testing facilities, causing Warren to go into a full panic attack. As Warren rocks and forth on the floor, he quietly says that, "This is all my fault... all of it. How could've I have been so goddamn stupid? How..." Anna opens her mouth to speak but is unable to find words, then instead looking down in sadness as she watches Warren. As Anna rubs her neck, her eyes widen upon rembering the collar on her neck. Anna slowly slides her gloves off and puts her hands on his back only for nothing to happen. Anna steps in shock. She's been waiting years for her powers to finally go awya, but not like this. Now, Anna silently slides into a corner, having nothing else to do than thinking about her reckless actions. Elsewhere, Trask uses the destructive battle from episode 3 to get the government on his side, who now support the Sentinal Program. Having all the funding and technology he needs, Trask is able to truly begin to devolp the Sentinals, having finally accomplished his life-long goal. At the school, Charles and Erik argue about what do next, with Erik saing that they need to do everything they can to free not only their proteges, but every mutant being held in captivity. While Charles tries to argue against using violence, he seems to be the only one in favor of this as more and more of the students start to support Erik. Meanwhile, Bobby blames himself for Warren's capture and convinces himself to tell Charles and Erik that he knew about Warren's plan. Upon hearing this, Charles and Erik become infuriated, demanding to know why Bobby never told them about this. However, Bobby has nothing to say in response, and only remains silent as he's scolded and yelled at by Charles and Erik. Despite this, Erik does seem to be more supportive of Bobby, and confronts him afterwards. In an attempt to get Bobby on his side, Erik says that Bobby's mistakes were in the past and they instead need to focus on freeing Warren and the other mutants. Back in the testing facility, Trask enters the cell block with dozens of guards surronding him. As he looks at Trask with rage in his eyes, Hank asks Trask why he's doing this, demanding to know the reasons behind his hatred of mutants. Trask glares at Hank, saying that mutants are a threat that need to be controlled, then ordering several guards to ruthlessly beat Hank. As the camera pans back to Trask, we see Hank screaming in pain as he's pummeled on the ground. Hank attempts to fight off the guards, but he's then tazed until he falls unconscious. After this, Traks enters Warren's cell and motions his hand, cuaisng a group of guards to drag Warren away, who cries out as Anna watches in horror. As Warren's screams echo throughout the entire cell block, Jean and Scott lean against their cells, which happen to be alongside each other. A single tear falls from Jean's eyes as she asks Scott, "How the hell did things go so wrong?" In response, Scott quietly looks up into Jean's eyes and tells her, "We tried to do the right thing, and somehow we ended up here. But we'll get out of here. I know we will." As she wipes the tears from her yes, Jean silently slides her hand through the cell and grasps Scott's hand, who's face then becomes determined with hope. Right at that moment, we cut to two weeks later. Anna lays tired in her cell, when suddenly, she hears footsteps nearby. Anna looks to horrifcally see a nearly unconcious and beaten Warren being thrown into his cell by a group of guards. As Anna steps back in shcok, we see that Warren's wings have been clipped and his face is covered with scars, now being barley recognizable. Warren collapses onto the ground, we see the even more grousome scars on his bare back, most of them resembling whip marks. Anna burst into tears, barley even able to look at Warren, who she knows will never mentally recover from this... and neither will anyone else. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 6 - Say Goodbye To Hollywood
Late at night, a traumatized Warren lays shaking in his cell, constantly flashing back to being beaten and tortured by Trask. The camera slowly pans out from Warren, and we get an even closer look at his scars. His wings are almost entirley gone, with the edges now bleeding. Most of the Warren's back is covered with whip lashes, and we see that his back has also been burned by a searing clothing iron. As we hear Warren crying, everything cuts to a view of his eyes. Warren's left eye is swolen shut, and scars cover his entire face. Warren is unable to get he noises and images of him being tortured out of his head, and as Warren lays awake, everything slowly fades to black. ONE WEEK LATER. As the doors in his cell block open, Warren slowly limps out with the other mutants, who are led by guards throughout the prison. Anna, Scott, Jean, and Hank are still in disbelief about what's happened to Warren, who's barley spoken a word throughout the last week. We also see that Scott has been beaten, although it's never shown where these bruises came from. Hank quietly chats with Scott about an escape plan, which is all Hank has thought about since he was imprisoned. He's the only one that hasn't lost hope. Meanwhile, Bobby has become much closer with Erik, now seeing him as a father figure of sorts. As he talks to Erik, Bobby reveals his troubled past, and it's revealed that Bobby was verbally abused by his parents for having mutant powers. Eventually, Bobby's parents attempted to kill him, who barley managed to get away and ended up coming across the school. Afterwards, Bobby looks down in sadness, and in repsonse, Erik assures Bobby that, "They were wrong. You're a mutant, and that means you're better than any of them." As Erik looks into the distance, he continues by saying, "They should worhip us, yet we allow them to crush us underneath their boots. To hell with them, Bobby. To hell with them." Bobby looks up at Erik and asks why he means, to which Erik tells Bobby, "We're going to stop Trask... and then we're going to show those people who's in charge." Elsewhere, Trask has finally completed the sentinals and now prepares to show them off to the public, with one singular goal: to exterminate the mutant kind. As this happens, we see that the imprisoned mutant have been forced to build the sentinals, and Trask has killed anyone who doesn't comply. Anna talks to Hank about how she deserves this for hurting so many people, but Hank once again says that her powers are a gift, even if it doesn't seem like it. Finally willing to listen to Hank, Anna hears what he has to say. Hank optimistically says that once they get out of here, Anna can learn how much energy she actually takes from people, and if that person is a mutant, she can take a small portion of those powers and use them. While Anna is oposed to the idea, she still enjoys hearing about it and gives her hope for the future. However, Anna is too focused on Warren to think about this, and she's willing to do everything it takes to get back to normal. That evening, Warren sits in his cell when Trask arrives. Warren begs for Trask to not do anything else to him, who spits in Warren's face. Trask looks Warren is the eyes and tells him that he's gotten what he deserves before having a group of guards drag Warren away, who tries to do everything he can to escape. The following morning, Anna awakes with Trask's words to Warren repeating in her head: "It's time for your grand moment." In another cell, Hank attempts to disable the collars when suddenly, a loud noise is heard outside. The prison guards run out but right as they do, they're impaled by several sharp spikes of ice. Erik and Bobby then enter through the doorway, ready to free the mutants and kill anyone who gets in their way. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 7 - Only The Good Die Young
Immediately after the ending of episode 6, Erik and Bobby barge into the mutant testing facility, wreaking havoc as they do. Bobby has used the full extent of his powers to turn his entire body into rock-hard ice, his eyes now glowing white as he and Erik make their entrance. The prisoners quickly get up upon seeing this, and a glimmer of hope appears in each-and-every one of their eyes. Nearly every guard in the facility rushes to the scene, all of them ready to shoot and kill Erik and Bobby. However, as the guards fire the bullets, Erik uses his magnetic powers to control the bullets and kill every single one of the guards, making it so the facility no longer has any defenses. Despite that they're being rescued, Anna, Scott, Jean, and Hank watch in horror as their mentor and colleague ruthlessly kill the guards. As he steps over the dozens upon dozens of corpses in the room, Erik opens the cells and rips off the collars, freeing the mutants in the facility. Following this, Erik and Bobby search for Warren, Anna, Scott, Jean, and Hank, with Bobby desperatley looking for Warren.As Anna sees Bobby looking for Warren, she sadly walks up to him and prepares to put her hadn on his shoulder before rembering that her powers are now back. Holding back tears, Anna tells Bobby about what Trask did to Warren and that he still has him. With tears streaming down from his eyes, Bobby screams in rage and destroys everything in the room, then falling to his knees. As this happens, Erik gathers Scott, Jean, and Hank, and a single tear falls from his eyes as he sees their beaten faces. Several days later, the mutants in captivity ajust to life back at the school while Bobby searches for Warren throughout the city. Anna completley blames herself for all of this, saying that she aided Warren and didn't do anything to convince him that what he was doing was dangerous. At the same time, Hank begins teaching again, but he's unable to focus as flashbacks of the facility flood his mind. Additionally, Charles and Erik have begun to become bitter enemies, with Charles in shock that Erik would kill all of those people. In an arguement, Charles tells Erik that, "Those people were simply following orders, Erik! Did you think they were just gonna sit there and let you free everyone?!" Enraged, Erik says, "Men following orders is the excuse for every atrocity in history. I've been at the mercy of people following orders for decades, but not this time." As he says this, Erik slowly closes his eyes, painful memories clearly appearing in his heads. Before walking out, Erik quietly says to Charles, "Never again... never again." Meanwhile, Jean cries in Scott's arms, asking how this could've happened and how people can be so terrible. After Jean says this, a moment of silence occurs before Scott tells Jean, "I don't know. But you have people who care about you... and I have you." Jean looks into Scott's eyes, suddenly kissing him as she does. Scott then smiles, having finally gotten the love of his life. Elsewhere, a large crowd of civilains and government officials wait for the unveiling of the Sentinals, which is taking place in the middle of Times Square. Soon, Trask walks out with an army of sentinals behind him. As Traks greets the crowd, several guards carry out a chained-up Warren Worthington, who's brought to the front of the stage. Trask uses Warren as an example of how monstourous mutants really are, encouriging the cheering crowd to throw things at Warren. As Warren is hit with a wave stones and broken bottles, Charles watches the entire thing on the news from his office. Finally realizing what he has to do, Charles gathers up Anna, Bobby, Erik, Scott, and Jean, telling that it's time for them to take a stand. CUT TO BLACK.

Episode 8 - Piano Man
Right where the last episode left off, Trask unveils the sentinals to the world with a beaten and chained Warren by his side, who the crowd throws hard objects at as they yell and cheer. Meanwhile, Charles uses his personal jet to get himself, Erik, Anna, Bobby, Scott, Jean, and Hank to Times Square in order to free Warren and hopefully stop Trask. Erik once again contemplates killing Trask, and as he does, Anna silently stares at Bobby, not able to talk to him after she watched him kill without remorse or hesitation. Upon hearing Erik say this, Charles tells Erik that this would only reafirm people's beliefs that mutants are monsters that must be destroyed. At the same time, we can see that using the maximum potential of his powers has taken a great physical toll on Bobby, who is currently struggling to stay conscious. Soon after this, the jet arrives in Times Square, catching the attention of the bystanders as well as Trask. As everyone watches, a hatch in the jet opens and the seven mutants walk out, all of them suited up in body armor and determined to free Warren. Bobby stops in his tracks as he sees the chained and tortured Warren, now fully realizing what Trask has done to Warren. Charles orders for Trask to let Warren go, who then sends a group of soldiers after the team. Using their powers, the mutants fight off the soldiers, while Bobby runs towards Warren. Seeing Bobby, Trask activates the sentinals, and everyone present goes silent as the sentinals rise up into air. The sentinals begin shooting powerful explosives at the mutants, and all of them run away and take shelter. In the ensuing chaos, a larhe chunk of rubble falls onto Charles lower back and legs, severley injuring him. Suddenly, the sentinals stop moving completley, causing everyone to go into a state of confusion, especially Trask. Right at that moment, the camera slowly pans up to reveal Erik rising into the air and using his powers to control the sentinals. Erik looks at the crowd in front of them, sadistically telling them that, "It's time for all you to get what you deserve." With that, Erik has the sentinals fire at the crowd. Charles yells at Erik to stop, but his voice is unable to be heard over the screams and gunfire. Before long, dozens of people are dead, with more and more dying every second. A stray bullet hits Warren's chains, allowing him to escape.However, as Warren limps away, he hears a whimpering Trask bleeding out on the ground, having gotten shot in the stomach by one of the sentinels. With rage in his eyes, Warren slowly walks over to Trask and reaches into his pocket, taking his handgun. Feeling the gun being pressed against his head, Trask looks up at Warren to see him grasping the gun in his hands with his finger on the trigger. Smiling, Trask begins to taunt Warren, talking about how he's nothing but a monster and telling him that. "Shoot me with that gun, Worthington. Exactly. You don't the gut-" BANG. Everyone stops what they're doing as they hear the gunshot go off, all of them turning their heads to the source of the sound. Anna's eyes widen as she sees the sight in front of her: a dead Bolivar Trask with Warren standing atop of him, holding a smoking gun in his hands. After breathing heavily, Warren falls to his kenes and lets out a horrifying, remorseless laugh. Warren is completley broken, no longer resembling any part of his former self. As he stares at Trask's dead body, Erik becomes distracted and ends up losing control of one of the sentinals, which then raises it's arm towards Warren. Seeing what's happening, Erik screams and tries to gain back control, but it's too late. The sentinal blasts out a burst of energy, which shoots Warren right in the chest. With the other mutants silent, Bobby quickly runs up to Warren's mutilated corpse, cradling his freind in his arms as tears stream down from his eyes. Erik raises his fist and tears apart the sentinals, destroying Trask's vision once and for all. However, Trask's legacy will continue, and Erik tells Charles that in this war between mutants and humans, he can no longer live by Charles' methods. Holding back tears, Erik says that Trask has demonstrated that mankind will alawys be against them, and if they don't act soon, something similar to what happened to Warren will happen again. A greif-stricken Bobby agrees with Erik, standing aside him as they look at the chaos and destruction around them. Bobby holds out his hand to Anna, who tearfully refuses to side with Bobby and Erik. In response, Bobby looks Anna right in the eyes, telling her that, "This is what Warren would've wanted. I've known him long enough to see that." With that, Bobby and Erik leave the scene, and Hank grabs Anna, saying that they need to leave. In the aftermath, the world become even more divided on mutants. Many hate mutants, but a terrifingly large amount of people seem to be worshipping Erik. In a small village, a group of mutant inspired by Erik kill everyone around them as they chant the words, "Mutant and Proud." Elsewhere, Charles is shown to be in a wheel chair, now being paralyzed from the wasit down after having his legs nearly crushed by rubble. As the camera pans out of the school, we see that Erik's name has been crossed out of the sign outside, which now reads, "Charles Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters." CUT TO BLACK.

Next: Season 2 - The Brotherhood
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2020.04.23 22:56 gamedemon24 [OC] The 150 Greatest Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: #20-11

We're getting close to the top ten! These are the ones that juuuust missed the list. And believe me, I would've wanted to put a lot of these in there if I could've.

20. Grant Ward

The greatest enemy Phil Coulson and his team ever faced. After breaking the hearts of all his friends when he turned out to be a Hydra operative, Grant Ward quickly became one of the most dangerous international agents on earth, now free from having to feign loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Over the next couple years Ward methodically tore apart many of the things his former friends held dear, murdering Coulson's significant other, giving Fitz brain damage, and torturing Bobbi Morse to the brink of death. And even when Coulson finally spared the team of any more pain being inflicted from Ward, their next enemy bore Ward's face, digging up all the emotional pain they'd just buried. Though he's now years in their rearview mirror, it would be hard to overstate the profoundness of the impact Grant Ward had on the lives of those he knew.

19. Kilgrave

The highlight of Jessica Jones' first season was its charismatic yet still terrifying main villain. Kevin Thompson, AKA Kilgrave, wasn't just the main enemy that Jessica was tasked with stopping, he was largely the force behind her depression, the demon in her past that made her the way that she is. Kilgrave is an unstoppable machine, a man who could probably rule the world if he had any desire to do so. And of course, the character gets so, so much from David Tennant's perfect portrayal. Seriously, how fantastic is David Tennant in this series? The character certainly isn't nothing without Tennant, but he's not the icon that he is now.

18. Daisy Johnson/Skye (Quake)

The star of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is the character we first know as Skye, but later find out is Daisy Johnson, daughter of an inhuman and a mad scientist. Early on Skye is the newest member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, primarily responsible for computer-based espionage. She takes awhile to find her path working as a secret agent, and loses some family along the way, but also gains a lot of lifelong friends. The emotional journey Daisy went on along the way is one of the most poignant of anybody in the MCU, as she often faced tremendous loss after the odd sign of things looking up. Having lost her mother, her father, Ward, Tripp, Coulson, Lincoln, and Fitz, she's still managed to be the same resilient fighter she's always been. A model and testament to strength and perseverance, against loss, against hardship, and against doubt. A superhero both after and before she could shoot seismic pulses from her hands.

17. Scott Lang (Ant-Man)

It took longer than some would've liked to introduce Ant-Man, and later the Wasp, into the MCU, but rising from the directorial drama and productions hangups is one of the best characters the MCU has had to offer: the ever-goofy but consistently heroic Scott Lang, successor to Hank Pym and lord of the ants. Scott never asked to be a superhero, but after he realized it was his shot at redemption in the eyes of his daughter, he jumped at the chance. Now Scott has saved his family more than once, fought alongside his heroes, and holds the distinction having been the only being in the universe to punch a Leviathan out of the air. Seriously, he just wound up and knuckled it. Is that not just the coolest thing you've ever seen in a Marvel movie? Seriously, that was freaking awesome.

16. Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

In early drafts of this list, I actually had Bucky in the top five. As you can see by my flair, I'm a huge Bucky fan and I have to make the conscious effort not to let my own bias get in the way of objectivity. Bucky was a good enough side character in Captain America: The First Avenger, but his appearance in The Winter Soldier showed him as a newly remade cyborg-enhanced remorseless machine of Hydra destruction. A better hand-to-hand combatant than even Black Widow and perhaps the most skilled assassin on the face of the earth, the Winter Soldier was instrumental in tearing S.H.I.E.L.D. down and nearly completing Hydra's quest to leave the shadows and openly rule the world with an iron fist, but he was only barely stopped by Captain America, who just happened to be his childhood friend. Without the ability to break through to Bucky's old self, it seems likely Cap would've been dead along with millions of innocents who posed any sort of risk to Hydra's endgame. Their friendship truly did save the world.

15. Bruce Banner (Hulk)

You could almost make the argument that Bruce and the Hulk should be separate entities on this list, as they've been showed as distinct personalities that can even talk to one another on occasion. In any event, now they're the same person, with Bruce having combined them into one constant form. Bruce should probably be in the top ten, but without full rights to give him his own solo films, his development has kind of fallen by the wayside in the grand scheme of things. Though we did get key character moments in Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, and Infinity War. And Mark Ruffalo has been another instance of casting perfection by Marvel Studios, replacing the more stiff and confined Edward Norton in the role. Now that the dust has settled from the events of Avengers: Endgame, hopefully we've got some great Hulk moments still ahead of us in the MCU.

14. Wilson Fisk (Kingpin)

The Dark Emperor of Hell's Kitchen, the King of Crime himself, the Ill Intent that set after the injured traveller. Wilson Fisk is soaked red with the blood of his victims, guilty of it all yet innocent of so much. His name travels the streets like an urban legend, one not necessarily believed in by everyone but still feared by all who hear it. Wilson Fisk pushed the honorable Matt Murdock to his limits and brought him to his knees. He is like a tornado, leaving nothing he touched undestroyed, and like a virus, one from which you cannot hide and for which you cannot conjure a cure. Fisk is not a superhuman, he cannot lift cars or fly or break the sound barrier, but he has an otherworldly ability to take any situation he's in and use the people around him to his advantage. A predator, one who's made his kill before the prey senses him in the water. Proof that a steel resolve and an ability to sail the tides of humanity are a match for any superpower in the world.

13. Erik Killmonger

Of any of the MCU's one-film villains, Erik Killmonger is by far the greatest. There's being a sympathetic villain, and then there's having a cause that millions across the world can sympathize with. Like Professor X and Magneto over on the Fox side, T'Challa and Killmonger see the same issue and offer radically different ideas on how to address it. Some see T'Challa as being undisputedly right, others find it extremely murky, and others think Killmonger was merely overly cruel but on the absolute right side of things. It's easy to have an opinion, but more impossible to ignore the appeals of the alternative. Another interesting question I've seen brought up in the post-Killmonger MCU: would the Black Order have still gotten to Vision if Killmonger had rule over Wakanda?

12. Frank Castle (Punisher)

Frank Castle is not a hero. His writers wouldn't have you believe he was, and neither would he. But like Killmonger, there are some out there who believe his methods are necessary. The jury interview scene in Daredevil's Season 2 was a defining one: to some, he's a serial killer who needs to be extinguished by the justice system. To others, he's what the criminal world needed: a force to keep them in check that's not hindered by any bureaucracy. The Frank Castle we got in the MCU was more layered than the comic one: he had conflict, he used to be a family man, and he showed flashes of the good man he used to be. But of course, where we got those moments of decency from Frank, we also got some good old fashioned Punisher brutality; Frank's murder of William Rawlins is the goriest death in the MCU by a mile.

11. Nebula

I don't know how many people would agree with putting Nebula this high up (Gamora was #30 for context), but I think it's justified. Nebula has been the biggest surprise in the MCU to date; she was a relatively boring part of the original Guardians of the Galaxy film, she was slightly more layered in 2017's Guardians Vol. 2, but over the course of Infinity War and Endgame she really shined. Then we started to learn about a daughter desperate for approval from her father who, upon realizing she'd never get it, had to live carrying pieces of herself that forever reminded her of him. She was a living shrine to Thanos's preference for his other daughter. What kind of weight does that put on someone? Over time, it took some adjusting to be around people like Tony Stark who treated her as an equal. The scene where she's surprised and almost confused by Tony conceding her victory in paper football was heartbreaking, there was so much more going on than what was on the surface. And later in the film, being able to quite literally kill her former self felt like the first time in her life she was able to claim something more, to put her fist down and hold onto the progress she'd made over the past ten years. Nebula is a great warrior, but in her heart and her spirit she is so much stronger.
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2020.04.17 22:58 vastly926 ThrowRA - I [38m, healthy, educated, never married, no kids, science nerd] am at a complete loss of how to meet someone to have a future with (not withstanding covid related isolation). I'm becoming really depressed over it.

This is probably going to be long.
I am a better version of myself with a partner. I don't know why, I'm getting therapy to see if it's something I can reproduce independently, but at this age, does it matter? It works. I am happier, more motivated, more creative, more driven, more relaxed, just literally everything, when I have a best friend and copilot to share my life with.
I'm looking for a partner and best friend first and foremost. I like strong, independent, nerdy or sciency women who can match , compliment, or exceed my dyanamics.
I'm 5'10 (which can ding me), with a slim but muscular frame, nice looking symmetrical face, and a very bright personality. Definitely not like, an 8, but often compared to actors (seth meyers, young hugh laurie, david tennant -- well, any of The Doctors personality-wise). Both my parents are healthy and look young for their age. I get age-guessed around 28. Hell (there's no discreet way to say this is there?) I've even had breakups go on far too long because the sex was good.
But I'm useless on tinder and OKC. I simply don't photograph very well.
I can get a match to lead to a date. And I have matches but I'm just not both physically attracted or intellectually stimulated to most of them. So I'm back to square one. It's emotionally draining and makes me feel dejected constantly. It's hard because, yeah, I'm a gamer and a nerd too, but in my daily life I'm out here tryina change the fucking world a tiny bit at a time. And when the response to, "So what do you do?", is, "watch netflix and read facebook, mostly." I just immediately check out.
I literally don't know how/where to meet someone anymore. It's always just kind of happened in the past. College, or the late 20s hang-out house like Friends (yep, my house was basically that house), or the educational organizations I've worked with. They all provided a constant stream of new and amazing people on the level.
When I clicked with someone is was always like, the Obamas or something. My Eleanor Roosevelt. Sometimes my friends would know who I was going to end up with before I did. I was just talking to one of my best friends, whom I met at a party years ago before learning she had a husband, an she reminded me that I took one look at her and immediately approached. Something I rarely do.
But ALL that happened in person. Now I just work from home. (Have been since before covid)
I live in a moderate sized city. Almost 2MM people. But it feels like I know literally everyone in the circles that would have my ideal type of partner. I can throw a rock at an educational/gamenerd/science meetup group and run into people I know. I'm in the blue heart of a red state with a high obesity rate. (Maybe I should just move???)
I've had success over the years, but I wasted a metric ton of time in the wrong relationships just because they were comfortable.
So I became more selective about dating in my mid 30s.
I basically made sure I wasn't wasting anyone's time anymore. And truly, it's led to some of the best relationships of my life. But.... they are so so fewer and farther between now. And I'm just wrecked at the end of it. Those breakups were really hard, because I could pretty much see myself spending the rest of my life with them, but ya know. Sometimes there are problems. Or they cheat (seems to happen a lot).
I've been single for over a year now. Longest time in my entire life. (I know. I know. Please don't belittle.) But I'm kind of losing my mind. I'm an extrovert and companionship is incredibly important to me.
So I'm starting to get super depressed, I feel like I can't meet anyone, and like time is running out. I still look good enough I guess, but my age is creeping into my face. I can feel that clock ticking every day.
So how the fuck do I meet someone?
Sometimes I'll see a youtuber, or streamer who I'm attracted to in both ways, but that's their tv personality ya know? And with 10k+ followers I'm not even on their radar.
The only think I can think of is to keep following that stupid advice of 'do you, live your best life, and it will magically happen'. I'm a growing youtuber myself in a science niche and I'm kinda hoping I'll meet someone that way. But I just don't know anymore. Some days it feels like it's the only thing keeping me alive.
I can't help but feel like there should be a way to kinda, help this whole thing along, ya know? Give it a push. A catalyst. I need a catalyst.
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2020.03.21 21:21 The_Silver_Avenger Completing the Matrix: January 2010 Production Notes for Doctor Who Magazine #417: Doctor Who's showrunner Steven Moffat reveals the writers for Series Fnarg...

This was written by Steven Moffat - it was his first regular column as showrunner on Doctor Who. It was from after The End of Time: Part Two was broadcast, and the issue was a special relaunch issue to celebrate the Tennant to Smith regeneration. The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, which looks at Series 12, is out now.
Want an archive of the previous Production Notes that have been posted on /gallifrey?: Follow this link or this one.
Is it working? Is this what I talk into? Can you hear me at the back?
Right, yes, hello, blimey! This page is mine AT LAST - mine, all mine. Oh, the power! Yeah, I know it's sad - big fella's gone, now you've got me. Lordy, how's this going to work? It's like replacing Aslan with Blackadder. Hold tight, it's gonna be a whole new kind of Narnia.
Now then. For you, it's January, Christmas is gone, David Tennant has burst into flames and broken our hearts, and Matt Smith has ascended to the TARDIS. For me it's Tuesday 15 December, my heating has broken down, and I'm writing this column so fabulously late, I may do the second half live. That'll be me phoning around paragraph 9 (and I'm coming round, it's cold here).
But quite honestly, never mind me. I've got some people for you to meet. Fasten your seatbelts, grab a stranger, and prepare to scream your way round the rollercoaster that is...
... the Writers Of Series Five! Or One! Or 11! Or 31! Or 32, if you count the Specials as a series, and why not! Or 33, if you count the Paul McGann era - or movie - as a series! Look, I'll start again.
... the Writers of Series Fnarg (it's a whole new number - I haven't decided yet, but I think it's even).
In order of appearance...


Never heard of him. But his scripts are always late and expensive.


When I grow up I want to be Mark Gatiss, because he's the most grown up man I've ever met. Sometimes I call him Dad by accident - other times I mean it. We're working on a Sherlock Holmes series together, and one day, after a casting, I told him we had important matters to discuss, so as men of stature do, we withdrew to a pub and ate crisps. And we made a plan, and then he made a script, and then we made a show - and oh my goodness, just you wait. He's written Doctor Who before, so you may think you have the measure of him, but trust me, there's a whole new kind of Gatiss on the way. I remember watching the rushes and there was this bit I just kept rewinding and watching and watching and watching. And so will you!


Ahh, Toby. I first met Toby on a train to Cardiff. I said, "Hello!" He said, "Tickets please!" (Oh, this is brilliant. My column, I can make any old stuff up!) Look at him now, though. I mean I knew he was good, but not so good I hated him - and then he wrote Being Human, and it was astonishing, and funny, and lyrical, and true, and in my heart I'll never truly forgive him. The only thing I could do was to get him to write a Doctor Who so I could swagger about, pretending to be his boss and people would think I was better than him. It didn't work. Oh, the readthrough for his story - better than most movies. Seriously. (You hold him down, I'll kick him.)


First time I met Simon Nye I was covered in fluff from my wife's sweater. Except she wasn't my wife at the time, she was my girlfriend, and this was our second date - hence the fluff transfer - and the producer standing next to Simon wasn't yet my mother-in-law. Interesting conversation - Simon and I maintained reasonable eye contact (for writers) but the producer of Men Behaving Badly talked to the fluff. And now here we are - I've only just read Simon's script, and he warned me he wasn't sure about it yet, and he didn't like the ending, and, and, and... But you know what? It was BRILLIANT. Just fast, and funny, and world class. Which is why he's Simon Nye, and we're lucky as hell to have him. (You hold him down etc.)


You remember those last Torchwoods of the second series? I mean, Chris had always been good, but blimey, there was a new sheriff in town and I just sat there hoping against hope he'd never write another Doctor Who, because I didn't fancy the competition. But then they put me in charge, and I needed all the geniuses I could find. And let me tell you, when I first read his script, lying on my bed (my first challenge to every script - keep me awake), I was jumping up every five minutes to tell my little boy what was happening now. Honestly, poor Joshua - sat there doing his homework, with his Dad bursting through the door every five minutes, shouting, "Oh my God!!"


New in the business, his first break I believe. I like to give a new talent a chance, I hope he appreciates it. Yes, okay, it's only RICHARD CURTIS! And your head's full of Mr Bean and Blackadder and Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral and about a million other things I spend every day wishing I'd written, but never mind all that - he was the first person who ever asked me to write Doctor Who! No, really, back in 1999, a Comic Relief sketch, what I thought would be the only chance to write for the Doctor. Funny how things work out. And what can I tell you about his beautiful, beautiful script? I could tell you it will break your heart, and you'll laugh your socks off, but that would be redundant, wouldn't it? You just have to re-read the first two words at the top of this paragraph.


Yeah, it's a surprise to me too, but he's such a fan, and such a fine writer. And some of you might think he looks a bit like Gareth Roberts (a writer who has appeared regularly in these pages, comparing me to Moe the Bartender from The Simpsons, but thank God I'm above that sort of thing) but no, I've seen him in script meetings - bright green every time! Now this script, this one really proved its worth. Because it's an old idea of Shrek's and to be honest, I commissioned it on a whim, as a back-up, just because I loved it. And you want to know how good it is? We all took one look at this brand new, witty, gorgeous thing, and said as one -
Shrek for Fnarg!
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2020.03.15 14:41 Adrian5156 [OC] Are you horribly bored? Are your weekends now hollow without football? Are you fed up with angrily debating what might happen to football leagues across the world? Perhaps this could help a little – I made a list of over 100 football documentaries to help pass the time.

Looks like we’ve got quite a few weekends coming up without football. We’ve had recent posts about the best old games to watch, but now we’re getting a little bit into mindless shitpost territory. Well, here’s a big list of documentaries to hopefully help us pass the time. Everything in blue is a clickable link, but please let me know if any of the links don’t work. Aside from the last two documentaries in the “From around the Globe” section, every documentary is either linked, available on Netflix, available on Amazon Prime for free, or for no more than $5. Please also comment your favorite documentaries and I will do my best to add them to the list.

13-part series on the history of football

1: Origins
2: Football Cultures
3: Evolution of the European game
4: European Superpowers
5: Brazil
6: South American Superpowers
7: For Club and Country
8: The Dark Side
9: Superstars
10: Media
11: Africa
12: A Game for All
13: Future

”Football’s Greatest” Series

Before the 2010 World Cup there was a series called Football's Greatest. A bunch of 30-minute episodes about the 20 or so greatest players ever. Richard Keys, who isn’t exactly the most popular figure these days, is the narrator, but he sticks to the script and doesn’t detract from the episodes. Here are the ones I can find on Youtube. Since this was made in 2010 both Messi and Ronaldo appear in “The Contenders” episode – basically an episode on all the players who narrowly missed the cut. Also, if you just enter “Football’s greatest” into youtube you’ll see videos for more players than are covered in this list.
The Contenders: The great players who didn't quite make the cut of top 25 best ever
Ronaldo Luiz Nazario
Zinedine Zidane
Roberto Rivelino
Gerd Muller
Michael Laudrup
Raul Gonzalez
Marco van Basten
Ruud Gullit
Franz Beckenbauer
Paulo Maldini
George Best
Bobby Charlton
Alfredo di Stefano
Michel Platini
Johan Cruyff.
Football’s Greatest International Teams
Hungary 1950-56
Brazil 1958-62
Brazil 1970.
Netherlands 1974.
West Germany 1972-74.
Brazil 1982.
France 1984.
Netherlands 1988.
France 1998-2000.
Spain 2008-12.

The World Cup

North Korea: The Game of their Lives – Superb documentary on the 1966 North Korea team and their incredible upset over Italy.
Kevin Allen’s World Cup Video Diary – An excellent fly-on-the-wall documentary showing the fans side of Italia 90. Allen is an England fan and this traces his experience in Italy during the tournament and captures what it was like to follow England in a major tournament during a time when English teams were banned from European competitions.
One Night in Turin - Follows England's fairytale run to the semi-finals of Italia 90 and the problems between English fans and Italian police whilst abroad. Available on UK Netlfix. I live in the US currently and it is difficult to find online. If someone finds on online version I would be grateful.
Les Bleus - Wonderful documentary that parallels the turbulence of both French football and French society between 1996 and 2016. Available on US Netflix.
Becoming Champions - Very detailed 8-part series on each of the nations to have won a World Cup. Available on US Netflix.
G’ole, Official Movie of the 1982 World Cup - Narrated by Sean Connery. Available for free on US Amazon Prime.
Hero, Official Movie of the 1986 World Cup - Narrated by Michael Caine. Available for free US Amazon Prime.
BBC review of Italia 90
BBC review of USA 94.
All goals of France 98.
Ronaldo’s Redemption – Four years on from the heartbreak of France 98, the world’s best player made an extraordinary comeback.
World Cup Heaven and Hell - Fun documentary on some of the worst scandals to have ever hit the World Cup.
World Cup Goals Galore - Goofy BBC show narrated by comedian Sean Lock on some of the best goals ever scored at the World Cup.
ITV's Top 50 World Cup Goals.

Four 'Top 20' documentaries made by ITV in the early 2010s.

These are a little Anglo-centric but good watches to familiarize yourself with football's biggest events.
20 Goals that Shook the World
20 Managerial Appointments that Shook the World
20 Transfers that Shook the World
20 Refereeing Decisions that Shook the World
ITV's top 50 Champions League Goals - This was made around 2011/12 so it's a bit dated, but still an easy watch.

From Around the Globe

Next Goal Wins - If you ask me to recommend only one documentary from this list, I would choose this one. This film looks at the plight of the infamous American Samoan football team during the 2000s and their quest to no longer be the worst team on the planet. One of the most heartwarming documentaries I’ve ever seen. Available in HD on Amazon Prime for $5 too.
The Other Final - On the same day as the 2002 World Cup final is taking place "The Other Final" is also played. An exhibition game set up by a couple of Dutch film makers between the World's two lowest ranked sides, Bhutan and Montserrat. Very heartwarming and uplifting.
A Fragile Dream: Football and Hope on the Streets of Rio – An intimate look into Rio’s favelas and how football is used as a social tool.
Tragedy to Triumph: The Story of Zambian Football. In 1993 a plane carrying the Zambian national football team crashed into the Atlantic, killing all on board. In 2012, Zambia won the African Cup of Nations. This brilliant watch traces Zambian football from disaster to triumph.
Socrates and the Corinthians Democracy - The story of Socrates, the intellectual Brazilian genius of a footballer who helped implement a democracy at Corinthians in the 1980's, a stark contrast to the military regime in Brazil at the time.
Faces of Africa: King George Serves his Country – The story of George Weah, from poverty to football superstar to Liberian presidency.
Asia’s Notorious Match Fixers – Indonesia and the Philippines are not the first place one thinks of when thinking about football. But this thorough documentary goes undercover into the shady and bizarre world of match fixing across these nation’s leagues, and how certain authorities have a firm vice on the outcome of football here.
Maradona by Kusturica – Pioneering look into the life of Diego Maradona.
Johan Cruyff - En Un Momento Dado - Documentary on the influence and genius of Johan Cruyff in Barcelona during the 70s. An excellent in depth look into one of football's most unique men.
Coach Zoran and his African Tigers - Fantastic documentary equal parts tragic and comedic that follows the national team of South Sudan after their independence in 2011 following the longest civil war in African history. Not just a movie about the birth of a new national football team, but also about the birth of a new nation.
Once in a Lifetime: The extraordinary story of the New York Cosmos - Great documentary that follows the rise and fall of the New York Cosmos, the superstar heavy NASL team in America during the 70's and 80's who of course featured the legendary Pele.
A Nation’s Glory – Behind the scenes look at the US Women’s Team run to the 2019 World Cup trophy.
Planet FIFA - Corruption, scandal, deceit. An in-depth look into the origins and growth of FIFA and their intertwining with Swiss banks. A concerning feature into football’s governing body. Available for free on US Amazon Prime.
Take The Ball Pass the Ball - A brilliant piece from Copa 90 about the team that changed football for good in the 21st century: Pep Guardiola's 2008-13 Barcelona side. Featuring behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with players, it is a great watch. Available on Amazon Prime.
Puskas Hungary - Biographical documentary about one of football's greatest players, the brilliant Hungarian Ferenc Puskas. Wonderful look into a man who achieved near god-like status in 1950s Hungary. This used to be on Dailymotion but I can no longer find it. It’s a brilliant watch and I’d be grateful if anyone found an online link.
Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait - A dozen or so camera's focus solely on ZInedine Zidane for 90 minutes. A very intriguing watch. This used to be on youtube. I am struggling to currently find it. Many thanks to u/Cloudy_Customer, who linked the documentary, Click here.

ESPN 30 for 30 Documentaries

ESPN’s “30 for 30” series have largely been outstanding documentaries.
The Two Escobars - In my opinion the best 30 for 30 ESPN have ever done and perhaps the best football documentary period. Award winning and critically praised it chronicles the intertwining stories of Andres and Pablo Escobar; One a humble footballer, one a notorious Colombian drug lord. Pablo Escobar's grip over Colombian culture during the 1980s extended all the way into football, and this film reveals the often tricky situation Colombia found themselves in during this time. Andres Escobar infamously scored an own goal to knock Colombia out of the 1994 World Cup, and was murdered a few weeks later in Colombia at a bar in cartel related activity. I have linked to a youtube link that allows you to buy the documentary. It is also available for $1.99 on Amazon Prime. Search “ESPN 30 for 30” and select Season 1, Episode 27. It won numerous awards and is a truly extraordinary film.
Hillsborough – Outstanding and utterly harrowing documentary on the Hillsborough disaster. The best I’ve seen recounting those tragic events.
White, Blue and White - The story of Ossie Ardilles and Ricky Villa, two Argentines who played in England during the Falklands war of 1982.
Maradona 86 - The heroics of Diego Maradona at the 86 World Cup.
The Oppostion - Chronicles the scenes that took place in 1973 Chile after Augusto Pinochet took power. Chile, the Soviet Union and FIFA are all involved in one of football's darkest moments.
Ceasfire Massacre - Set to the backdrop of The Troubles in Northern and the Republic of Ireland. There was a horrifying massacre at a pub in Ireland where fans were watching the Republic in the 94 World Cup. Another great watch.
The Myth of Garrincha - Very moving story of Brazilian hero Garrincha, football's most flawed genius, and arguably football's most intriguing figure. u/MarcoshLA is also the director!
Mysteries of the Jules Rimet trophy - The story of football's holy grail, the Jules Rimet trophy, is an incredible one. FIFA, the Nazis, a dog, Bobby Moore, and thieves in Rio all play roles in this story.
Barbosa: The man who made Brazil cry - The sad story of Brazilian 1950 goalkeeper Barbosa, who was blamed for Brazil's shock loss to Uruguay in Rio de Janerio that year.

English/Scottish Football

Orient for a Fiver“You, you little cunt, when I tell you to do something, and you, you fucking big cunt, when I tell you to do something, do it. And if you come back at me, we'll have a fucking right sort-out in here. All right? And you can pair up if you like, and you can fucking pick someone else to help you, and you can bring your fucking dinner. 'Cos by the time I've finished with you, you'll fucking need it." - The now classic fly-on-the-wall documentary following Leyton Orient during their disastrous 1994-95 campaign in England’s Second Division. The Club, dealing with severe financial difficulties hired John Sitton as manager the previous season, and this charts Sitton’s descent into Orient hell as his now legendary half-time rants get increasingly more bizarre, funny, and bleak.
Liverpool vs Manchester United: Us and Them – Fans on both sides of the divide of English football’s biggest rivalry take you through just what this match means.
Sheffield United: Promoted. I watched this recently and was pleasantly surprised by this excellent NBC look into what Sheffield United’s promotion meant to its supporters.
Football’s Fight Club – Hooliganism: the dark side of English football during the 1980s. This looks at the rise of this culture and how it culminated in the tragedy of Heysel 1985. An important and harrowing watch.
Heysel 1985: Requiem for a Cup Final – English football’s biggest scourge – hooliganism – comes to a tragic head with the events of May 25, 1985.
The Class of 92 – The still famous documentary charting Manchester United's youth prospects of 1992 who went on to establish a period of United domination.
Keane and Vieira: Best of Enemies – Chronicles the heated rivalry between two of the Premier League's greatest players, Man Utd's Roy Keane and Arsenal's Patrick Vieira.
An Impossible Job – A remarkable fly-on-the-wall documentary following England’s ill-fated qualification for the 1994 World Cup under Graham Taylor. Equal parts darkly funny as it is tragic, this documentary has an enduring legacy in English football, and some would argue has unfairly tarnished the reputation of a great man.
Busby, Stein, and Shankly – A provocative look at the lives of three legendary scots, whose managerial achievements changed English football forever.
The Crazy Gang – The infamous 1987-88 Wimbledon team, known as much for their brutal challenges as for their football. This goes behind the scenes for a personal look into the lives of the players of this infamous team.
Clough: The Greatest Manager England Never Had. Fabulous BBC documentary on British football’s most intriguing character – the enigmatic and legendary Brian Clough.
Lord of the Wing - 30 minute BBC documentary on Jimmy Johnstone, one of Scottish footballs greatest players. Features interviews with Brian Clough, Dennis Law, and Alex Ferguson.
Football’s Most Dangerous Rivalry. Vice documentary on the passions and hatred ignited by the Rangers-Celtic rivalry.
The Invincibles. Win the league without losing a match, a feat only done once in England since 1900. This is the story of Arsenal's legendary 2003/04 season. Must watch for all Arsenal fans.
The Four Year Plan – Can you take a club from near bankruptcy to the Premier League in four years. That was the plan for QPR’s new owners in 2007. Award winning documentary.
Bobby Robson: More than a Manager - The legendary Sir Bobby Robson. Diagnosed with cancer in 1995 he lived another 14 years, managing the whole time right at the pinnacle of football. His influence is still felt today in the dozens of managers currently coaching who all got their start under Sir Bobby. A gentle, kind, and funny man, this takes you behind the scenes into Robson's life, featuring never-before-seen footage and interviews with his family. Available on Netflix.
All or Nothing: Manchester City - A high production behind-the-scenes eight episode series looking at Manchester City's record breaking 100 point Premier League season in 2017/18. Narrated by Ben Kingsley and widely acclaimed, it is available on Amazon Prime.
Sunderland Till I Die - The classic eight part award winning series following Sunderland behind the scenes during their relegation from the Championship in 2017-18. Available on US Netflix.
89 – Interviews with former players and managers, this documentary relives the unbelievable end of the 1988-89 season between Liverpool and Arsenal. Available on US Netflix.


Mike Bassett: England Manager – It’s quite simply the greatest football story ever told. Also available for free in HD on Amazon Prime.
Looking For Eric – A down on his luck Mancunian named Eric can’t catch a break in life. When things begin to go really awry for him he begins hallucinating the one man who could potentially help him – his idol, Eric Cantona. Moving, well acted, bleakly funny, even the hardest Scouser would enjoy this one.
The Firm - An actually good version of Green Street Hooligans. Starring Gary Oldman, this is the most in-depth movie depiction of football hooliganism during the 1980s. Has since become a cult classic.
Bend it Like Beckham - The timeless classic. Teenage hormones, cultural commentary, good laughs. Available on Amazon Prime for $3.99.
The Damned United - Based on David Peace’s famous novel, Michael Sheen is excellent as Brian Clough, English football’s legendary manager. This movie charts his rise with Derby County in the early 70s to his disaster with Leeds in 1974, along with his long time rivalry with Don Revie, and his long time friendship with Peter Taylor, excellently portrayed by Timothy Spall. On Amazon Prime for $3.99.
United - Television Film on the tragedy on the 1958 Munich Air Disaster which killed 23 passengers, including 8 members of the Manchester United first team. Starring David Tennant, this movie charts United’s rise from tragedy following 1958. Available for free on Amazon Prime.
Fever Pitch - Based on the best-selling novel of the same name Colin Firth takes us through the life of an Arsenal fan in the late 1980s. I cannot find this on Netflix or Amazon Prime but it's a great movie.
Escape to Victory - Michael Caine, Pele, and Sylvester Stallone team up as Allied POWs in a French prison during WW2 to beat their Nazi guards at footy and plan an elaborated scheme to escape. Available on Amazon Prime for $2.99
Goal – A poor Mexican kid risks it all to fulfill his dream of playing footy with a bunch of Geordies. Available for free on US Amazon Prime.
And lastly, don’t forget about that one time where Frodo inexplicably finds himself befriending West Ham Hooligans
Enjoy: If anyone is looking for recommendations, my top 5 personal recommendations are Next Goal Wins, The Two Escobars, Les Blues, Coach Zoran and his African Tigers, and Mike Bassett: England Manager.
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David Tennant & Robert Sheehan on Being Scared of Social ... Elizabeth Olsen's Boyfriend Is Now Her Roommate - YouTube david tennant being clueless about social media for 3 ... David Tennant Is Married!!! David Tennant dating Doctor Who's daughter David Tennant Creeps Everyone Out With His English Villain ... Lauren Cooper and David Tennant  Comic Relief - YouTube david tennant being a dork for 12 minutes straight - YouTube Robert Sheehan and David Castaneda talk leaving each other ... Jon Hamm & David Tennant Answer the Web's Most Searched ...

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  1. David Tennant & Robert Sheehan on Being Scared of Social ...
  2. Elizabeth Olsen's Boyfriend Is Now Her Roommate - YouTube
  3. david tennant being clueless about social media for 3 ...
  4. David Tennant Is Married!!!
  5. David Tennant dating Doctor Who's daughter
  6. David Tennant Creeps Everyone Out With His English Villain ...
  7. Lauren Cooper and David Tennant Comic Relief - YouTube
  8. david tennant being a dork for 12 minutes straight - YouTube
  9. Robert Sheehan and David Castaneda talk leaving each other ...
  10. Jon Hamm & David Tennant Answer the Web's Most Searched ...

David Tennant has married long-term girlfriend Georgia Moffett on the 31st December 2011. No copyright infringement intended. :) After James asks Elizabeth Olsen about this week's big step with her boyfriend, David Tenant explains how he was simultaneously the best and worst dressed ma... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. happy birthday mr tennant :) bit less editing on this one due to david already being so meme worthy! my instagram: https://instagram.com/dragonlcrd (i post m... Laura interviews Bad Samaritan's David Tennant & Robert Sheehan. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/nerdreactor?sub_confirmation=1 Patreon: http://www.p... The Cutaway's William Mullally sits down with Robert Sheehan and David Castaneda stars of Netflix's hit show Umbrella Academy about Robert's return to the wo... Catherine Tate's Lauren Cooper clashes with her new English teacher, Doctor Who himself, David Tennant. Subscribe http://bit.ly/1gXbQkj Visit Us http://c... Good Omens stars Jon Hamm and David Tennant take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answer the internet's most searched questions about themselves. What ha... The Last Leg crew try out their evil British accents, and David Tennant demonstrates his own villain accent from Marvel's Jessica Jones. Watch the episode on... David Tennant dating Dr Who's daughter! Category News & Politics; Song Doctor Who Opening Credits; Artist BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Ben Foster